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#1317 fixed add warning for the Prelude being imported implicitly Isaac Dupree Isaac Dupree

For those who don't like the implicit Prelude (but have an existing codebase to work with, or want to stay compatible with Haskell standards). The only ways to keep the warning from triggering, once enabled, are -fno-implicit-prelude/LANGUAGE NoImplicitPrelude, and/or at least one import ... Prelude ... line appearing in the module.

Proposed flag name: -fwarn-implicit-prelude

Proposed "on" status: not even on with -Wall, must be enabled explicitly

#7116 fixed Missing optimisation: strength reduction of floating-point multiplication Jan Stolarek <jan.stolarek@…> simonmar

e.g. x * 2.0 should turn into x + x. See #2253 (program 6) for an example.

Whether this is best done as a builtin RULE or in cmmMachOpFold, or possibly both, I don't know.

#3912 wontfix Gut Build System JohnD JohnD

Traditionally, a build system consists of shell scripts and make files. I want to replace the shell scripts and make files with Haskell source code. To do this a Haskell function library that provides the same sort of functionality that shell scripts and make files already provide will be needed.

Since all Haskell computer programmers are familiar with Haskell I do not see how the transition would pose a problem provided that Haskell source code is capable of being competitive with shell scripts. I believe it can be. The goal is to make the build process fast and robust.

I hope to gut the present build system and replace it with something entirely new. The change will be global and will effect everyone. What I intend to do will be innovative. It will be an octopus of sorts in that it is going to effect everything.

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