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#3979 +RTS -S inserts only the last three commas into large allocation sums bug high Runtime System 6.12.1 RC1
#3883 --show-iface hangs on certain .hi files bug high Compiler 6.13
#3961 -O results in incorrect behavior simonpj bug high Compiler 6.12.1
#3983 -O2 makes exception disappear simonpj bug low Compiler 6.12.1
#4240 -ddump-minimal-imports vs. re-exported class methods bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4300 :show packages does not list all loaded packages igloo bug normal GHCi 6.12.3
#3554 ASSERT failed! file TcMType.lhs line 349 chak bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.4
#4269 Abort trap when building HEAD on OS X bug high Compiler 6.13
#3863 Absolute paths to GCC and perl should not be baked into the compiler. igloo bug high Build System 6.13
#4046 Add System.IO.hGetBufSome proposal normal libraries/base 6.12.2
#4317 Add comments to the definition of IODeviceType (module GHC.IO.Device) simonmar proposal normal libraries/base 6.12.3
#4193 Add function to create new hashtables with a default size simonmar proposal high libraries/base 6.12.2
#3524 Add mfilter to Control.Monad igloo proposal normal libraries/base 6.10.4
#2464 Allow #ifdef'd pragmas simonmar bug normal Driver 6.8.2
#3783 Allow --make and --fno-code simonmar feature request normal Compiler 6.12.1
#2791 Allow two versions of GHC to be installed simultaneously with the OS X installer bug low Build System 6.8.3
#4035 Asynchronous exception wormholes kill modularity simonmar proposal high libraries/base 6.12.2
#3944 Asynchronous exceptions and laziness bugs (with fixes) in Control.Concurrent.QSem/QSemN simonmar bug normal libraries/base 6.12.1
#4173 Bad warning from quoted instance bug normal Template Haskell 6.13
#4346 Behaviour of INLINABLE depends on whether the modules included are already compiled. simonmar bug high Compiler 7.1
#3613 Better error messages for do-notation bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.4
#3692 Bogus type error message in type with constraints after the arrow bug normal Compiler 6.12.1
#2683 Boxy-type ASSERT failure in 6.10: panic in xmonad-contrib simonpj bug high Compiler 6.9
#3389 CPP strips out C-style comments feature request normal Driver 6.10.2
#4221 Calling freeHaskellFunctionPtr from C finalizer leads to crashes bug normal Runtime System 6.12.3
#3826 Can't infer type (type family as "element" type) simonpj bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.12.1
#3460 Can't use superclass when type coercions are involved chak bug low Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.4
#2889 Compilation fails - Can't open temporary igloo bug normal Compiler 6.12.2
#4345 Compiler crash building regex-posix version 0.94.1 using ghc 7.0.1-rc1 simonpj bug highest Compiler 7.1
#4367 Compiler space regression in 7.0.1 RC 1 igloo bug high Compiler 7.1
#2609 Compiling with -O2 is 7x slower than -O bug low Compiler 6.8.3
#4123 Control.Concurrent.MVar doesn't need to depend on the Prelude bug high libraries/base 6.13
#4355 Coud not deduce (Typeable a) from context (Typeable a, …) simonpj bug high Compiler (Type checker) 7.1
#4086 Data.List 'nub' function is O(n^2) igloo bug normal libraries/base 6.12.1
#4242 Data.Map operations can produce invalid trees igloo bug high libraries (other) 6.12.3
#4122 Data.Monoid doesn't need to depend on the Prelude bug high libraries/base 6.13
#4154 Deadlock in Chan module bug high libraries/base 6.12.3
#2396 Default class method not inlined bug low Compiler 6.8.3
#1769 Deriving Typeable for data families chak task low Compiler (Type checker) 6.9
#4325 Deriving regression bug highest Compiler 6.13
#3605 Dll's freeze with -threaded simonmar bug high Documentation 6.12.1 RC1
#4220 EmptyDataDecls + DeriveFunctor == Panic! simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#2798 Enable "rec" keyword when RecursiveDo is enabled? igloo task high Compiler 6.11
#3879 Enable shared libraries on Windows benl feature request high Compiler 6.12.1
#3963 Entered absent arg bug low Compiler 6.12.1
#4365 Error handle in readProcess not closed simonmar bug normal libraries/process 6.12.3
#4326 Failed building GHC - Error linking on OS X igloo bug highest Build System 6.13
#4232 Finish and merge new typechecker branch simonpj bug high Compiler (Type checker) 6.13
#2831 Floated error expressions get poor strictness, leaving bad arity bug low Compiler 6.10.1
#3336 Following gcc behaviour with regards to calling conventions on x86_64 bug normal Compiler 6.10.3
#2296 Functional dependencies error message has no position information simonpj bug high Compiler 6.8.2
#4401 Functional dependencies regression simonpj bug highest Compiler 7.1
#4254 Fundeps and equalities bug low Compiler 6.12.3
#3651 GADT type checking too liberal simonpj bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.4
#3787 GHC 6.12.1 panic simonpj bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.12.1
#4234 GHC 6.13 doesn't support Haskell 2010's DoAndIfThenElse feature. igloo bug high Compiler (Parser) 6.13
#4034 GHC > 6.10 fails to build on PowerPC / MacOS X Leopard bug low Compiler 7.1
#4263 GHC API should emit a suitable error message when interpreter is used with -prof igloo bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4172 GHC build failes when BuildFlavour = prof is used simonpj bug high Compiler 6.13
#3484 GHC diverges when proving nonequality of types bug low Compiler 6.10.4
#2353 GHC inliner doesn't bug low Compiler 6.9
#2965 GHC on OS X does not compile 64-bit igloo feature request normal Compiler
#3736 GHC specialising instead of inlining igloo bug normal Compiler 6.10.4
#698 GHC's internal memory allocator never releases memory back to the OS igloo bug highest Runtime System 6.12.1
#4108 GHC.Integer.hashInteger is a misnomer and confuses people bug normal Compiler 6.12.2
#4155 HAVE_LIBM test doesn't work bug high Build System 6.12.3
#3795 Haddock executable not versioned igloo bug high Documentation 6.12.1
#2559 Haddock: Prelude docs are missing Bool, Int, Integer bug low Documentation 6.8.3
#1908 Haskell code as a DLL triggers timeouts in the client program bug low Compiler (FFI) 6.8.1
#4098 Haskell2010 support igloo feature request highest Compiler 6.12.2
#4387 Huge executables with GHC 7 bug normal Compiler 7.1
#3758 Huge regression in concurrent app performance and reliability under threaded runtime simonmar bug low Runtime System 6.12.1
#3911 HughesPJ.vcat should behave like 'foldr ($$) empty', not like 'foldr ($+$) empty' igloo bug high libraries/pretty 6.12.1
#3498 IO library has no locale codec support on Windows bug normal libraries/base 6.11
#4394 IPRun failure bug highest Compiler (Type checker) 6.12.3
#4120 Iface type variable out of scope in cast bug high Compiler (Type checker) 6.13
#3488 Impossible happened: RegAllocLinear.getStackSlotFor: out of stack slots bug normal Compiler 6.10.4
#3457 Impossible to specify pragmas compatible with multiple ghc versions bug normal Driver 6.10.4
#2846 Impredicativity bug: GHC crash by type signature simonpj bug low Compiler 6.10.1
#1123 Impredicativity bug: forall not hoisted properly simonpj bug low Compiler 6.6
#3440 Improve error message for GADT failures bug low Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.4
#4201 Improve eta reduction simonpj bug high Compiler 6.12.3
#4004 Improve performance of a few functions in Foreign.Marshal.* task normal Runtime System 6.12.2
#3439 Improve the setup for ticky igloo merge high Compiler 6.10.4
#700 Inconsistent typechecking of pattern match in function binding bug normal Compiler 6.4.1
#3208 Incorrect handling of recursive groups with signatures containing equalities and TFs chak bug low Compiler 6.11
#4053 Incorrect install-name for dynamic Darwin rts. igloo bug high Build System 6.13
#3696 Incorrect type inferred with -fwarn-missing-signatures and a type class bug low Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.1
#4179 Infinite loop with type function inference bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.12.3
#2839 Integer not documented in latest docs bug low Documentation 6.10.1
#4174 Jumbled error message from type family operator bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.12.1
#3997 Lazy I/O and asynchronous exceptions don't mix well bug normal libraries/base 6.12.1
#4178 Lazy evaluation of type families causes quantified type variables to escape bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.12.1
#3672 Let Linker.c know about stg_arg_bitmaps simonmar feature request high Runtime System 6.13
#4226 Lifting constraints is questionably correct for implicit parameters. bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.12.1
#3260 Linking stage2 on PPC gives "scattered reloc r_address too large" bug normal Compiler 6.13
#4007 Look again at eta expansion during gentle simplification igloo bug normal Compiler 6.13
#4050 Mac OS X build fails: *** Make has restarted itself 3 times; is there a makefile bug? bug highest Compiler 6.13
#3394 Make Permissions type abstract task normal libraries/directory 6.10.4
#3558 Make haddock compilable without ghci being enabled igloo task high Compiler 6.10.4
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