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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#657 add WARNING pragma igloo task normal 6.10.1 Compiler
#658 DEPRECATED doesn't work for data constructors simonpj bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#659 Code bloat for instances of empty classes bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#660 binary snapshot install crashes on ps docs simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 Build System
#664 Heap profiler can report hundredths of a second as "3.100" (not "4.000") bug normal Profiling
#665 re-work of insert API feature request normal libraries/base
#672 INLINE pragmas for default methods don't work simonpj bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#675 Bad error message in GHCi feature request normal GHCi
#676 Write a performance checker for collections. Alson Kemp task normal libraries (other)
#677 segfault with C<->Haskell ping-pong, should be stack overflow bug normal Runtime System
#679 using ReadWriteMode in Windows corrupts files simonmar bug normal 6.6 libraries/base
#681 non-terminating instances involving FDs simonpj bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#682 Incorrect parentheses in warning message bug normal Compiler
#684 Pending occurrence-analysis fix simonpj bug normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#685 Panic splitTyConApp a{tv a1nD} when dealing with GADTs in optimizing mode bug normal Compiler
#687 conc049 <<loop>> with heap profiling turned on bug normal 6.4.2 Runtime System
#688 killThread and SMP simonmar task normal 6.6 Runtime System
#691 Make the testsuite standalone task normal Not GHC Test Suite
#692 Incorporate programs from the shootout in nofib task normal Not GHC NoFib benchmark suite
#694 lawbreaker in HughesPJ bug normal 6.4.2 libraries/base
#695 fails if ghc's path contains spaces bug normal GHCi
#697 Bad assembler generated bug normal Compiler (NCG)
#699 GHCi doesn't implement foreign import on amd64 when interpreting. simonmar bug normal 6.6 GHCi
#700 Inconsistent typechecking of pattern match in function binding bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#703 all binaries built by ghc have executable stacks ezyang bug normal 7.10.1 Compiler (NCG)
#705 crash on readChan/writeChan bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#708 Compiler error simonpj bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#710 library reorganisation igloo task normal 6.8.1 libraries/base
#712 getDirectoryContents: failed (No error) bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#716 Unloading a dll generated by GHC doesn't free all resources igloo bug normal 6.8.1 Runtime System
#718 FinalizerEnvPtr and newForeignPtrEnv missing from Freign.ForeignPtr bug normal 6.6 libraries/haskell98
#723 The package database should be a directory of files instead of a single file task normal 6.12 branch Package system
#725 bug with -O2 -optc-O2 bug normal Compiler
#730 ghc needs a man page igloo task normal 6.6.1 Build System
#732 Error in shutdownHaskell() in Win32 DLL bug normal 6.4.2 Runtime System
#734 Spurious type variable scope error report bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#735 Missing case in fgl/Data/Graph/Inductive/Internal/RootPath.hs bug normal libraries (other)
#737 Pattern match failure in coreSyn/CoreUtils.lhs bug normal Compiler
#738 ghc can't load files with selinux Enforcing feature request normal 6.10.1 Runtime System
#741 full laziness bug normal Compiler
#743 -M limit exceeded by a factor of 2 simonmar bug normal 6.6.1 Runtime System
#744 ghc-pkg lies about location of haddock-interfaces and haddock-html panne bug normal 6.6.1 Documentation
#746 ghc panic! with foreign import wrapper involving Bool bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#749 Building 6.4.2 fails bug normal Build System
#752 ghc-6.4.2 not running under solaris bug normal 6.4.3 Compiler
#760 Template Haskell doesn't like scoped type variables simonpj bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#762 Unregistered build fails because libghccompat is not built bug normal Build System
#763 Breakpoint mechanism crashes when there's a type error lemmih bug normal Compiler
#766 GHC 6.4.2 won't build on Mac OS X bug normal 6.4.3 Compiler
#768 Improve performance of binary serialisation for interface files task normal Compiler
#769 Heap profiling: time tag format bug normal Compiler
#772 checkPrecMatch bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#773 garbage collector bug? bug normal Compiler
#774 Building GHC 6.4.2 on Solaris 10 SPARC bug normal Build System
#775 ctime_r call in Solaris 10 SPARC bug normal Runtime System
#776 GHCi 6.4.2 reports an internal error: unknown/strange object bug normal 6.4.3 GHCi
#777 Typos in user guide example bug normal Documentation
#778 building with gcc-4.1.x causes ghc to enter infinite allocation loop bug normal 6.4.3 Runtime System
#779 small bugs in Language.Haskell.TH.Ppr.pprint bug normal Template Haskell
#782 GHCi input does not support unicode igloo merge normal 6.8.2 GHCi
#783 SRTs bigger than they should be? simonmar bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#786 bugs around tagToEnum# simonpj bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#787 compacting GC bug normal Runtime System
#788 Implement class aliases and/or constraint synonyms feature request normal Compiler (Type checker)
#790 Redundant re-link when ".exe" omitted bug normal Compiler
#791 The program built with ghc 6.4.2 -prof hangs, without -prof works igloo bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#792 add viewMin/Max task normal 6.6 libraries/base
#793 Use gcc's libffi to replace Adjustor.c and ByteCodeFFI.hs? simonmar task normal 6.10.1 Runtime System
#794 System.Random: StdGen's genRange doesn't match its next bug normal libraries/base
#795 ghc-6.5.20060607: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) ... initC: srt bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#797 nofib tests fail on Windows due to different EOL convention in output files igloo bug normal 6.6 NoFib benchmark suite
#799 runtime error when using par/seq in a monad bug normal Runtime System
#801 random list from randomseed ... amd64 differs igloo bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#802 Allow two packages to use the same module name task normal 6.6 Compiler
#804 Signal handlers always installed, evem in a DLL igloo bug normal 6.6.1 Compiler
#808 Move the GHC Commentary to the wiki task normal Not GHC Documentation
#810 GHC complains about missing instance in conjunction with GADTs simonpj bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#811 GHC panics when compiling some mutually recursive modules that export something imported bug normal Compiler
#812 Slightly incorrect, though not misleading, warning message relating to mutually recursive modules bug normal Compiler
#813 -optc-O2 used by default in GhcRtsHcOpts while building 6.5, leading make to fail bug normal Compiler
#814 RTS always grabs 256Mb on startup bug normal 6.6 Runtime System
#818 Uncaught kind error leads to the 'impossible' happening bug normal Compiler
#821 implicit parameters and type synonyms support request normal Compiler
#822 -keep-tmp-files does not keep all temporary files igloo bug normal 6.6.1 Driver
#824 overlapping instances and separate compilation bug normal Compiler
#825 with -threaded, infinite loops run too slowly bug normal Runtime System
#829 Make -fcontext-stack dynamic feature request normal Compiler
#830 Compiler performance bug: large "do" expression bug normal 6.6.1 Compiler
#836 rebindable if-then-else syntax igloo feature request normal Compiler (Parser)
#838 GHC binary for FreeBSD/amd64 igloo feature request normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#839 Generate documentation for built-in types and primitve operations igloo merge normal 6.6.1 Documentation
#841 Build order causes errors when booting from HC files igloo bug normal Build System
#842 pretty-printing bug in Template Haskell library bug normal libraries (other)
#843 Dependency information for the linking step feature request normal Compiler
#844 panic on conflicting patterns in TH splice bug normal Template Haskell
#845 irrefutable pattern matching on unboxed tuple causes panic bug normal Compiler
#847 Threaded RTS problems on FreeBSD simonmar bug normal 6.4.3 Runtime System
#848 Threaded RTS problems on Solaris bug normal 6.4.3 Runtime System
#850 threaded RTS uses SIGALRM simonmar bug normal 6.6.1 Runtime System
#852 Browsing a module in ghci can cause a panic bug normal 6.6 Driver
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