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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2840 Top level string literals bug lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#3080 Show more instances with :info feature request lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#3871 Missing reference in manpage bug lowest 7.6.1 Documentation
#106 com. line args not honoured for recompil bug low 6.8.1 Compiler
#445 panic! mkWWcpr: not a product simonpj bug low 6.8.1 Compiler
#462 Incomplete pattern warnings with GADTs nobody bug low Compiler
#604 Windows installer: use WiX task low 6.6.1 Build System
#714 Inconsistency between handling functional dependencies in class and signature constraints simonpj bug low 6.12 branch Compiler (Type checker)
#733 Problem compiling .lhs files with lines that begin with # bug low Compiler
#764 DESTDIR Makefile variable igloo feature request low 6.6.1 Build System
#1267 Strictness of Integer's enumFrom bug low libraries/base
#1320 FAQ item for running GHCi on WinXP x64 using DEP task low GHCi
#1412 Typo in type error for lazy patterns bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#1982 Spurious "defined but not used" warnings for constructors of types deriving Read bug low Compiler
#2161 finaliser of a ForeignPtr called while references from unreachable threads exist bug low 7.6.2 Runtime System
#3045 GHCI Crashes Under Windows when loading compiled code bug low 6.12.1 Compiler
#3098 loadObj: failed bug low 6.12.1 GHCi
#3496 GHC panic while building the base library with Cabal simonmar bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#3798 Problem with wxHaskell bug low 7.2.1 GHCi
#4177 GHCi should allow custom definition of print for implicit output feature request low 7.6.2 GHCi
#4985 Improve locations in ghci errors bug low 7.6.2 Compiler
#5165 GHC doesn't optimize FP excess precision properly bug low 7.6.1 Compiler
#8408 Ambiguity in TH reify based on compilation method bug low Compiler
#8436 Stack overflow when masked should still throw at interruptible operations or inner unmask simonmar bug low Runtime System
#8461 Panic (on woefully incorrect code) bug low Compiler
#8715 Prompt stays at | instead of going back to > when pressing C-c in multi-line blocks. bug low GHCi
#8737 T5975a fails when using official Windows Python distribution bug low Test Suite
#8906 rewrite arrow form in type signature sometimes leads to exception, sometimes not bug low GHCi
#303 Rebindable syntax doesn't work as advertised nobody bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#592 signal handlers should be able to access siginfo_t information simonmar feature request normal 6.12.1 libraries/unix
#707 foldr/build seems to be broken bug normal Compiler
#717 Compiling large constant data structure fails bug normal Compiler
#726 error messages can include too much source code feature request normal Compiler
#727 Write a generic Trie. feature request normal libraries/base
#747 Unloading a dll does not clean up properly bug normal 6.6 Runtime System
#754 EVACUATED object entered bug normal Runtime System
#757 Compiler error when trying to run ZFS bug normal GHCi
#758 Error compiling darcs on Mac OS X bug normal Compiler
#770 Huge array leads to various crashes bug normal Runtime System
#780 internal error: mallocBytesRWX: bug normal GHCi
#819 Uncaught kind error leads to the 'impossible' happening bug normal Compiler
#826 Optimization breaks strictness with IO bug normal Compiler
#871 compiler bug concerning arrays bug normal libraries/base
#931 -caf-all gives "Error: symbol `Mainmain_CAF_cc_ccs' is already defined" bug normal 6.6.1 Profiling
#934 Allow load to work correctly when executed multiple times the same session for BatchCompile feature request normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#938 ghci crashes on startup with Windows 2003 bug normal GHCi
#964 Cross Compile and Universal Binary feature request normal Compiler
#1020 Build dynamic libraries by default for OSX feature request normal 6.8.2 Build System
#1021 GHC static libraries are not position independent in OSX bug normal 6.8.2 Build System
#1043 "Weird Number" crashes GHCi (and Hugs) when integer-divided by -1 bug normal Compiler
#1075 ghci unhandled exception on startup (memory access violation) bug normal 6.6.1 GHCi
#1076 runhaskell crash with .hi/.o files in the directory bug normal 6.6.1 Compiler
#1088 <interactive>: internal error: interpretBCO: unknown or unimplemented opcode bug normal GHCi
#1094 loop optimization by removing constants feature request normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#1097 enumFrom on basic numeric types should be strict bug normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1113 GHCi 6.6 and unicode at the REPL bug normal GHCi
#1124 Panic! The impossible happened: initC srt bug normal Compiler
#1156 usleep hangs indefinitely when using -threaded bug normal 6.8.1 Runtime System
#1172 Impredicative type-class context causes stack overflow or non-termination in type checker bug normal Compiler
#1173 Impredicative type-class context causes stack overflow or non-termination in type checker bug normal Compiler
#1174 Impredicative type-class context causes stack overflow or non-termination in type checker bug normal Compiler
#1175 internal error: interpretBCO: unknown or unimplemented opcode 64936 bug normal Compiler
#1178 ghci 6.6 dies on nobench 'chess' program with unknown opcode error bug normal GHCi
#1179 20x slow down with -O or -O2 bug normal Compiler
#1183 internal error: interpretBCO: unknown or unimplemented opcode 64956/64949 bug normal GHCi
#1206 "Bad interface file: System/IO.hi" in ghci when ./System/IO.hs exists bug normal 6.8.1 GHCi
#1208 ghci-6.6 aborts at initialization bug normal 6.8 branch GHCi
#1210 Unimplemented opcode error while running ZFS bug normal GHCi
#1211 source code links broken in mtl docs bug normal libraries (other)
#1226 Add flags --full-flag-help and --print-docdir igloo feature request normal 6.8.2 Driver
#1233 Biographical Profiling of Heap crashes bug normal Profiling
#1244 hashString in Data.HashTable bad hash function bug normal libraries/base
#1250 should be deprecated/removed proposal normal libraries/base
#1276 a sum-file program not working under Windows bug normal libraries/base
#1327 internal error: interpretBCO: unknown or unimplemented opcode 35464 bug normal Compiler
#1341 allow loading partially correct modules feature request normal Compiler
#1354 Interactive I/O with ghc doesn't prompt until after reading bug normal Prelude
#1373 Allow Access to generated STG from the GHC API feature request normal 6.8.2 GHC API
#1374 Error: file is not executable: "...\\ar.exe" bug normal Build System
#1387 Ad-hoc recognition for attempts to use Haskell top-level syntax in the GHCi repl feature request normal Compiler
#1390 interpretBCO: unknown or unimplemented opcode 61764 bug normal Compiler
#1439 ghci silently changes for the worse when already-compiled object code is found bug normal GHCi
#1441 Evaluating undefined should return line number and module of location of undefined feature request normal Compiler
#1484 gcc installation problem? bug normal Compiler
#1552 GHCi thinks large list literals impossible? bug normal GHCi
#1573 GADT and typeclass funcional dependencies not working well together bug normal Compiler
#1618 It it not possible to manage the output codification. feature request normal Compiler
#1636 Profiling reports contain $f1, $f2 etc bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#1637 internal error retainstack profiler bug normal Profiling
#1671 Cannot ^C out of certain computations in GHCi bug normal GHCi
#1682 ghci Foo.hs should load the Foo.hs file interpreted feature request normal 6.8.1 GHCi
#1695 library submission: Data.Either.unzipEithers :: [Either a b] -> ([a],[b]) proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1707 simplifier causes stack overflow in ghc- bug normal Compiler
#1708 simplifier causes stack overflow in ghc- bug normal Compiler
#1730 type families GHC "impossible happened" chak bug normal Compiler
#1731 Proposal: Rename haskell@ to haskell-announce@ task normal Not GHC None
#1757 Simple example crashes GHC bug normal Compiler
#1761 Compiler panics on "phantom family" bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#1793 Compiling QuickCheck fails bug normal libraries (other)
#1798 add better framework support to ghc feature request normal 6.10 branch Compiler
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