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#607 fixed Ticky-ticky profiling tim simonmar

Ticky-ticky profiling has bitrotted in 6.4, after the rewrite of the code generator. Much of the code survived the transition, but it hasn't been tested and no doubt some work is required to get it going again.

#608 fixed Make the NCG able to compile the RTS wolfgang simonmar
It is almost possible to compile the RTS with the native code generator.  What is missing is support for loops: code generated by GHC doesn't normally contain loops (or rather, loops are explicit as jumps to top-level labels), but the RTS code does contain some loops.  The register allocator in particular will need some work.  

There's nothing fundamentally difficult here, and it doesn't need to do a fantastic job, just a half-decent one.  The code to be compiled in the RTS isn't performance-critical.

#611 fixed Tidy up array story simonmar
* Deprecate old ByteArray and 
  MutableByteArray interfaces

* convert all libraries to use new
  IArray/MArray interfaces

* make FFI understand STUArray, 
  IOUArray, UArray

* don't deprecate non-overloaded 
  STArray and IOArray functions for
  the time being because IArray/MArray
  depend on multiparameter type classes.

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