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#25 Fixed ghc requires main to be in Main simonpj iavor_sd
it looks like ghc requires that the main function
be defined in the module Main, rather than simply
be exported from Main as the report says.  

here is an example:

module Main(main) where
import B

module B where
main = print "hello"

ghc B.hs Main.hs
Module `Main' must include a definition for `main'

i tried this using ghc-5.02 on linux (mandrake 8.0 

#26 None -fno-warn-incomplete-patterns ignored nobody nobody
Preliminary experimentation with code that comiple with
ghc-5.02 and falls over with ghc-5.02.1 suggests that
the -fno-warn-incomplete-patterns flag is ignored.

Ghc falls over with,

ghc-5.02.1:panic! (the `impossible' happened, GHC
version 5.02.1):
/tmp/ghc[].lpp:[]: Non-exhaustive patterns in case.


mailto:[email protected]
#27 Out of Date Manual title pages on the wrong side nobody nobody
When one prints the manual on two-sided paper, the
title pages
of the two parts come out on the second side rather
than on the first side (on the left, rather than on the
right, in an open folder).  A few blank pages must be
added, so that the title pages (as well as the
beginning pages of the tables of contents and the first
pages of the text proper) are where one expects them in
a book.
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