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#7359 fixed unix- fails to install on mac os x with 7.4.* (works with 7.6.1) AndreasVoellmy

Some package I am trying to build with cabal causes cabal to try to install unix- . This fails with the following errors:

[35 of 38] Compiling System.Posix.Signals ( dist/build/System/Posix/Signals.hs, dist/build/System/Posix/Signals.o )
/var/folders/_c/4n2x0zfx7mx5gk_46pdxn3pm0000gn/T/ghc30459_0/ghc30459_0.c: In function ‘ghc_wrapper_dtUw_sigismember’:

     warning: dereferencing ‘void *’ pointer

     error: void value not ignored as it ought to be
/var/folders/_c/4n2x0zfx7mx5gk_46pdxn3pm0000gn/T/ghc30459_0/ghc30459_0.c: In function ‘ghc_wrapper_dtUF_sigfillset’:

     warning: dereferencing ‘void *’ pointer

     error: invalid use of void expression
/var/folders/_c/4n2x0zfx7mx5gk_46pdxn3pm0000gn/T/ghc30459_0/ghc30459_0.c: In function ‘ghc_wrapper_dtUR_sigdelset’:

     warning: dereferencing ‘void *’ pointer

     error: invalid use of void expression
Failed to install unix-

This seems to be a recent problem for me, so it may be due to some software updates for mac os x. I am running os x version 10.8.2 build 12c60. I have XCode version 4.5.1 with the "Command Line Tools" installed. I installed ghc from the haskell-platform after updating the os x and xcode (and command line tools).

#7773 fixed Waiting on non-kqueue supported files on OS X AndreasVoellmy AndreasVoellmy

Neither the old IO manager nor the new "parallel" IO manager properly handle waiting on files on Mac OS X when kqueue does not support the device type. PHO reported this on ghc-devs:

Here is the gist of it: the IO manager uses kqueue to wait on files on OS X. kqueue does not support all files. For example, on older versions of OS X (10.5.8) it cannot wait on tty devices and on even on 10.8.2 it cannot wait on /dev/random.

Both the old and parallel IO managers suffered from the problem, but the consequences were slightly different. With the old IO manager the situation was treated as the file being ready, which would just cause the waiting thread to run again. The parallel IO manager changed things slightly and now it just throws an exception and terminates the program. So the behavior when this happens in the parallel IO manager is not acceptable.

#7879 fixed validate in build tree fails due to problem copying haddock resources to inplace igloo AndreasVoellmy

I setup my build tree using the instructions here . After booting and configuring, I ran "sh validate" which eventually halted on the following command with the following error:

"/Users/andreas/repos/temp-ghc-3/ghc-build/inplace/bin/haddock" --odir="libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/doc/html/ghc-prim" --no-tmp-comp-dir --dump-interface=libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/doc/html/ghc-prim/ghc-prim.haddock --html --hoogle --title="ghc-prim- GHC primitives" --prologue="libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/haddock-prologue.txt"   --optghc=-hisuf --optghc=dyn_hi --optghc=-osuf --optghc=dyn_o --optghc=-hcsuf --optghc=dyn_hc --optghc=-fPIC --optghc=-dynamic --optghc=-H32m --optghc=-O --optghc=-Werror --optghc=-Wall --optghc=-H64m --optghc=-O0 --optghc=-package-name --optghc=ghc-prim- --optghc=-hide-all-packages --optghc=-i --optghc=-ilibraries/ghc-prim/. --optghc=-ilibraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build --optghc=-ilibraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build/autogen --optghc=-Ilibraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build --optghc=-Ilibraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build/autogen --optghc=-Ilibraries/ghc-prim/. --optghc=-optP-include --optghc=-optPlibraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h --optghc=-package --optghc=rts-1.0 --optghc=-package-name --optghc=ghc-prim --optghc=-XHaskell98 --optghc=-XCPP --optghc=-XMagicHash --optghc=-XForeignFunctionInterface --optghc=-XUnliftedFFITypes --optghc=-XUnboxedTuples --optghc=-XEmptyDataDecls --optghc=-XNoImplicitPrelude --optghc=-O2 --optghc=-O --optghc=-dcore-lint --optghc=-fno-warn-deprecated-flags --optghc=-no-user-package-db --optghc=-rtsopts --optghc=-odir --optghc=libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build --optghc=-hidir --optghc=libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build --optghc=-stubdir --optghc=libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build    libraries/ghc-prim/./GHC/Classes.hs  libraries/ghc-prim/./GHC/CString.hs  libraries/ghc-prim/./GHC/Debug.hs  libraries/ghc-prim/./GHC/Magic.hs  libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build/GHC/PrimopWrappers.hs  libraries/ghc-prim/./GHC/IntWord64.hs  libraries/ghc-prim/./GHC/Tuple.hs  libraries/ghc-prim/./GHC/Types.hs libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build/autogen/GHC/Prim.hs +RTS -tlibraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/doc/html/ghc-prim/ghc-prim.haddock.t --machine-readable
Haddock coverage:
  78% (  7 /  9) in 'GHC.Types'
  17% (  1 /  6) in 'GHC.CString'
Warning: Couldn't find .haddock for export GHC.Prim.Int64#
Warning: Couldn't find .haddock for export GHC.Prim.Word64#
   3% (  1 / 38) in 'GHC.IntWord64'
   3% (  2 / 63) in 'GHC.Tuple'
   0% (  0 /  3) in 'GHC.Debug'
   0% (  0 /342) in 'GHC.PrimopWrappers'
  31% (164 /537) in 'GHC.Prim'
 100% (  3 /  3) in 'GHC.Magic'
  38% (  6 / 16) in 'GHC.Classes'
haddock: internal error: /Users/andreas/repos/temp-ghc-3/ghc-build/inplace/lib/html/Ocean.std-theme/hslogo-16.png: copyFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

Apparently it can't find /Users/andreas/repos/temp-ghc-3/ghc-build/inplace/lib/html/Ocean.std-theme/hslogo-16.png. That file is in fact there, but it is linked to another file:

ls -lh /Users/andreas/repos/temp-ghc-3/ghc-build/inplace/lib/html/Ocean.std-theme
total 40
lrwxr-xr-x  1 andreas  staff    80B Apr 28 13:13 hslogo-16.png -> ../../../../../../ghc/utils/haddock/resources/html/Ocean.std-theme/hslogo-16.png
lrwxr-xr-x  1 andreas  staff    76B Apr 28 13:13 minus.gif -> ../../../../../../ghc/utils/haddock/resources/html/Ocean.std-theme/minus.gif
lrwxr-xr-x  1 andreas  staff    76B Apr 28 13:13 ocean.css -> ../../../../../../ghc/utils/haddock/resources/html/Ocean.std-theme/ocean.css
lrwxr-xr-x  1 andreas  staff    75B Apr 28 13:13 plus.gif -> ../../../../../../ghc/utils/haddock/resources/html/Ocean.std-theme/plus.gif
lrwxr-xr-x  1 andreas  staff    79B Apr 28 13:13 synopsis.png -> ../../../../../../ghc/utils/haddock/resources/html/Ocean.std-theme/synopsis.png
piz-sardona:ghc-build andreas$ cd /Users/andreas/repos/temp-ghc-3/ghc-build/inplace/lib/html/Ocean.std-theme

It seems to be trying to link to utils/haddock/resources/html/Ocean.std-theme/hslogo-16.png in my source tree. But the problem is that there is one too many ".." in the links. If there were one fewer ".." in the path, then it would work fine.

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