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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3260 Linking stage2 on PPC gives "scattered reloc r_address too large" bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3261 Some warnings disappear with -Werror simonpj bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3262 Identifiers beginning with _ should not be considered for shadowing proposal normal Compiler
#3263 Warnings for monadic values not used igloo merge normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3265 Type operators can be defined without the TypeOperators extension flag simonpj bug normal Compiler
#3277 ghc-6.8.2: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) RnEnv.lookupImportedName bug normal Compiler
#3299 Error building HEAD on OS X: missing gmp.h igloo bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3303 Allow multi-line deprecation messages. igloo merge high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3306 Improve syntax for GADT + records simonpj feature request normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3316 Deadlock in non-threaded RTS with hPutBuf simonmar bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3319 Template Haskell generates invalid code for import foreign address declaration bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3329 Errors Building 6.10.3 on NetBSD 4.0 bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3331 control-monad-queue performance regression bug normal 6.12 branch Compiler
#3336 Following gcc behaviour with regards to calling conventions on x86_64 bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3342 splitTyConApp panic when using view patterns igloo merge normal Compiler
#3345 Support reading .a files in GHCi to reclaim some disk space feature request high 7.4.1 Compiler
#3346 Strange and incorrect type error when using rewrite rules with type families bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3347 Add flag to prevent generation of import libraries on Windows igloo feature request normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3356 {-# LANGUAGE NoTraditionalRecordSyntax #-} to disable the current record syntax feature request normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#3364 calling "ghc -H" panics bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#3367 syntax error in LANGUAGE pragma -- getOptions'.parseLanguage(1) went past eof token bug normal Compiler
#3368 Deriving Foldable doesn't work igloo bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3371 Spurious "Defined but not used" when using record wildcards bug normal Compiler
#3377 [Patch] Support Python-style tuple sections feature request normal Compiler
#3378 [Patch] Make 'group' into a special ID when TransformListComp is on feature request normal Compiler
#3382 Panic in tidyNPat when using N+k patterns with overloaded strings bug normal Compiler
#3388 mkIntegerExpr could use bit operations rather than plus/times for making large Integers. task low 7.4.1 Compiler
#3391 Generics compilation failure in combination with Data.Accessor deriving simonpj bug normal Compiler
#3395 Template Haskell crashes bug normal Compiler
#3398 Unicode output in GHC bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3400 OS X: ghc broken on Snow Leopard igloo bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3403 linear stack usage where constant stack usage expected bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3404 Strictness analysis bug with Double bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3405 ghc: panic! FamInstEnv.pprFamInstHdr chak bug normal Compiler
#3406 'impossible' happened while messing around with ScopedTypeVariables simonpj bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3409 type variable out of scope in worker/wrapper transformation chak bug normal Compiler
#3410 ghc fails to parse versioned GPL and LGPL license from package configuration simonmar bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3412 the 'impossible' happened (expectJust chooseExternalIds) simonmar bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3418 Equality constraint causes ghc panic chak bug normal Compiler
#3420 Missing warning on duplicate import bug normal Compiler
#3421 Iface Lint failure panic with HEAD ghc-stage1 bug normal Compiler
#3423 No match in record selector Var.tcTyVarDetails with ghc >= 6.10.2 bug normal Compiler
#3424 Corrupt executable when compiling large do block for List monad simonmar bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3435 ghc-stage2 panic while compiling ghc-paths- simonmar bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3437 Optimizer creates space leak on simple code bug normal Compiler
#3439 Improve the setup for ticky igloo merge high 7.0.1 Compiler
#3449 Unavoidable "unused bindings" warnings in boot files igloo bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3461 loading package ghc in GHCI; unknown symbol `keepCAFs' bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3463 Binary: Int64 truncated to fit in 32 bit Int bug normal Compiler
#3467 GHC HEAD panics trying to splice a type bug normal Compiler
#3468 GHC panic: boxy_match_s bug normal Compiler
#3484 GHC diverges when proving nonequality of types bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#3488 Impossible happened: RegAllocLinear.getStackSlotFor: out of stack slots bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3489 Adding some gmp bindings to integer-gmp (copied from the cvs-ghc list) igloo feature request normal 7.6.1 Compiler
#3497 Template Haskell support for GADTs feature request normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3500 Type functions and recursive dictionaries bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3501 Error thunks not being exposed with "B" strictness bug normal 6.14 branch Compiler
#3504 GHC panicks with a huge list in source code bug normal Compiler
#3505 type mismatch error message with operator sections counts the arguments incorrectly igloo bug normal Compiler
#3508 Remove stg_noforceIO_info hack simonmar task normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3521 ld on mac won't allow -rpath unless you specify macosx_version_min 10.5 igloo bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3526 Inliner behaviour with instances is confusing simonpj bug low 7.2.1 Compiler
#3535 GHC Panic compiling hgalib-0.2 bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3538 ghc 6.10.4 freebsd panic for language pragma of form: -foobar bug normal Compiler
#3546 Use of float type in unregistered build freezes program igloo merge high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3550 Dynamic libraries don't work on Mac OS/X igloo bug high 6.12.3 Compiler
#3552 Unreachable code in optimised CMM code bug normal 7.2.1 Compiler
#3558 Make haddock compilable without ghci being enabled igloo task high 7.0.1 Compiler
#3561 Incorrect code generation on x86 simonmar bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3564 Drop-in replacements for integer library no longer work bug normal Compiler
#3565 Wrong gcc being used bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3566 Install fails on Windows igloo bug normal Compiler
#3567 Configure script looks for ld too early igloo bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3570 :~/base-$ sudo runghc Setup.hs configure bug normal Compiler
#3574 The install-docs target no longer works in 6.12 bug normal Compiler
#3579 Error: symbol `Bug_compose1_closure' is already defined igloo merge high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3582 Compiling with optimizations on hurts performance bug normal Compiler
#3589 Recompilation checker doesn't take into account CPP headers bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#3590 panic (the impossible happened) when compiling with -O2 igloo merge normal Compiler
#3591 A working program reports <<loop>> when compiled with -O igloo merge normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#3594 ppc stage1 panic for --enable-shared igloo bug high 7.0.1 Compiler
#3604 Use of template-haskell is broken with shared libraries igloo merge high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3616 ghci crash from :l feature request normal Compiler
#3617 There is no -debug runtime in 6.12 RC1 igloo bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3621 "No match in record selector Var.tcTyVarDetails" with incorrect multi-parameter newtype derivation bug normal Compiler
#3629 Code compiled WITHOUT profiling many times slower than compiled WITH profiling on bug low 7.2.1 Compiler
#3636 ghc --make sends progress output to stderr igloo bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#3640 NamedFieldPuns broken in where clauses igloo merge normal Compiler
#3648 Release a new containers version igloo task high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3655 Performance regression relative to 6.10 simonpj bug high 6.12.2 Compiler
#3660 "Var.tcTyVarDetails" exception w/ Assoc. Datatypes and Monad Transformers bug normal Compiler
#3663 Unreg build fails when haddocking dph-seq bug high 7.0.1 Compiler
#3664 Ghc eats tremendous heaps of RAM in -prof build (highlighting-kate) igloo merge normal 6.12 branch Compiler
#3665 Add whole-package deprecation warnings feature request normal Compiler
#3668 PIE-enabled hardened gcc might broke GHC. bug normal Compiler
#3669 haddock: internal Haddock or GHC error: Win32-version:: openBinaryFile: invalid argument (Invalid argument) igloo bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3670 Allow RULES for higher-ranked terms feature request normal Compiler
#3677 Optimizer creates stack overflow on filtered CAF simonpj bug normal 6.12.2 Compiler
#3685 "double free or corruption" error when running Setup.hs with other GHC in PATH igloo merge high 6.12.1 Compiler
#3687 Merge _stub.o files back in to the .o file simonmar feature request high 7.4.1 Compiler
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