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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3085 warn about language extensions that are not used new feature request normal 7.6.2
#2946 tracing should be controled by a global flag new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#2950 show breakpoint numbers of breakpoints which were ignored during :force new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#3575 mkStdGen and split conspire to make some programs predictable new rrnewton bug normal
#3052 ghc FFI doesn't support thiscall new feature request low 7.6.2
#3070 floor(0/0) should not be defined new squadette bug lowest 7.6.2
#3134 encodeFloat . decodeFloat new bug normal
#3034 divInt# floated into a position which leads to low arity patch bug lowest 7.6.2
#3354 binaries built with GHC on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) do not work on 10.4 (Tiger) new bug normal
#2968 add test for C trigraphs new kchugalinskiy task lowest 7.6.2
#2945 add command :mergetrace new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#2896 Warning suggestion: argument not necessarily a binary operator new feature request low
#2742 The -> in ViewPatterns binds more weakly than infix data constructors. new feature request normal
#3024 Rewrite hp2ps in Haskell new task normal
#3138 Returning a known constructor: GHC generates terrible code for cmonad new bug lowest 7.6.2
#3065 Reorder tests in quot to improve code new bug lowest 7.6.2
#3107 Over-eager GC when blocked on a signal in the non-threaded runtime new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2721 Newtype deriving doesn't work with type families new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#2867 Make a way to tell GHC that a pragma name should be "recognised" new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2933 LDFLAGS ignored by build system new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2988 Improve float-in new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2895 Implement the "Class System Extension" proposal new feature request normal
#2893 Implement "Quantified contexts" proposal new feature request normal
#3048 Heap size suggestion gets ignored when -G1 flag is passed new bug normal
#3003 Happy does not reject pragmas new bug lowest 7.6.2
#3061 GHC's GC default heap growth strategy is not as good as other runtimes new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2926 Foreign exported function returns wrong type new bug low
#3122 Enhance --info new duncan feature request lowest 7.6.2
#3081 Double output after Ctrl+C on Windows new bug normal
#2776 Document -pgmL (Use cmd as the literate pre-processor) new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2940 Do CSE after CorePrep new simonpj bug lowest 7.6.2
#2836 Data.Typeable does not use qualified names new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#3073 Avoid reconstructing dictionaries in recursive instance methods new bug lowest 7.6.2
#3021 A way to programmatically insert marks into heap profiling output new feature request normal
#2986 :info printing instances often isn't wanted new Remi feature request lowest 7.6.2
#3000 :break command should recognize also nonexported top level symbols in qualified IDs new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#2991 .mix files generation broken with -fhpc and --make flags with lhs modules new andy@… bug lowest 7.6.2
#3321 -fhpc assumes original sources relative to the current directory new bug lowest 7.6.2
#3140 (Windows?) GHCi doesn't load hierachical modules new feature request lowest 7.6.2
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