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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2687 Lexical error when compiling unicode-prelude-0.1 using GHC 6.10.1 RC1 bug high 6.10.1 Compiler
#2689 make maintainer-clean leaves generated files and directories bug normal 6.12 branch Build System
#2690 Problem building HEAD when a newer version of Cabal is installed bug normal 6.10.1 Compiler
#2691 runghc sets terminal ctrl-s to XOFF in ghc- judah bug high 6.10.1 Compiler
#2692 ghc- seg faults on Sparc benl bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#2694 Building GHC 6.10 with Cabal 1.6 fails due to in-tree Cabal 1.5.5 bug high 6.10.1 Build System
#2695 bogus "syntactically distinct contexts" error bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#2696 forall not recognized in RULES bug normal Compiler
#2698 Windows binary distribution pops up README.TXT for the source distribution igloo bug high 6.10.1 Compiler
#2699 broken pipe errors are too noisy simonmar bug normal 6.12 branch Runtime System
#2704 "403 Forbidden" on recent 6.10.0 snapshot tarballs bug normal None
#2709 System.Directory.doesDirectoryExist "\\" is False on Windows igloo bug high 6.10.2 libraries/directory
#2711 haddock contents/index includes hidden modules (broken links) bug high 6.10.1 Documentation
#2712 Parallel GC scheduling problems simonmar bug high 6.12 branch Runtime System
#2720 eyeball/inline1 still isn't optimised with -fno-method-sharing bug normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#2728 T2627 profasm/profc: Kinds don't match in type application bug normal 6.10.1 Compiler
#2732 Incorrect requirement for building ghc igloo bug normal Documentation
#2735 ghc panic with Haskell 98 program (applyTypeToArgs?) simonpj bug normal Compiler
#2739 GHC API crashes on template haskell splices nominolo bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2744 Missing requirement check for hsc2hs bug normal 6.12.1 Build System
#2746 Documentation for Haskell 98 modules is empty bug high 6.10.2 Documentation
#2750 Bug in Data.Generics dreixel bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2751 GHC 6.10.1 fails to build with --enable-shared configured on Ubuntu 8.04. bug normal Build System
#2755 Broken link in GHC API documentation igloo bug normal 6.10.2 Documentation
#2757 runghc doesn't respond to --help / --version igloo bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2759 Data.Generics.ConstrRep isn't general enough dreixel bug normal 6.12 branch libraries (other)
#2760 Data.Generics.Basics.mkNorepType spelled wrong dreixel bug normal 6.12 branch libraries (other)
#2762 Excessive heap usage igloo bug low 7.2.1 Compiler
#2764 gen_contents_index generates links with package.haddock in the path igloo bug normal 6.10.2 Documentation
#2765 unsetenv not found under Solaris 8 when building ghc-6.10.1 bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#2767 Type family bug ? chak bug normal 6.12 branch Compiler (Type checker)
#2770 Missing check that C compiler is C99 compatible bug normal 6.12.1 Build System
#2773 Documentation mentions deprecated flags igloo bug normal 6.10.2 Documentation
#2775 Type Family panic chak bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#2781 Install permissions broken bug normal 6.12.1 Build System
#2782 Data instance for ratio changed, now incompatible bug normal libraries/base
#2791 Allow two versions of GHC to be installed simultaneously with the OS X installer bug low 7.0.1 Build System
#2793 CLDouble is nothing like a long double igloo bug high 6.12.1 libraries/base
#2796 GHC panic related to associated types chak bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
#2818 schedule: invalid what_next field simonmar bug normal 6.10.2 Runtime System
#2819 Bad example code in documentation of Control.Exception.catch bug normal 6.10.2 libraries/base
#2822 Arity expansion not working right igloo bug normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#2823 Another arity expansion bug bug lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#2824 Duplicate symbols generated when Generics flag and syb-with-class "derive" used simultaneously bug normal 6.12.1 Template Haskell
#2826 Panic compiling lhc-0.6.20081127 bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2827 Win32 releases lack versioned binaries igloo bug high 6.10.2 Compiler
#2828 TcTyFuns.uMeta: normalisation shouldn't allow x ~ x chak bug normal 6.12 branch Compiler
#2830 undefined reference to `base_DataziTuple_Z63T_con_info' when using instances with context bug normal Compiler
#2831 Floated error expressions get poor strictness, leaving bad arity bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#2833 internal error: throwTo: unrecognised why_blocked value bug low 6.12.1 Runtime System
#2839 Integer not documented in latest docs bug low 7.0.1 Documentation
#2842 throwing errors. bug normal Not GHC External Core
#2843 Missing "Defined but not used" for recursive expressions bug normal Compiler
#2844 incorrect results when not compiling with optimisation bug high 6.12 branch Compiler
#2845 break018 skips a step bug normal 6.12 branch GHCi
#2846 Impredicativity bug: GHC crash by type signature simonpj bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#2847 Failure on OPTION_* pramgas other than GHC igloo bug high 6.10.2 Compiler
#2857 sync-all ignores --complete bug normal Build System
#2859 Reduce coercion terms to normal form bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#2860 Redundant unblocking in POSIX generic_handler simonmar bug normal 6.12 branch Runtime System
#2861 stage2 crash: PAP object entered! bug high 6.12 branch Compiler
#2862 GHC Panic in ByteCodeGen bug normal Compiler
#2864 ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) -- Please report this as a GHC bug bug normal 6.12 branch Compiler
#2868 `par` `pseq` does not work as expected simonmar bug normal 6.12 branch Runtime System
#2871 "Prologue junk?" error when building GHC igloo bug high 6.10.2 Compiler
#2872 sparc -mcpu=v9 is not used in assembly phase igloo bug high 6.10.2 Compiler
#2880 GHC panic when printing Unique bug normal Compiler
#2881 Basic Fibonacci function using Word causes ghci to panic. - 6.10.1 simonmar bug low 6.12 branch GHCi
#2883 setitimer(ITIMER_VIRTUAL) is not always available igloo bug high 6.10.2 Compiler
#2884 Compiled code performance worsens when module names are long enough igloo bug normal 6.12 branch Compiler
#2887 Segfault while configuring Cabal on OS X 10.5 bug normal Compiler
#2889 Compilation fails - Can't open temporary igloo bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#2890 Library docs are missing source links igloo bug high 6.10.2 Documentation
#2892 (threadDelay (-1)) hangs bug lowest 7.6.1 Compiler
#2894 Documentation for "even" missing bug high 6.10.2 Compiler
#2897 HsFFI.h is not in the default include path for hsc2hs igloo bug highest 7.4.1 hsc2hs
#2900 Confusing error message for monadic function with wrong number of arguments bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#2902 Example where ghc 6.10.1 fails to optimize recursive instance function calls igloo bug low 7.2.1 Compiler
#2903 Incorrect length for CWStringLen on Win32 bug high 6.10.2 libraries/base
#2908 typo "reqwest" in documentation igloo bug normal Documentation
#2913 OldException's catch etc should treat new Exception types as DynException's igloo bug high 6.10.2 libraries/base
#2915 Arity is smaller than need be simonpj bug lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#2920 old-time on hackage is incorrectly packaged igloo bug high 6.10.2 libraries/old-time
#2923 Documentation contains (broken) links to /home/ian igloo bug high 6.10.2 Documentation
#2925 Linker mmap failure on FreeBSD/x86_64 simonmar bug high 6.12.1 Runtime System
#2936 System.IO.Error needs to be imported unconditionally bug normal libraries/network
#2937 source file that compiled fine fails to recompile after touching it (yes, another one) simonpj bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2939 Example in library doco for Control.Exception.handle is no longer supported in GHC 6.10 bug normal Documentation
#2941 HsBase.h includes termios.h which prevents us including curses.h on solaris bug normal libraries/base
#2947 infix precedence of backtick functions defined in ghci is not reported by :info pcapriotti bug lowest 7.6.1 GHCi
#2948 the type of System.Posix.Process.executeFile is not general enough simonmar bug normal libraries/unix
#2952 ghci fails to start from start menu on windows 7 bug normal 6.12.1 GHCi
#2954 System.Process.terminateProcess sends SIGTERM rather than SIGKILL on unix bug normal 6.12.1 libraries/process
#2955 Data in $HOME/.ghc is not validated leading to obscure error messages when using ghc bug normal Compiler
#2957 GHC head build fails on non-GNU system assuming `patch' command is GNU patch igloo bug normal 6.10.2 Build System
#2962 Reduce space usage of genericLength for common Num instances thorkilnaur bug normal 6.12 branch libraries/base
#2969 unix package built wrong on Solaris igloo bug high 6.12.1 Compiler
#2972 ppc ghci segfaults at startup pcapriotti bug normal 7.6.1 GHCi
#2974 Compiling HTTP-4000.0.4 makes GHC 6.11.20090121 panic bug normal Compiler
#2975 GHCi's :edit command calls the editor with stdin in nonblocking mode bug normal 6.10.2 GHCi
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