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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4114 Add a flag to remove/delete intermediate files generated by GHC new VictorDenisov feature request low 7.12.1
#3995 Comment delimiters ignored inside compiler pragma new bug normal
#3766 Parsing of lambdas is not consistent with Haskell'98 report. new bug low 7.12.1
#3713 Track -dynamic/-fPIC to avoid obscure linker errors new task low 7.12.1
#3711 Bad error reporting when calling a function in a module which depends on a DLL on Windows new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3701 allow existential wrapper newtypes new feature request low 7.12.1
#3699 Wildcards in type functions new feature request low 7.12.1
#3693 Show stack traces new Tarrasch feature request normal 7.12.1
#3645 Layout and pragmas new feature request low 7.12.1
#3632 lift restrictions on records with existential fields, especially in the presence of class constraints new feature request low 7.12.1
#3628 exceptions reported to stderr when they propagate past forkIO new ekmett bug normal
#3619 allow to set ghc search path globally (a'la CPATH) new feature request low 7.12.1
#3615 GHCi doesn't allow the use of imported data contructors new feature request normal
#3606 The Ord instance for unboxed arrays is very inefficient new ekmett bug lowest 7.12.1
#3601 When running two or more instances of GHCi, persistent history is only kept for the first one new feature request normal
#3588 ghc -M should emit dependencies on CPP headers new bug low 7.12.1
#3583 Default view patterns new feature request normal
#3571 Bizzarely bloated binaries new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3559 split ghci modules off into their own package new task low 7.12.1
#3549 unlit does not follow H98 spec new bug normal
#3547 Improve granularity of UndecidableInstances new feature request low 7.12.1
#3541 Allow local foreign imports new feature request normal
#3533 mac installer package deletes old version of ghc new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3490 Relax superclass restrictions new feature request normal
#3483 Some mechanism for eliminating "absurd" patterns new feature request low 7.12.1
#3464 Find import declaration importing a certain function new feature request low 7.12.1
#3458 Allocation where none should happen new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3452 Show type of most recent expression in GHCi new feature request lowest 7.12.1
#3427 control what sort of entity a deprecated pragma applies to new feature request low 7.12.1
#3379 GHC should use the standard binary package new task normal 7.12.1
#3231 Permission denied error with runProcess/openFile new simonmar bug normal 7.12.1
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