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#20 None Quote filenames with spaces in in SrcLoc nobody rrt
To make parsing error messages easier, SrcLocs should quote file names that contain spaces. This would make life easier e.g. in the test suite, or when using Emacs to take you to the location of an error.

Hugs already does something similar, I believe.
#21 None Can't split a string literal simonmar nobody
If I try to split a string literal across two lines,
using the syntax of two \ seperated by white space, I 
get the error mesage:
error in character literal

The code lines in question looks like:

    hPutStr h $
        "GET "++path uri++" HTTP/1.1\r\n\
        \Host: "++authority uri++"\r\n\
        \User-Agent: Haber/0.2\r\n\r\n"

#22 Invalid import leakage nobody cwitty
When I compile with ghc --make, sometimes imports from
one module "leak" into the imports list (in the .hi
file) of another, unrelated module that was compiled later.

For example:
Point.lhs is the following file:
module Point (
         module PointClass, module Point1, module Point2, 
         module Point3, module Point4, module PointN,
module Point
       ) where

import PointClass
import Point1
import Point2
import Point3
import Point4
import PointN

In one particular ghc run, files were compiled like this:
Skipping  PointClass       (
/sc/downloads/GeomAlgLib/haskell/PointClass.o )
Skipping  Point1           (
/sc/downloads/GeomAlgLib/haskell/Point1.o )
Skipping  Point2           (
/sc/downloads/GeomAlgLib/haskell/Point2.o )
Skipping  Point3           (
/sc/downloads/GeomAlgLib/haskell/Point3.o )
Skipping  PointN           (
/sc/downloads/GeomAlgLib/haskell/PointN.o )
Skipping  Point4           (
/sc/downloads/GeomAlgLib/haskell/Point4.o )
Skipping  GLExtra          ( GLExtra.hs, GLExtra.o )
Skipping  GtkExtra         ( GtkExtra.hs, GtkExtra.o )
Compiling Point            (
/sc/downloads/GeomAlgLib/haskell/Point.o )

None of the Point* modules depend on GdkPixmap (as
verified by looking in their .hi files), but GtkExtra
does.  After this run, Point.hi contains the line
import GdkPixmap !;
(This means that subsequent compiles of different
programs using Point will fail, since they don't have
the right compiler flags to find GdkPixmap.hi.)
System information:
Linux nebula 2.4.9-686 #1 Sun Aug 19 10:46:52 EST 2001
i686 unknown
gcc version 2.95.4 20011006 (Debian prerelease)

I am attaching a transcript of a compile run using -v.
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