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#5390 fixed Hard-coded /Developer path in Mac ghc pumpkin Ahruman

The Haskell Platform package for Mac OS X installs a /usr/bin/ghc script which hard-codes the path to gcc as:


This is incorrect, as Xcode tools can be installed at semi-arbitrary locations, and there may be several versions installed. The correct approach is:

developerpath=`xcode-select --print-path` # Produces "/Developer" or alternative path
#8921 fixed ghc-stage2 fails with ld: fatal: library -lrt: not found on topHandler02(profthreaded) test AlainODea AlainODea

On SmartOS ghc-stage2 crashes with an error when trying to run the topHandler02(dyn) test: ld: fatal: library -lrt: not found

Tracing this with the following DTrace script to stop ghc-stage2 at the point of launching ld:


#!/usr/sbin/dtrace -s

#pragma D option destructive

/copyinstr(arg0) == "/usr/bin/ld"/
    system("pargs %d", pid);

This let me observe the command-line arguments to ld:

In ssh session A I started DTrace:

chmod +x ~/exit_on_ld.d

In a ssh session B I started the topHandler02(dyn) test manually with no output redirection:

cd ~/ghc/libraries/base/tests && '/root/ghc/inplace/bin/ghc-stage2' -fforce-recomp -dcore-lint -dcmm-lint -dno-debug-output -no-user-package-db -rtsopts -fno-ghci-history -o topHandler02 topHandler02.hs -O -prof -static -auto-all -threaded

In ssh session A I observed the ld call (ghc-stage2 is now frozen by stop):

CPU     ID                    FUNCTION:NAME
  3   5167                      exece:entry     9186691866:     /opt/local/gcc47/libexec/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/collect2 -R/opt/local
argv[0]: /opt/local/gcc47/libexec/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/collect2
argv[1]: -R/opt/local/lib/
argv[2]: -Y
argv[3]: P,/lib/amd64:/usr/lib/amd64:/opt/local/lib/
argv[4]: -Qy
argv[5]: -o
argv[6]: topHandler02.o
argv[7]: -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3
argv[8]: -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../../x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib/amd64
argv[9]: -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../amd64
argv[10]: -L/lib/amd64
argv[11]: -L/usr/lib/amd64
argv[12]: -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../../x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib
argv[13]: -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../..
argv[14]: -R/opt/local/gcc47/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib/amd64
argv[15]: -R/opt/local/gcc47/lib/amd64
argv[16]: -lrt
argv[17]: -r
argv[18]: /tmp/ghc91814_0/ghc91814_6.o
argv[19]: /tmp/ghc91814_0/ghc91814_5.o

I was then able to run them in isolation with GHC's temp files present on disk:

# /opt/local/gcc47/libexec/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/collect2 -R/opt/local/lib/ -Y P,/lib/amd64:/usr/lib/amd64:/opt/local/lib/ -Qy -o topHandler02.o -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3 -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../../x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib/amd64 -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../amd64 -L/lib/amd64 -L/usr/lib/amd64 -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../../x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../.. -R/opt/local/gcc47/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib/amd64 -R/opt/local/gcc47/lib/amd64 -lrt -r /tmp/ghc91814_0/ghc91814_6.o /tmp/ghc91814_0/ghc91814_5.o
ld: fatal: library -lrt: not found
ld: fatal: file processing errors. No output written to topHandler02.o
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

If I omit -lrt from the arguments it succeeds (on Illumos-based systems, including SmartOS, librt is a passthrough to libc):

# /opt/local/gcc47/libexec/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/collect2 -R/opt/local/lib/ -Y P,/lib/amd64:/usr/lib/amd64:/opt/local/lib/ -Qy -o topHandler02.o -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3 -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../../x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib/amd64 -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../amd64 -L/lib/amd64 -L/usr/lib/amd64 -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../../../x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib -L/opt/local/gcc47/lib/gcc/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/4.7.3/../../.. -R/opt/local/gcc47/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib/amd64 -R/opt/local/gcc47/lib/amd64 -r /tmp/ghc91814_0/ghc91814_6.o /tmp/ghc91814_0/ghc91814_5.o
# echo $?

No errors are emitted and the exit code is 0 (good).

I would like to conditionally omit -lrt from the ld arguments.

Where do I need to look for where ghc-stage2 populates the arguments to ld?

#9053 fixed make sdist fails with repeated /bin/sh[1]: lndir: not found [No such file or directory] AlainODea

It appears that source for lndir was intentionally included in utils and customized to handle .git directories:

This ignoring of .git directories has been in the upstream lndir.c since 2009:

However, lndir is not installed by default (on Ubuntu or SmartOS) and is not listed in the tools required to build:

It does not appear to be built during the sync, boot, or make steps of a GHC build.

Here is an excerpt:

/bin/sh[1]: lndir: not found [No such file or directory]
/bin/sh[1]: lndir: not found [No such file or directory]
/bin/sh[1]: lndir: not found [No such file or directory]
/bin/sh[1]: lndir: not found [No such file or directory] recipe for target 'sdist-ghc-prep' failed
gmake[1]: *** [sdist-ghc-prep] Error 127
Makefile:64: recipe for target 'sdist' failed
gmake: *** [sdist] Error 2

Here is a detailed log:

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