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#3735 GHC specialising instead of inlining bug normal Compiler
#3740 6.8.2: Cannot configure under Cygwin bug normal Build System
#3775 Pattern matching on Word literals in GHCi crashes. bug normal GHCi
#3779 dodgey warning about redundant class method imports bug normal Compiler
#3820 Pragma for suppressing 'orphan instance' warnings per instance feature request normal Compiler (Type checker)
#3824 parse error on gadt pragma bug normal Compiler
#3825 "went past eof token" crash when using -XOverLoadedStrings bug normal Compiler
#3842 build system does not pass selected gcc when configuring unix package bug normal Build System
#3886 Standalone deriving of NFData causes panic bug normal Compiler
#3925 GHC 6.13.20100316 can't compile numbers - package bug normal Compiler
#3926 STM-based program not terminating bug normal Runtime System
#3947 ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) bug normal Compiler
#3949 unsafeCoerce leaks types bug normal Template Haskell
#3954 Contexts on empty data decls falsely rejected bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#3970 ghc-pkg list segfaults in ghc- bug normal Package system
#3974 Duplicate bug: (see #3975) filepath: normalise trailing dot proposal normal libraries/base
#3989 Parallel GC with more -N than physical processors gives dramatic slowdown (75 times) bug normal Runtime System
#4036 Compiled FFI static imports are invalid when imported in GHCI bug normal Compiler (FFI)
#4055 Incorrect parsing of declarations bug normal Compiler (Parser)
#4059 possible error in foreign wrapper reentering Haskell bug normal Compiler (FFI)
#4073 Error with '#' at beginning of line in literate Haskell bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#4082 top level TH splices accepted with -XNoTemplateHaskell bug normal Compiler
#4084 minor External Core prettyprinter bug bug normal External Core
#4145 Interpreter mode can not parse list with 30k entries ... bug normal Compiler
#4153 GHCi linker should load archives feature request normal GHCi
#4161 Space leak with lazy splitAt and (++) bug normal Compiler
#4181 Template Haskell + -fdicts-strict fails bug normal 7.0.1 Template Haskell
#4191 Replace -fstrict-dicts with programmer-custom strictness annotations for class contexts simonpj feature request normal Compiler
#4217 Haskell Platform for Mac depends on a non-standard /opt/local/bin/perl bug normal Compiler
#4231 Cannot build ghc-6.13.20100729 HEAD package in Mac OS X Leopard bug normal Compiler
#4260 GHC Mac installer Perl path feature request normal Package system
#4261 Add strict version of foldlWithKey to Map proposal normal libraries (other)
#4276 -O0 runs in constant space, -O1 and -O2 don't igloo bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#4399 Infinite loop when compiling Haskell '98 code bug normal Compiler
#4403 Huge (10 times) increase of binaries produced by GHC 7.0.0 and GHC head bug normal Compiler
#4411 Incorrect defined but not used warning with record wildcards bug normal Compiler
#4416 Quasiquoting without bloating feature request normal Compiler
#4425 the "impossible happened" while building regex-posix-0.94.4 with GHC 7 bug normal Compiler
#4458 ghc: panic while installing hcodecs bug normal Compiler
#4467 Too many literals? bug normal Compiler
#4496 add a configure build option to use system libffi for Linux feature request normal 7.6.2 Build System
#4509 System.Timeout inoperative with Data.IORef bug normal Runtime System
#4515 ghc 7.0.1 panic: dsLet: unlifted bug normal Compiler
#4518 RebindableSyntax turns off NoImplicitPrelude bug normal Compiler
#4519 Do not link in unused code feature request normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#4536 SampleVar could also be an instance of Eq and Typable proposal normal libraries/base
#4822 build failures on ARM linux with gcc4.5 bug normal Compiler
#4893 panic! the 'impossible' happened: initC: srt_lbl bug normal 7.0.2 Compiler
#4911 GHC 7 does not process Handle correctly bug normal Compiler
#4936 Unbox sum types without fields feature request normal Compiler
#4972 ghc- crash bug normal Compiler
#5017 Stage 1 core lint error: compiler/utils/Util.lhs bug normal Compiler
#5020 Build Error on GHC 7.0.2 with Yesod bug normal Compiler
#5043 Compiling bytestring-mmap with -fvia-C yields broken .s file, two .size directives bug normal 7.2.1 Compiler
#5057 poor parser error message feature request normal Compiler (Parser)
#5074 GHCi-7 not importing (some?) re-exported instances bug normal Compiler
#5087 No instance for (Functor ((->) b0)) arising from a use of `<$>' bug normal GHCi
#5098 GHC fails to compile yi bug normal Compiler
#5099 snap-0.4.1 ExitFailure 1 bug normal None
#5107 ghc-7.0.2 panic with cabal install bug normal Compiler
#5111 linux-powerpc : segfault in stage2 compiler bug normal Compiler
#5137 Time profiling often shows strange information bug normal Profiling
#5153 System.Environment.getArgs does not UTF-8 decode arguments even in UTF-8 locale bug normal libraries/base
#5174 Running out of OS threads in a server bug normal Runtime System
#5189 incorrect pragma syntax leeds to panic bug normal Compiler
#5191 panic! (the 'impossible' happened) - thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation bug normal GHCi
#5199 linkBCO: >= 64k insns in BCO bug normal Compiler
#5258 Mantee Compilation bug normal Compiler
#5283 Arrow command combinators: addTickHsExpr explodes in GHCi bug normal Compiler
#5312 panic! (the 'impossible' happened) bug normal Compiler
#5370 GHC 7.2.1 rc1 crashes while compiling the text package bug normal Compiler
#5418 Constructor import error message suggests invalid syntax bug normal Compiler
#5474 Add facility for emitting heap profile marker feature request normal Profiling
#5479 The impossible happened! bug normal Compiler
#5488 GHC-7.2.1 standalone failed to bootstrap ghc-HEAD on windows bug normal Build System
#5503 32-bit testsuite failures bug normal Compiler
#5504 Inconsistent sizes for struct rlimit bug normal libraries/unix
#5519 Some unicode symbols are not allow in literal characters or strings bug normal Compiler
#5523 Mistake in error messages for importing infix constructors bug normal Compiler
#5565 ghc reports a bug after interrupt bug normal GHCi
#5571 factorial.hs:3:12: Parse error in pattern: n + 1 bug normal GHCi
#5617 TH instance declaration quotes broken bug normal Compiler
#5662 GHCi crashes in context of banana bracket in arrow notation bug normal GHCi
#5673 GHCi ignores {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-} bug normal GHCi
#5674 Allow type signatures in instance declarations feature request normal Compiler
#5681 par# and spark# call newSpark differently, confuses LLVM backend dterei bug normal Compiler (LLVM)
#5683 bug in signum function bug normal 7.6.1 Prelude
#5703 vector fails to compile due to simplifier ticks exhausted bug normal Compiler
#5711 ghci asked me to report this bug normal GHCi
#5724 Confusing warning message for incomplete patterns bug normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5729 ForeignPtr leak in ghci bug normal GHCi
#5730 unicode characters in cabal path leads to package installation failure bug normal 7.6.1 Build System
#5752 <<loop>> when using variables in TH splice bug normal 7.6.1 Template Haskell
#5774 main = forever (putStrLn =<< getLine) continuously saturates a CPU when compiled bug normal Compiler
#5784 Forked thread running infinite loop blocks other threads from running bug normal Runtime System
#5796 Runtime caught in an infinite loop bug normal Runtime System
#5803 Chash on terminate during getLine bug normal Compiler
#5822 Assertion failed in rts/Schedule.c in Stage 2 on ARM bug normal Compiler
#5876 Dynamically linked programs can't be run on Windows without significant effort bug normal Compiler
#5887 ghci win7 ctrl+c panic bug normal GHCi
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