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#7 Fixed dodgy case of unboxed tuple type nobody mtehver
The following program reports

c:\ghc\ghc-5.02\bin\ghc: panic! (the `impossible' 
happened, GHC version 5.02):
        cgEvalAlts: dodgy case of unboxed tuple type

Please report it as a compiler bug to glasgow-haskell-
[email protected],


module Main where

import PrelBase
import PrelGHC

main :: IO ()
main = let f = int2Integer# 0# in putStrLn ""

#8 Fixed Regex failure simonmar xoltar
Working through samples from the Great Computer
Language Shootout, I wrote a Haskell program which is
supposed to be basically equivalent to the perl program at:

And in fact I copied the regular expression directly
from the perl example and used search and replace to
change single backslashes to double backslashes to deal
with Haskell vs. Perl strings.

But the regex fails to match where it should. Since I
copied the regex directly from the working perl script,
I'm pretty sure it's correct. Since the RegexString
modules says the regex syntax is that of Perl, I'm
reporting it as a bug.

The haskell file is attached. It is intended to be run
with an integer command line argument (2 is fine), and
input piped from the file at:

I'm on Windows NT 4.0 sp4 and GHC 5.02.

#9 Fixed GHCI for Win32 crashes with many options nobody fizzgig
If GHCI is started with the following, f.ex., it 
crashes <access violation somewhere in the 

ghci -package net -package util

Giving just one -package xxx statement works, as well 
as giving f.ex. -fglasgow-exts. Setting more packages 
from within GHCI with :set works splendidly however.

A few more test runs:

$ ghci -package util -fglasgow-exts -package net
c:\PROGRA~1\GLASGO~1\ghc-5.02\bin\ghc.exe: file `Ç;=' 
does not exist

$ ghci bla bla asdfas awpktad

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