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#16 fixed Extensionsflags igloo axelkr

Is it possible to enable the various ghc-extensions
one-by-one via a compilerflag (sth. like --ffi or
--namespaces). The advantage i see is being able to
develop with ghc and use only those extensions hugs or
nhc provide (and not exclusively in

Thanks & bye,
#125 fixed GHCi Usability nobody nobody
About GHCi

I find that Haskell interpreter is rather difficult to use:
1."f=3" is a legal statement in Haskell, i.e. define "f" as 
   constant function, but a parse error occurs.
  "let f=3" is illegal, "let" and "in" are used together, but
   it works in GHCi. 
2. if I happen to print out an infinite list, I don't know how 
   to interrupt it, when press Ctrl+C, GHCi just quit.
3. I can't use "import" to import modules. There are 
many sub 
   directories in the imports directory, but I don't know 
how to 
   import libraries in concurrent, win32, util, lang and 
#179 fixed Instance match failure on openTypeKind simonpj simonpj

    instance Show (a->b) where ...

    foo x = show (\ _ -> True)

This fails with:
    No instance for (Show (t -> Bool))
      arising from use of `show' at Foo.hs:5

Reason: the type of (\_ -> True) is  (t -> Bool) where
t has an "openTypeKind".  It's possible that the function 
will be applied to say an Int#, and the openTypeKind 
records that this is OK.

BUT, the instance decl Show (a->b) has 
a::liftedTypeKind, and that doesn't match an 
openTypeKind type variable.

This bug relates to GHC's unsatisfactory treatment of 
the variants of kind "type", for which there are at least 2 
other SourceForge bugs registered (753780 and  
753777).  It's very obscure, so I'm not going to fix it 
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