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#8096 Add fudge-factor for performance tests run on non-validate builds new normal Build System
#8290 lookupSymbol API is unsafe new normal Runtime System
#8308 Resurrect ticky code for counting constructor arity new mlen normal Profiling
#8315 Improve specialized Hoopl module new low Compiler
#8317 Optimize tagToEnum# at Core level new jstolarek normal Compiler
#8326 Place heap checks common in case alternatives before the case new normal Compiler
#8335 Create more specialized entries to GC new normal Compiler
#8552 Rename StgArrWords to StgArrBytes new lowest Compiler
#8578 Improvements to SpinLock implementation new normal Runtime System
#8597 Git Hook script to prevent large binary blobs being checked in new hvr normal Trac & Git
#8598 IO hack in demand analyzer gets in the way of CPR new normal Compiler
#8655 Evaluate know-to-terminate-soon thunks new normal Compiler
#8723 sdist should not have to build everything new low Build System
#8842 Make sure msys2 builds non emulating binaries new normal Build System
#8992 Instructions for using gdb with GHC on Windows new normal Documentation
#9131 Experiment with a dedicated solver for Coercible new low Compiler
#9374 Investigate Static Argument Transformation new lowest Compiler
#9403 Make --show-iface more human readable new ezyang low Compiler
#9506 Name libraries (dll/so) separately from linker symbols new ezyang normal Compiler
#9511 Remove deprecated -fglasgow-exts from NoFib suite new low NoFib benchmark suite
#9534 IEEE Standard 754 for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic by Prof. W. Kahan, UCB new normal Test Suite
#9542 GHC-IO-Handle-Text.hPutStr' and writeBlocks look like they need refactoring new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#9543 Testsuite driver: replace "extra_clean" by "git clean -X" new thomie normal Test Suite
#9665 Add "since" information to LANGUAGE extensions in GHC user guide new high Documentation
#9706 New block-structured heap organization for 64-bit new gcampax normal Runtime System
#9710 Clean up Trac versions new hvr normal Trac & Git
#9758 By default, testsuite should clean up after successful tests new low Test Suite
#9805 Use TrieMaps to speed up type class instance lookup new ezyang normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9837 Introduce a logging API to GHC new normal Compiler
#9943 Replace "error" with "errorWithStackTrace" from GHC.Stack in base libs new normal Core Libraries
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