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#1590 Libraries proposal: Add System.Info.isWindows proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1591 runghc, ghc rts or base implements unintuitive shell escaping in Windows bug high 6.8.1 Compiler
#1604 Coarse-grained recompilation checking task normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#1609 spurious gcc warnings with non-english language setting bug low Compiler
#1644 Problem with interface file (.hi) for a particular function bug normal Compiler
#1665 rnf should work for any value or rnf should be implemented in the compiler feature request normal Compiler
#1732 Proposal: Rename haskell@ to haskell-announce@ proposal normal Not GHC None
#1747 debugger: :trace is wasting time bug lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#1752 CSE can create space leaks by increasing sharing bug low Compiler
#1802 proposal: fix comparison operations for base:Data.Version.Version proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1868 Exception fails all exception predicates bug normal 6.12 branch libraries/base
#1872 Extensible Records feature request normal Compiler
#1896 Keep old bindings until :load succeeds feature request low 7.6.2 GHCi
#1902 Restrict the type of (^), (^^), and add genericPower, genericPower' proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1903 Meta-Proposal: Documentation should be required to say when exports were introduced proposal normal Not GHC Compiler
#1912 Debug.Trace should add another version of putTraceMsg same as traceShow feature request normal libraries/base
#1939 GHC 6.8.1: Non-exhaustive patterns in function vectAlgCase, fixed in HEAD bug normal Compiler
#1950 Should not register packages when installing with DESTDIR option bug normal Build System
#1951 Add "writer" Monad instance (,) o to Control.Monad.Instances proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1952 Max and Min for Monoid proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1953 Add Bounded instance for IntSet proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#1960 Add Applicative and Monoid instances for STM proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1979 Add variants of tails and inits not returning empty lists proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1985 IntSet.deleteMin doesn't agree with Set.deleteMin bug high Not GHC libraries (other)
#1991 Improve GADT type inference feature request normal Compiler (Type checker)
#1996 Make "swap" a top-level function feature request normal Compiler
#2001 panic when recompiling after ctrl-C leaves .o without .hi bug normal Compiler
#2003 The Data.Time.Format parser should be more liberal feature request normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#2012 compiling via-C does not work on ppc bug lowest 6.12.3 Compiler
#2020 configure script shipped with ghc is built by broken version of autoconf bug normal Compiler
#2021 let ghc find framework header files and link with frameworks located in $HOME/Library/Frameworks feature request lowest 7.6.1 Compiler
#2026 Simple data types in System.Posix.IO should have Eq, Ord, etc. instances bug normal libraries (other)
#2029 Add --with-libedit flag to the readline package proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#2032 SCC annotations cause compile errors bug normal Compiler
#2035 New version of getModificationTime proposal normal Not GHC libraries/directory
#2042 Add concatMapM to Control.Monad proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#2048 Add split and splitWith to Data.List proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#2085 cabal uses haddock from hard-coded location bug normal Build System
#2095 add new forms of unsafePerformIO and unsafeInterleaveIO proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#2099 Storable instance for Complex proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#2106 parts of Language.Haskell.TH.Ppr in wrong package? bug normal libraries/pretty
#2127 Bad error message for FFI declaration with no -fffi flag feature request normal Compiler (Parser)
#2139 have a way to specify listening host in Network (listenOn) feature request normal Compiler
#2142 :b doesn't invoke :browse, or even generate an ambiguous command error bug normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#2153 GHCi does not have a :source command to load further .ghci files bug normal GHCi
#2156 compilation math/truncate bug with optimization enabled bug normal Compiler
#2166 minBound `rem` (-1) fails bug normal libraries/base
#2187 Top-level bindings are broken for polymorphic values bug normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#2249 Undeclared variable in cmm reports as panic bug low 6.12.3 Compiler
#2261 Foreign.C.Error.Errno should be an instance of (Eq,Ord, Show... others?) proposal normal libraries/base
#2281 properFraction implemented with modf primitive? bug normal 7.2.1 libraries/base
#2305 GHC does not care __RENAME macro feature request normal 6.10.1 Compiler (FFI)
#2315 Control.Applicative.ZipList doesn't derive Show bug normal libraries (other)
#2316 Add Applicative instances for all MTL Monads proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#2329 Control.Parallel.Strategies: definitions of rnf for most collections are poor bug normal libraries/base
#2379 ghc-6.9.20080614: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) bug low 6.10.1 Compiler
#2385 Include cabal-install in the release task high 6.10.1 Build System
#2392 Make Applicative a superclass of Monad proposal normal libraries/base
#2406 Data.List.sortFun feature request normal libraries/base
#2428 bad error message for multiple modules in the same file bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#2430 Fix bug 1985 proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#2444 gtk2hs 0.9.13 fails to build on ppc due to bad code generated with -fvia-C bug lowest 6.12.3 Compiler
#2446 Network.Socket.PortNum should not be exported bug normal Compiler
#2480 error function is not lazy bug normal Compiler
#2489 Registry keys are created in per-user HKCU instead of system-wide HKLM bug normal None
#2519 Time.toClockTime: picoseconds out of range, after diffClockTimes bug normal GHCi
#2548 validate should continue if it sees warnings or haddock failures feature request lowest 7.6.2 Build System
#2583 printf %s is not lazy enough bug low 7.0.1 libraries/base
#2646 Expand folding options for Sets and Maps proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#2651 BlockedIndefinitely not thrown when it should be bug normal 6.10 branch Runtime System
#2659 Add sortOn and other *On functions proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#2660 Add Down newtype wrapper for reversing orderings proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#2697 bad testsuite results with ghc- bug normal Compiler
#2705 ghc discards version of wired-in packages bug normal Compiler
#2736 Add bool to Data.Bool proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#2794 Bootstrapping ghc-6.4.3 hangs in call to "ghc-pkg-inplace" bug normal Build System
#2800 deprecated OPTIONS flag warnings generated during dep chasing? bug normal 6.12 branch Compiler
#2807 the 'impossible' happened bug normal Compiler
#2813 Create a utf8 bytestring-a-like bug high 6.12 branch libraries (other)
#2814 Compiler timeout bug normal Compiler
#2835 Handles leak to processes spawned by runInteractiveProcess bug normal libraries/process
#2891 threadDelay appears to use excessive CPU in GHCi bug normal Compiler
#2907 generalized newtype deriving not working with polymorphic component feature request normal Compiler
#2911 Error messages have the wrong qualified names bug normal 7.2.1 Compiler
#2918 Storable alignment for Double is 4 bug high 6.10.2 Compiler (FFI)
#2935 "A lazy (~) pattern cannot bind existential type variables" happens for non-existential GADTs bug normal Compiler
#2959 Merge in LambdaVM (Haskell to Java/JVM bytecode translator) feature request normal Compiler
#2970 detecting readline in top-level ./configure is no guarantee of readline support bug normal 6.12.1 Build System
#3009 ghci-6.10.1 has odd buffering behavior bug normal GHCi
#3014 Any type being derived in Haskell 98 module bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#3036 Max/Min Monoids proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#3037 GHC panics when configuring base bug normal Compiler
#3056 StrictAnal module naming issue proposal normal Compiler
#3058 Add a 'hex' function to the pretty printing proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#3062 Adding a ":clear" clear-screen command to GHCi feature request normal GHCi
#3076 Make genericLength tail-recursive so it doesn't overflow stack bug normal Compiler
#3097 Parser doesn't support doc comments on type aliases merge normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#3104 -main-is should be a link time option, not compile time bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#3121 readline package does not respect Cabal --extra-{include,lib}-dirs flags bug normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#3126 GHC needs to be more careful about pattern match order merge normal 6.10 branch Compiler
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