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#29 invalid Check for exhaustive patterns is broken nobody
When some of the patterns in a function definition or
case expression contain guards, the compiler gives
false warnings about non-exhaustive pattern matches.  A
pity, because this kind of warning is very useful

For example, I get 
 >ghc --make -Wall See.hs
 ghc-5.02.1: chasing modules from: See.hs
 Compiling See              ( See.hs, ./See.o )

 See.hs:17: Warning: Pattern match(es) are
     In the definition of `insert':
 	Patterns not matched: _ _ (TREE _ _ _ _)

 See.hs:41: Warning: Pattern match(es) are
    In a case alternative EMPTY: Patterns not matched:
TREE _ _ _ _

for the attached file.

[I am not sure filling in the e-mail address box had
any effect on the last two complaints I submitted, so I
repeat my address here:
[email protected]]
#68 wontfix Warnings for unitialized fields nobody

Would it be possible to add flag to disable warnings for unitialized fields just when using constructor with zero fields? I mean, if I use

  Foo {}

to construct empty record, it is a bit unpleasant that I get flooded by dozens of useless warnings; but I don't want to disable them -- they are useful when I forget to initialize some field(s).

Zdenek Dvorak

#106 duplicate com. line args not honoured for recompil nobody

I compiled a file with a standard compile and link and some flags, include -fallow-overlapping-isntances. I was interested in whether overlapping instances were really required, so I recompiled -- without modifying the file -- without -fallow-overlapping-instances. I got the "compilation IS NOT required" message, clearly erroneous.

Suggestion: flag configuration / compiler state stored in generated code and checked on recompile.

My email is [email protected].

Thanks, Nick

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