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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#82 deriving Read leads to "no parse" nobody bug high Compiler
#97 sortBy not stable nobody bug high Prelude
#111 hsc2hs broken under Win32 nobody bug high None
#115 multiple symbol definition in libHSbase.a simonmar bug high Build System
#194 closure type 0 occurence simonmar bug high Runtime System
#238 ghc won't build/run on Fedora Core 2 on AMD Opteron 64's simonmar bug high Build System
#239 Template crash on existential types simonpj bug high Template Haskell
#271 panic with GADTs simonpj bug high Compiler
#272 GHCi on Windows can't stand control-C simonmar bug high Compiler
#278 internal error: update_fwd: unknown/strange object 12238336 simonmar bug high Runtime System
#334 internat error: sth_ap_v_ret wthaller bug high Runtime System
#511 windows/cygwin ghc 4.08.2 driver: DEFAULT_TMPDIR not set rrt bug high Build System
#524 Implicit Params broken nobody bug high Compiler
#526 more IP breakage nobody bug high Compiler
#533 monotypes w/ IP broken nobody bug high Compiler (Type checker)
#538 Implicit Params cause core dump! nobody bug high Compiler
#1 Implicit parameters cause strange behavi nobody bug normal Compiler
#2 rewrite rules, forall, no -fglasgow-exts simonmar bug normal Compiler (Parser)
#3 DiffArray should be instance of Show nobody bug normal hslibs/lang
#4 -fext-core -fno-core behaves funny nobody bug normal Driver
#6 Debugging info confuses runtime linker sewardj bug normal Runtime System
#7 dodgy case of unboxed tuple type nobody bug normal Compiler
#8 Regex failure simonmar bug normal hslibs/text
#9 GHCI for Win32 crashes with many options nobody bug normal None
#11 No error from --make -o out when no main simonmar bug normal None
#12 Function missing ? nobody bug normal hslibs/net
#14 Case missing in garbage collector simonmar bug normal Runtime System
#15 Minor Posix.getEffectiveUserID doc-bug nobody bug normal Documentation
#18 panic: getRegister(x86,unary primop) nobody bug normal Compiler
#19 Include Files Not C++-Friendly simonmar bug normal Compiler (FFI)
#24 dlopen() errors reported badly nobody bug normal Driver
#25 ghc requires main to be in Main simonpj bug normal Compiler
#28 Manual misleading about --make nobody bug normal Documentation
#32 make install fails nobody bug normal Build System
#34 Installing on Solaris 5.6 nobody bug normal None
#37 instance Eq IOError missing simonmar bug normal Prelude
#38 ghci chews up hugs amount of memory nobody bug normal Compiler
#39 tmp file not found after ghci :reload simonmar bug normal Compiler
#40 a weird kind error with 2-rank types nobody bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#41 ghci failed to load package std simonmar bug normal Compiler
#42 Perverse data type causes panic nobody bug normal Compiler
#44 -fno-monomorphism-restriction != dynamic simonmar bug normal Compiler
#45 empty structs nobody bug normal Compiler
#46 hsc2hs requires readline and ncurses nobody bug normal Build System
#48 hWaitForInput behavior nobody bug normal hslibs/win32
#50 conflicting global symbols sewardj bug normal Compiler
#51 Foreign import broken in NCG, 5.02.2? nobody bug normal Compiler (FFI)
#52 signal handler doesn't retain data simonmar bug normal Runtime System
#53 Problem deriving instances nobody bug normal Compiler
#54 wrong and missing classes/instances nobody bug normal Prelude
#55 Config err if old GHC path has spaces nobody bug normal Build System
#56 TimeLocale non-conformant to H98 nobody bug normal Prelude
#59 panic! simplCore/Simplify.lhs:1490 nobody bug normal Compiler
#60 Missing posix package building on WinXP nobody bug normal Build System
#61 connectTo fails to fail nobody bug normal hslibs/net
#62 div 0 0 give exception / endless loop simonmar bug normal Runtime System
#64 gmp library missing from OS X dist nobody bug normal None
#65 Finalisation in "withSocketsDo" simonmar bug normal hslibs/net
#69 accept does reverse DNS lookup nobody bug normal hslibs/net
#70 Read for Arrays does not work nobody bug normal hslibs/lang
#71 filterPS fails if skips > 255 characters spanne bug normal hslibs/lang
#72 filterPS fails if >255 chs. after match simonmar bug normal hslibs/lang
#74 Array operations in LazyST gone in 5.03 nobody bug normal hslibs/lang
#75 ghc fail build with gcc 3.1 simonmar bug normal Compiler
#76 x86 NCG bug with stdcall f.i. "wrapper" simonmar bug normal Compiler (FFI)
#77 Compiling with -O yields broken .hc file nobody bug normal Compiler
#78 GHC's stack blows up nobody bug normal Compiler
#79 Optimizer introduces non-termination simonmar bug normal Compiler
#80 panic: tcSplitTyConApp with rank-2 type nobody bug normal Compiler
#81 Unicode bug in toUpper/toLower nobody bug normal Prelude
#83 typo: %lt; should be < nobody bug normal Documentation
#84 ioeGetErrorString nobody bug normal None
#86 rdrNameModule it nobody bug normal Compiler
#87 GHC loops on attached module nobody bug normal Compiler
#88 -O2 generates wrong code simonpj bug normal Compiler
#89 {-# OPTIONS -O0 #-} not allowed nobody bug normal Compiler
#91 panic with linear implicit parameters nobody bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#93 ghc-pkg in ghc root directory nobody bug normal Compiler
#96 Still fails to build with GCC 3.2 on Mandrake simonmar bug normal Driver
#100 ghc-5.04: panic! ... tySplitTyConApp ... nobody bug normal Compiler
#101 Compile error for HsNet.h nobody bug normal hslibs/net
#105 Integer -> Int64 sometimes wrong simonmar bug normal hslibs/lang
#107 safe calls in the threaded RTS broken wthaller bug normal Runtime System
#108 Header files from f.i. not propagated to non-local inlining nobody bug normal Compiler
#109 internal error: EVACUATED object entered simonmar bug normal None
#114 bad type does bad things nobody bug normal None
#116 hp2hs -c appears broken in ghc-5.04.2 nobody bug normal Profiling
#117 ghci does not appear to restore its signal handlers nobody bug normal Compiler
#118 Confusing Error Message if package-name is omitted nobody bug normal Driver
#120 ghc --make -no-hs-main -o fails nobody bug normal Driver
#121 Shell syntax error when building from source nobody bug normal Build System
#123 Unix manual pages not in release bundles nobody bug normal None
#124 GHCi segfaults on expression evaluation simonpj bug normal None
#126 Link fails when trying to generate a profiling executable wthaller bug normal Profiling
#128 "entries" field is often 0 nobody bug normal Profiling
#131 ghci fails on Red Hat 9.0 nobody bug normal Compiler
#132 Non-exhaustive patterns in ParseMonad.hs nobody bug normal hslibs/hssource
#134 GHCi :i ommits constraints nobody bug normal Driver
#135 ghc-5.05: handle closed by hselect nobody bug normal hslibs/util
#136 PosixTTY's testLocalFlag has c_iflags instead of c_lflags nobody bug normal hslibs/posix
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