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#1911 fixed -w doesn't turn off nullModuleExport AndreaRossato AndreaRossato


Starting from 6.8.1 ghc reports a warning when a module that does not export anything is exported. The warning is generated in compiler/rename/RnName.lhs by exports_from_avail.

I'm not familiar enough with ghc to go any further.

Thanks. Andrea

#7773 fixed Waiting on non-kqueue supported files on OS X AndreasVoellmy AndreasVoellmy

Neither the old IO manager nor the new "parallel" IO manager properly handle waiting on files on Mac OS X when kqueue does not support the device type. PHO reported this on ghc-devs:

Here is the gist of it: the IO manager uses kqueue to wait on files on OS X. kqueue does not support all files. For example, on older versions of OS X (10.5.8) it cannot wait on tty devices and on even on 10.8.2 it cannot wait on /dev/random.

Both the old and parallel IO managers suffered from the problem, but the consequences were slightly different. With the old IO manager the situation was treated as the file being ready, which would just cause the waiting thread to run again. The parallel IO manager changed things slightly and now it just throws an exception and terminates the program. So the behavior when this happens in the parallel IO manager is not acceptable.

#7926 worksforme eventfd: unsupported operation when doing anything AndreasVoellmy guest

I'm using Debian jessie; sources.list is thus:

deb jessie main contrib non-free

Ran apt-get upgrade 10 minutes ago. The contents of /var/log/apt/history.log (sorry for the massive list, not sure how to narrow it down):

ghc/ghci output (exit 1):

eventfd: unsupported operation (Function not implemented)

When launching a precompiled executable, the first time it executes an I/O action (exit 1):

hClose: user error (Pattern match failure in do expression at libraries/base/GHC/Event/Thread.hs:84:3-10

strace ghci output is in this gist:

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