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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#851 Incomplete-pattern checking for n+k patterns is not implemented bug low Compiler
#907 Case sensitive ghci commands feature request lowest GHCi
#913 instance Ord (StableName a) feature request normal 6.10 branch libraries/base
#927 Type checker infers () instead of a bug normal Compiler
#944 OPTIONS_GHC in included file ignored sometimes bug normal Compiler
#992 Database support feature request normal libraries (other)
#996 Add ranged sets proposal normal libraries/base
#1005 Add Logical Shift Operators proposal normal libraries/base
#1022 Add System.FilePath to base proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1032 Test.QuickCheck.Batch overflow in length of tests bug normal Not GHC Compiler
#1049 A means of testing whether code is in blocked or unblocked mode feature request low 6.8.2 libraries/base
#1058 Highlight matching parantheses in Visual Studio feature request normal Not GHC Visual Haskell
#1064 Allow users to add commentary to Haddock docs task normal Not GHC None
#1078 Using X11 through ffi on windows does not work bug high Compiler
#1079 refinement for GHC's support of UTF-8 encoding feature request normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#1089 Somewhat bad type error message bug lowest Compiler (Type checker)
#1090 Bad monomorphism-restriction-related type error message bug lowest Compiler (Type checker)
#1099 Visual Haskell crashes when ".." is used in hs-source-dirs bug normal Not GHC Visual Haskell
#1100 Parse error on (#) in .lhs files bug low 6.8.1 Compiler (Parser)
#1102 Lambda unicode character lex feature request normal Compiler (Parser)
#1105 Custom Runtimes feature request normal Runtime System
#1107 Incorrect error message when there is a dot in the package name. bug normal Not GHC Visual Haskell
#1112 The testsuite setup is broken bug normal Compiler
#1121 Error message "Expecting a function type, but found `w_a1Kh'" bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#1144 reduction count for ghci feature request low 6.8.2 GHCi
#1167 mangler makes global symbol disappear on linux-ppc bug normal Compiler
#1184 Hasktags misses symbol bug low None
#1207 Unnecessary prohibition of unquantified higher-order typeclass constraints bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#1218 Add sortNub and sortNubBy to Data.List proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1230 write a safety wrapper around readline feature request low libraries (other)
#1238 ByteString based datagram communication proposal normal Not GHC libraries/network
#1239 compare on exceptional Doubles and Floats should raise an error proposal normal libraries/base
#1245 Turn tuples into syntactic sugar for heterogeneous lists feature request normal Compiler
#1249 should be deprecated/removed proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1257 Bytecode generator can't handle unboxed tuples bug high 7.4.1 GHCi
#1266 Make Data.Graph.Inductive.NodeMap handle slightly messy input without crashing proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#1274 Add a MonadState instance for the Parsec monad proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#1299 "sh boot" should give a better error message if automake isn't installed feature request normal Build System
#1323 crash when zipping two lists of the same length... bug normal Compiler
#1324 threadDelay can't handle long times bug normal 6.12.1 libraries/base
#1334 apparent memory leak in --make mode (compiling base library during building ghc) bug normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#1336 +RTS options should warn on the compiler feature request normal Compiler
#1350 Win 9x support feature request high 6.8.1 Compiler
#1361 When trying to run yi, it fails to compile main, and exits with an error bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#1369 Type error when compiling ST-monad-like code bug normal Compiler
#1383 mistaken qualified infix syntax could have a nicer error message feature request low Compiler
#1393 Tag source tree with successful bootstraps bug normal None
#1408 groupWhen – a groupBy that compares consecutive values feature request normal libraries/base
#1455 Wildcard pattern _ generates defaulting warning bug low Compiler
#1458 FPS package dependency in GHC 6.4 and GHC 6.6 bug normal libraries/base
#1488 Code that won't ever be executed should not give rise to constraints feature request normal Compiler
#1499 Visual Haskell installer issue(s) bug normal Not GHC Visual Haskell
#1506 Case-insensitive char/string comparison feature request normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1508 hasktags program needs replacement bug normal None
#1517 Ratio Int is not well ordered bug normal libraries/base
#1518 Make it possible to evaluate monadic actions when assigning record fields (<-) feature request normal Compiler
#1520 Use Linux's signalfd() instead of pipe() to deliver signals to the IO manager task lowest 7.6.2 Runtime System
#1521 Problems building the time library with Cabal / Setup.hs bug normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#1539 Ord should not default to () bug low Compiler
#1542 Data/Time/Format/Parse cannot be compiled with -DDEBUG bug normal 6.8.1 libraries (other)
#1543 flag to define transpose [] == _|_ feature request normal Compiler
#1547 Arity can decrease with -prof bug normal Profiling
#1554 Ord (STRef s a) instance feature request normal Compiler
#1555 Reverse do notation: lexer bug? feature request normal Compiler (Parser)
#1557 Enum/Ord derivations for System.Posix.Resource.Resource feature request normal Not GHC libraries/unix
#1563 -Onot is not described in the GHC User's Guide, Version 6.6.1 bug normal Documentation
#1570 ghc panic when compiling with -fPIC bug highest Compiler
#1590 Libraries proposal: Add System.Info.isWindows proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1591 runghc, ghc rts or base implements unintuitive shell escaping in Windows bug high 6.8.1 Compiler
#1604 Coarse-grained recompilation checking task normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#1609 spurious gcc warnings with non-english language setting bug low Compiler
#1644 Problem with interface file (.hi) for a particular function bug normal Compiler
#1665 rnf should work for any value or rnf should be implemented in the compiler feature request normal Compiler
#1732 Proposal: Rename haskell@ to haskell-announce@ proposal normal Not GHC None
#1747 debugger: :trace is wasting time bug lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#1752 CSE can create space leaks by increasing sharing bug low Compiler
#1802 proposal: fix comparison operations for base:Data.Version.Version proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1868 Exception fails all exception predicates bug normal 6.12 branch libraries/base
#1872 Extensible Records feature request normal Compiler
#1896 Keep old bindings until :load succeeds feature request low 7.6.2 GHCi
#1902 Restrict the type of (^), (^^), and add genericPower, genericPower' proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1903 Meta-Proposal: Documentation should be required to say when exports were introduced proposal normal Not GHC Compiler
#1912 Debug.Trace should add another version of putTraceMsg same as traceShow feature request normal libraries/base
#1939 GHC 6.8.1: Non-exhaustive patterns in function vectAlgCase, fixed in HEAD bug normal Compiler
#1950 Should not register packages when installing with DESTDIR option bug normal Build System
#1951 Add "writer" Monad instance (,) o to Control.Monad.Instances proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1952 Max and Min for Monoid proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1953 Add Bounded instance for IntSet proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#1960 Add Applicative and Monoid instances for STM proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1979 Add variants of tails and inits not returning empty lists proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1985 IntSet.deleteMin doesn't agree with Set.deleteMin bug high Not GHC libraries (other)
#1991 Improve GADT type inference feature request normal Compiler (Type checker)
#1996 Make "swap" a top-level function feature request normal Compiler
#2001 panic when recompiling after ctrl-C leaves .o without .hi bug normal Compiler
#2003 The Data.Time.Format parser should be more liberal feature request normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#2012 compiling via-C does not work on ppc bug lowest 6.12.3 Compiler
#2020 configure script shipped with ghc is built by broken version of autoconf bug normal Compiler
#2021 let ghc find framework header files and link with frameworks located in $HOME/Library/Frameworks feature request lowest 7.6.1 Compiler
#2026 Simple data types in System.Posix.IO should have Eq, Ord, etc. instances bug normal libraries (other)
#2029 Add --with-libedit flag to the readline package proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
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