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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#5683 bug in signum function bug normal Prelude 7.0.3
#5730 unicode characters in cabal path leads to package installation failure bug normal Build System 7.0.4
#5752 <<loop>> when using variables in TH splice bug normal Template Haskell 7.0.3
#6013 the 'impossible' happened bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.4.1
#6073 Lower case character in deriving statement crashes GHC 7.4.1 bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6136 gettimeofday should not be used to schedule timeouts bug normal libraries/base 7.4.1
#7042 large exponents cannot be compiled pcapriotti bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7052 Numeric types’ Read instances use exponential CPU/memory bug normal libraries/base 7.4.2
#7087 'select' fails for very large arguments to 'threadDelay' bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#8936 Irrefutable pattern failed in ghc 7.4.1 bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5165 GHC doesn't optimize FP excess precision properly bug low Compiler 7.1
#3871 Missing reference in manpage bug lowest Documentation 6.12.1

Resolution: worksforme (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#7153 GHC crashes with "(Array.!): undefined array element" while building pcapriotti bug highest Compiler 7.6.1-rc1
#5405 Strange closure type crash when using Template Haskell on OS X Lion bug normal GHCi 7.0.4
#5816 static linking silently fails in ghc igloo bug normal Compiler 7.2.2
#6167 Compile stalls with pause returning ERESTARTNOHAND bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#3222 GLFW 0.3 build fails w/ SSE error in 6.10.3, works in 6.10.1 bug lowest Compiler 6.10.3
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