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#2992 fixed GHCi Memory Leak in Windows Vista igloo Andir

If use ghci.exe and separating compiling via ghc.exe, memory leak in ghci occurred. After exhausting available memory Vista has no any respond.

Steps for reproduce:

  • Run GHCi: process list has 2 processes: ghci.exe (a), ghc.exe (b),
  • Run separated compilation process 20 times:

Command Line:

for /L %i in (1,1,20) do ghc -fforce-recomp -O --make "problem.hs" -o "problem.exe"

Sample Haskell Program listing (problem.hs):

main :: IO ()
main = do
    print $ [x | x <- [1..]]
    putStrLn "Hello, world!"
  • In process list (taskmgr.exe) you can see processor activity and increased value of "Memory (Private Working Set)" for process (b).
  • As run result "Memory (Private Working Set)" increased about 100Mb.
#1862 fixed DocBook XSL Stylesheets search path is incomplete igloo AndreaRossato

Presently the directory used by Slackware GNU/Linux and other distribution to store the docbook xsl stylesheets is not searched by ghc configuration script.

Attached a patch to to include that directory: /usr/share/xml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets*

Regrads, Andrea Rossato

#1911 fixed -w doesn't turn off nullModuleExport AndreaRossato AndreaRossato


Starting from 6.8.1 ghc reports a warning when a module that does not export anything is exported. The warning is generated in compiler/rename/RnName.lhs by exports_from_avail.

I'm not familiar enough with ghc to go any further.

Thanks. Andrea

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