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#16 fixed Extensionsflags igloo axelkr

Is it possible to enable the various ghc-extensions
one-by-one via a compilerflag (sth. like --ffi or
--namespaces). The advantage i see is being able to
develop with ghc and use only those extensions hugs or
nhc provide (and not exclusively in

Thanks & bye,
#17 fixed Separate warnings for unused local and top-level bindings magunter
I'd like separate warnings for local and top-level
unused binds.  I often have "unused" top-level
functions which I use from ghci.  I'd like to avoid
warnings for
these while retaining the warnings for unused local
bindings (which can always be eliminated by prefix the
name with an underscore.)

#95 fixed GHCi :edit command should jump to the the last error lortabac martijnislief

GHCi has a :edit command for editing the current source file. Hugs's command of the same name automatically jumps the editor to the location of the last error; it would be nice if GHCi's did the same.

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