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#611 fixed Tidy up array story simonmar
* Deprecate old ByteArray and 
  MutableByteArray interfaces

* convert all libraries to use new
  IArray/MArray interfaces

* make FFI understand STUArray, 
  IOUArray, UArray

* don't deprecate non-overloaded 
  STArray and IOArray functions for
  the time being because IArray/MArray
  depend on multiparameter type classes.

#620 fixed IA-64 port simonmar
Port GHC to the IA-64 platform. 
#628 fixed Make ordinary libraries work with SMP RTS simonmar anonymous

We don't want to have two separate library "ways" for SMP and single-threaded. Unfortunately SMP requires an extra field in each thunk, which is a performance loss (<5%).

In order to make it practical to use SMP, we will have to bite this bullet, however.

With this change, -smp will be an RTS way only, just like -threaded.

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