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#2437 More accurate package dependencies new lowest 7.12.1 Package system
#9331 Release Cabal 1.22 before GHC 7.10 release new normal 7.12.1 Package system
#609 Useful optimisation for set-cost-centre new simonmar normal 7.12.1 Profiling
#3024 Rewrite hp2ps in Haskell new normal Profiling
#8308 Resurrect ticky code for counting constructor arity new mlen normal Profiling
#599 The Front Panel new normal Runtime System
#603 GC-spy connection new normal Runtime System
#634 Implement a more efficient TArray new normal Runtime System
#3251 split rts headers into public and private new lowest 7.12.1 Runtime System
#3462 New codegen: allocate large objects using allocateLocal() new simonmar low 7.12.1 Runtime System
#3946 Better diagnostic when entering a GC'd CAF new low 7.12.1 Runtime System
#4243 Make a proper options parser for the RTS new normal 7.12.1 Runtime System
#5143 Soft heap limit flag new simonmar normal 7.12.1 Runtime System
#8238 Implement unloading of shared libraries new normal 7.12.1 Runtime System
#8290 lookupSymbol API is unsafe new normal Runtime System
#8578 Improvements to SpinLock implementation new normal Runtime System
#8594 sysctl name "hw.ncpu" (HW_NCPU) is deprecated in Mac OS X infoneeded simonmar normal 7.12.1 Runtime System
#8785 Replace hooks API in the RTS with something better new simonmar high 7.12.1 Runtime System
#9706 New block-structured heap organization for 64-bit new gcampax normal Runtime System
#3355 Refactor Template Haskell syntax conversions new lowest 7.12.1 Template Haskell
#8489 clean up dependency and usages handling in interface files new errge normal 7.12.1 Template Haskell
#3384 Add HsSyn prettyprinter tests new kseo normal Test Suite
#5757 zero unexpected failures on all tier 1 platforms new normal 7.12.1 Test Suite
#8079 Redo T7919 and TH_spliceE5_prof with a cabal file new normal Test Suite
#9534 IEEE Standard 754 for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic by Prof. W. Kahan, UCB new normal Test Suite
#9543 Testsuite driver: replace "extra_clean" by "git clean -X" new thomie normal Test Suite
#9758 By default, testsuite should clean up after successful tests new low Test Suite
#8597 Git Hook script to prevent large binary blobs being checked in new hvr normal Trac & Git
#9710 Clean up Trac versions new hvr normal Trac & Git
#9133 Improve parser error reporting in `ghc-pkg` new normal 7.12.1 ghc-pkg
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