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#5363 optimized profiled version of a program incorectly compiles $! simonmar bug normal Profiling 7.0.3
#5371 GHCi crashes calling a C function imported from a static library on Windows simonmar bug high GHCi 7.3
#5373 -rtsopts is not respected with -dynamic on Windows simonmar bug high Compiler 7.0.4
#5382 strip: Cannot manipulate object-file created with ghc- under solaris simonmar bug normal Compiler 7.1
#5396 rare segfault in a terminal game simonmar bug high libraries/base 7.3
#5408 ghc-7.2.1 build failed for PowerPC simonmar bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5414 Add unsafeShift to Data.Bits simonmar feature request normal libraries/base 7.2.1
#5421 <<loop>> in withMVar (reproducible, but with large test case) simonmar bug high libraries/base 7.2.1
#5425 Panic: the impossible happened charType '\955' simonmar bug high Compiler 7.0.3
#5451 HEAD: biographical profiling totally broken simonmar bug highest Profiling 7.3
#5471 Incorrect InterruptibleFFI test simonmar bug normal Test Suite 7.2.1
#5484 HEAD build fails with ghc-7.2.1 simonmar bug highest Build System 7.3
#5528 mkExtraObjToLinkIntoBinary invokes cc differently simonmar bug high Driver 7.0.2
#5545 ($!) not in scope simonmar bug high GHCi 7.2.1
#5546 Documentation errors in Control.Exception.Base simonmar bug high libraries/base 7.2.1
#5547 Control.Concurrent documentation simonmar bug high Documentation 7.2.1
#5558 Deadlock using unsafePerformIO to create a global MVar simonmar bug high Runtime System 7.2.1
#5559 heap profile character encoding confusion simonmar bug high Profiling 7.0.3
#5562 document sync-all in README simonmar bug high Compiler 7.2.1
#5564 Panic in ghci name suggestion simonmar bug high GHCi 7.2.1
#5594 stdout is not flushed using custom main simonmar bug high Compiler 7.0.4
#5614 recompilation bug with -O simonmar bug high Compiler 7.2.1
#5644 runtime crash while closing program due to +RTS -M limit simonmar bug high Runtime System 7.2.1
#5651 panic while building darcs with profiling simonmar bug high Compiler 7.3
#5657 section suggestion adds backticks to operators simonmar bug high Compiler 7.2.1
#5697 loadObj() fails with a Unicode file path on Windows simonmar bug high GHCi 7.0.4
#5698 GHC API no longer exports CoreModule simonmar bug high GHC API 7.2.1
#5732 Faliure building unregistered GHC: pprGlobalReg: Unsupported register: CCCS simonmar bug highest Compiler 7.3
#5733 Build failure on kfreebsd: Don't know if OSUnknown is elf simonmar bug highest Compiler 7.3
#5735 Build failure on s390(x): Don't know if ArchUnknown is 32bit simonmar bug highest Compiler 7.3
#5747 Floating point error with -msse2 simonmar bug highest Compiler (NCG) 7.2.1
#3592 Eta-contraction gives a rather bogus type error message simonpj bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.3
#4310 Deferred equalities and forall types simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4875 ghc misdiagnoses a compile time error concerning parameterized types simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#5287 The 'impossible' happened. solveDerivEqns: probable loop simonpj bug normal Compiler 7.0.3
#5306 Data family constructor imports broken simonpj bug normal Compiler 7.0.3
#5433 Compiler generates invalid assembly with "bad register name" simonpj bug high Compiler 7.2.1
#5576 Fix to #5549 breaks integerConstantFolding simonpj bug highest Compiler 7.3
#5587 Code using seq has wrong strictness (too lazy) when optimised simonpj bug high Compiler 7.3
#5603 Impossible case alternative simonpj bug highest Compiler 7.3
#5625 Code using seq has wrong strictness when unoptimised (too lazy) simonpj bug high Compiler 7.3
#5626 Miscompilation, exception omitted with -O simonpj bug high Compiler 7.3
#5742 compiler option -XDoRec crash simonpj bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#2090 Better stack management please feature request normal Runtime System 6.8.2
#2325 Compile-time computations bug low Compiler 6.8.2
#2357 Implement the Haskell' proposal for polymorphic pattern bindings task high Compiler (Type checker) 6.8.2
#2466 Execution time mis-accounting bug high Profiling 7.3
#3165 :history throws "Irrefutable pattern failed" exception bug normal GHCi 6.10.2
#3210 Allow programs to change the number of capabilities feature request low Compiler 6.10.2
#3345 Support reading .a files in GHCi to reclaim some disk space feature request high Compiler 6.10.2
#3356 {-# LANGUAGE NoTraditionalRecordSyntax #-} to disable the current record syntax feature request normal Compiler 6.10.2
#3388 mkIntegerExpr could use bit operations rather than plus/times for making large Integers. task low Compiler 6.10.4
#3589 Recompilation checker doesn't take into account CPP headers bug normal Compiler 6.10.4
#3678 rejig the build system so that dummy-ghc isn't used bug high Build System 6.13
#4002 Base new top-level names on the binder the code originated from (if any) feature request normal Compiler 6.12.2
#4018 Concurrency space leak bug high Compiler 6.12.2
#4126 Order of members reversed when a template haskell instance declaration quotation is pretty-printed bug normal Template Haskell 6.12.2
#4227 Allow SPECIALISE pragmas for functions defined in another module bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4239 -ddump-minimal-imports vs. type operators bug normal Compiler 6.12.1
#4246 "Conflicting family instance declarations" error mentions code I did not write bug normal Compiler 6.12.1
#4302 Impossible when deriving empty data declaration bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4319 Default to all cores for executables compiled with new flag -multicore feature request normal Runtime System 6.12.3
#4338 weird discrepancies between TFs and FDs in GHC7 bug high Compiler (Type checker) 6.13
#4342 Review containers changes bug high libraries (other) 7.1
#4391 forkIO threads do not properly save/restore the floating point environment bug normal Runtime System 6.12.3
#4462 -dcore-lint error in simplifier phase 0 when profiling bug normal Compiler 7.0.1 RC1
#4478 Exporting the same entity twice should not be a warning bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4485 Per-class incoherence, and solve incoherent instances last bug normal Compiler 7.0.1 RC1
#4488 Warn about unnecessary fromIntegral and other conversions feature request normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4489 The new flag -fwarn-missing-import-lists does not recognize the (..) form of import. bug normal Compiler
#4491 dataToQa uses only unqualified names when converting values to their TH representation. bug normal Template Haskell 6.12.3
#4516 Over eager non-exhaustive pattern match warnings in lambda expressions. bug normal Compiler 7.0.1
#4525 Type synonyms not expanded consistently in errors bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.1
#4526 Make Chan an instance of Eq proposal high libraries/base 7.0.1
#4537 Make SampleVar an instance of Typeable proposal high libraries/base 7.0.1
#4812 doesDirectoryExist always returns False on Mac OS X bug high libraries/directory 6.12.3
#4832 Inconsistent import of instances in GHCi bug high GHCi 7.0.1
#4851 NoImplicitPrelude does not handle rec / mfix / ArrowLoop properly bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4855 Debug.Trace.trace mangles Unicode strings bug normal libraries/base 7.0.1
#4869 ghci command line option -l should accept either -llibrary or -l library (POSIX requirement) bug high GHCi 7.0.1
#4924 bizarre strictness analysis bug bug high Compiler 7.1
#4947 Regenerated cbits/WCsubst.c based on Unicode 6.0.0 bug normal libraries/base 7.0.1
#4954 -eventlog / -debug should imply -rtsopts feature request normal Driver 7.0.1
#4961 Make the Timeout exception a newtype instead of a datatype task normal libraries/base 7.0.1
#4971 All essential C-- transformations in new codegen should have infinite optimization fuel bug high Compiler 7.1
#5037 TH mkName bug bug normal Template Haskell 7.0.2
#5095 Incoherent instance for Prelude type class accepted without incoherent instances option bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.1
#5128 Linker text reloc warning under Mac OS 10.7 bug normal Compiler 7.0.3
#5147 GHCi ignores missing instance bug normal GHCi 7.0.2
#5204 request better error message for malformed quasiquoted declaration feature request normal Compiler (Parser) 7.0.3
#5290 Add UNPACK support to Template Haskell feature request high Template Haskell 7.1
#5358 Exotic form of kind ghc-prim:GHC.Prim.?{(w) tc 34g} bug normal Template Haskell 7.0.4
#5360 vectorise error building dph bug highest Compiler 7.3
#5381 internal error: MVAR_CLEAN on mutable list bug normal Runtime System 7.3
#5399 GHC 7.0.3 produces corrupt .hi files for qtHaskell bug normal Compiler 7.0.4
#5431 Add popCount to Data.Bits feature request high libraries/base 7.2.1
#5445 programatica package compilation fails bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5446 build error for ghc 7.2.1 -- "ghc-pkg: too few bytes" bug high Compiler 7.2.1
#5449 Build failure with ghc 7.2.1: Missing (or bad) header file: runProcess.h bug normal libraries/process 7.0.3
#5494 "PAP object entered!" error when throw is used instead of throwIO bug high Runtime System 7.3
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