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#179 Instance match failure on openTypeKind simonpj bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#186 Bad sparc Int64 code via NCG with -O benl bug low Compiler (NCG)
#210 .lhs Birdtracks are removed instead of replaced nobody bug lowest 6.8.1 Compiler (Parser)
#240 Abysmal Template Haskell error message simonpj bug low Template Haskell
#246 Wrong pat-match order for records simonpj bug low Compiler
#265 ancilData breaks link on AIX simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 libraries/network
#281 Wrong overlapped/missing pattern warnings nobody bug lowest Compiler
#289 class context restrictions in GADT types not assumed simonpj bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#301 GADT constructor constraints ignored simonpj bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#311 gmp's memory management bug low 6.12 branch Compiler (FFI)
#312 Poor error message for kind error simonpj bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#317 Simplifier doesn't preserve bottoms sometimes bug normal Compiler
#323 Exponential behaviour with type synonyms simonpj bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#349 Strange GADT behaviour simonpj bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#386 :i wrongly claims "Imported from ..." nobody bug lowest GHCi
#398 Xlib Types Not Instances of Anything ross bug normal libraries (other)
#431 runInteractiveProcess and closed stdin. bug low libraries/process
#437 Recompilation check should include flags dterei bug low 7.4.1 Compiler
#439 panic when interpreting compiled stuff nobody bug normal GHCi
#441 GHCi doesn't run computations in a new thread simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 GHCi
#454 hPutBuf doesn't respect LineBuffering bug low 6.12.1 libraries/base
#455 mkProtoBCO: stack use won't fit in 16 bits 79141 igloo bug normal 6.6.1 GHCi
#457 Strictness problem jstolarek bug normal Compiler
#459 Bad parse error message bug normal Compiler (Parser)
#473 getOpt' checks "non-option options" nobody bug normal libraries/base
#480 undefined behavior in time_str (RtsUtils.c) simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 Runtime System
#481 Recompilation check fails for TH simonmar bug normal 7.2.1 Template Haskell
#488 panic! 'impossible' happened, thread blocked indefinitely simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 GHCi
#490 object code blow up by minor source code change simonpj bug low Compiler
#491 Nested 'atomically' should raise an exception simonmar bug low 6.4.2 Runtime System
#492 Retainer and biographical profiling with STM simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 Runtime System
#588 Exception: Time.toClockTime: picoseconds out of range bug normal 6.4.2 libraries/base
#590 hsc2hs: quoting of macro arguments containing commas igloo bug low Not GHC hsc2hs
#591 Sparc/Linux: GHC crashes bug low None
#629 IO library locking doesn't count readers simonmar bug lowest 6.8.3 Compiler
#630 Found "ghc-6.4: panic!" bug normal GHCi
#631 GHCi doesn't work unregisterised simonmar bug normal 6.10.1 GHCi
#636 deriving Show for infix constructors forgets backquotes bug normal Compiler
#637 Ctrl-Break handler doesn't work in forked threads in "-threaded" RTS simonmar bug high 6.6.1 Runtime System
#641 Cross platform repeatable RTS bug normal Runtime System
#642 ghci 6.5 (HEAD) starts with wrong module in scope bug low GHCi
#644 Non-exhaustive patterns in function zip_ty_env bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#646 ASSERT fails on newtype + forall bug normal 6.6 Compiler (Type checker)
#647 Socket bug on Mac OS X, with patch bug normal 6.4.2 libraries/network
#648 Problem resolving library paths (missing path in package.conf?) simonmar bug normal Compiler
#649 class declaration accepts conop as method name bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#651 Template Haskell doesn't work with profiling bug high Template Haskell
#658 DEPRECATED doesn't work for data constructors simonpj bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#659 Code bloat for instances of empty classes bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#660 binary snapshot install crashes on ps docs simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 Build System
#661 Serious Data.HashTable bug bug high 6.4.2 libraries/base
#664 Heap profiler can report hundredths of a second as "3.100" (not "4.000") bug normal Profiling
#672 INLINE pragmas for default methods don't work simonpj bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#677 segfault with C<->Haskell ping-pong, should be stack overflow bug normal Runtime System
#679 using ReadWriteMode in Windows corrupts files simonmar bug normal 6.6 libraries/base
#680 SCC mis-accounting simonmar bug high 7.4.1 Profiling
#681 non-terminating instances involving FDs simonpj bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#682 Incorrect parentheses in warning message bug normal Compiler
#683 RULES for recursive functions don't work properly simonpj bug low Compiler
#684 Pending occurrence-analysis fix simonpj bug normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#685 Panic splitTyConApp a{tv a1nD} when dealing with GADTs in optimizing mode bug normal Compiler
#687 conc049 <<loop>> with heap profiling turned on bug normal 6.4.2 Runtime System
#694 lawbreaker in HughesPJ bug normal 6.4.2 libraries/base
#695 fails if ghc's path contains spaces bug normal GHCi
#697 Bad assembler generated bug normal Compiler (NCG)
#698 GHC's internal memory allocator never releases memory back to the OS igloo bug highest 7.0.1 Runtime System
#699 GHCi doesn't implement foreign import on amd64 when interpreting. simonmar bug normal 6.6 GHCi
#700 Inconsistent typechecking of pattern match in function binding bug normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#702 MingW ld.exe produces program which segfaults bug lowest 6.8.2 Compiler
#703 all binaries built by ghc have executable stacks ezyang bug normal 7.10.1 Compiler (NCG)
#705 crash on readChan/writeChan bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#706 GHC uses _stub.c files regardless of whether any 'foreign import' decls remain in a .hs file simonmar bug high 7.4.1 Compiler (FFI)
#708 Compiler error simonpj bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#709 "Fixup too large" error with -fasm on PowerPC bug low 6.8.1 Compiler (NCG)
#711 shutdownHaskell() does not return allocated memory on Unix simonmar bug high 6.12.1 Runtime System
#712 getDirectoryContents: failed (No error) bug normal 6.4.2 Compiler
#713 SMP + FFI = crash... bug high 6.6 Runtime System
#715 OpenAL package fails to compile with older headers panne bug high Compiler
#716 Unloading a dll generated by GHC doesn't free all resources igloo bug normal 6.8.1 Runtime System
#718 FinalizerEnvPtr and newForeignPtrEnv missing from Freign.ForeignPtr bug normal 6.6 libraries/haskell98
#719 error messages are too long sometimes bug low Compiler
#724 tee complains if used in a process started by ghc bug high 6.8.1 libraries/base
#725 bug with -O2 -optc-O2 bug normal Compiler
#732 Error in shutdownHaskell() in Win32 DLL bug normal 6.4.2 Runtime System
#734 Spurious type variable scope error report bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#735 Missing case in fgl/Data/Graph/Inductive/Internal/RootPath.hs bug normal libraries (other)
#737 Pattern match failure in coreSyn/CoreUtils.lhs bug normal Compiler
#741 full laziness bug normal Compiler
#743 -M limit exceeded by a factor of 2 simonmar bug normal 6.6.1 Runtime System
#744 ghc-pkg lies about location of haddock-interfaces and haddock-html panne bug normal 6.6.1 Documentation
#745 GHC should recover better from bad type signatures simonpj bug low Compiler
#746 ghc panic! with foreign import wrapper involving Bool bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#749 Building 6.4.2 fails bug normal Build System
#751 ghc 6.4.2 on OS X 10.4.6 fails a compiler error building Crypto-3.0.3. bug high 6.4.3 Runtime System
#752 ghc-6.4.2 not running under solaris bug normal 6.4.3 Compiler
#753 DLL generated by ghc does exit() bug high 6.6 Compiler
#756 Threaded RTS deadlock when used with Visual Haskell simonmar bug high 6.6 Runtime System
#760 Template Haskell doesn't like scoped type variables simonpj bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#762 Unregistered build fails because libghccompat is not built bug normal Build System
#763 Breakpoint mechanism crashes when there's a type error lemmih bug normal Compiler
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