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#4 Fixed -fext-core -fno-core behaves funny nobody josefs
Suppose I have a module Main.hs which I have already
compiled, which means I already have Main.hi.

Now I compile it again with the flags -fext-core and
-fno-code. What happens now is that ghc says:
compilation IS NOT required

and generates an a.out (!) but not a Main.hcr.

Now this really surprised me. I expected that no a.out
should be generated (since I give the -fno-code flag)
but that Main.hcr still should be generated.

#5 Wont Fix fails if library has main() simonmar cwitty
I need to link against a library (/usr/lib/libf2c.a)
that includes a definition of main().  When I try to
link a program (ghc ... -lf2c), it uses the definition
of main() from that library.

The workaround is to link with -lHSrts -lf2c.

This should at least be documented (with a description
of the workaround), if not fixed.

(Let me know if you need a full test case, reproduction
scenario, etc.)
#6 Fixed Debugging info confuses runtime linker sewardj simonmar
The runtime linker in GHCi can't load object files 
created with gcc -g, i.e. those containing debugging 
info.  It complains about the object having the wrong 
number of string tables.
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