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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5841 seg fault in ghci but not ghc when using chart-gtk code new bug normal 7.6.2
#5844 Panic on generating Core code new bug normal 7.6.2
#5859 unsafeInterleaveIO duplicates computation when evaluated by multiple threads new simonpj bug high 7.6.2
#5861 bytestring: incorrect documentation for hGetContents new duncan bug normal 7.6.2
#5898 ghc: internal error: Invalid Mach-O file new bug normal 7.6.2
#5902 Cannot tell from an exception handler whether the exception was asynchronous new simonmar bug high 7.8.3
#5907 Crashed loading package Safe new bug normal 7.6.2
#5916 runST isn't free new bug normal 7.6.2
#5924 Bad Cmm generated for updating one element in Array# new bug normal 7.6.2
#5928 INLINABLE fails to specialize in presence of simple wrapper new bug normal 7.6.2
#5945 Lambda lifting new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#5954 Performance regression 7.0 -> 7.2 (still in 7.4) new simonpj bug high 7.6.2
#5957 signatures are too permissive new bug low
#5959 Top level splice in Template Haskell has over-ambitious lexical scope? new bug low 7.6.2
#5966 getAppUserDataDirectory does not respect XDG specification new bug normal 7.6.2
#5974 Casts, rules, and parametricity new bug normal
#5982 Incorrect dynamic library name in OSX new bug normal 7.6.2
#5983 Libraries installed in wrong place new bug normal 7.6.2
#5985 Type operators are not accepted as variables in contexts new bug normal 7.6.2
#5987 Too many symbols in ghc package DLL new thoughtpolice bug highest 7.8.3
#6004 dph-lifted-vseg package doesn't provide Data.Array.Parallel.Prelude.Float module new benl bug normal 7.8.3
#6016 On Windows, runhaskell hits an error on UTF-8 files with a BOM new bug normal 7.6.2
#6022 GHC infers over-general types new simonpj bug high 7.8.3
#6034 Parse error when using ' with promoted kinds new bug low
#6037 Compile-time crash with sources with non-representable unicode characters new bug normal 7.8.3
#6040 Adding a type signature changes heap allocation into stack allocation without changing the actual type new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#6047 GHC retains unnecessary binding new simonpj bug normal 7.6.2
#6056 INLINABLE pragma prevents worker-wrapper to happen. new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#6065 Suggested type signature causes a type error (even though it appears correct) new bug normal
#6070 Fun with the demand analyser new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#6079 SEH exception handler not implemented on Win64 new bug normal 7.6.2
#6087 Join points need strictness analysis new bug normal 7.6.2
#6092 Liberate case not happening new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#6098 debugger does not know the correct type for a newtype field new ptc bug high 7.8.3
#6101 Show instance for integer-simple is not lazy enough new bug normal 7.8.3
#6107 GHCi runtime linker cannot link with duplicate common symbols new bug normal 7.8.3
#6113 Profiling with -p not written if killed with SIGTERM new bug normal 7.6.2
#6124 Spurious non-exhaustive warning with GADT and newtypes new bug normal 7.8.3
#6132 Can't use both shebang line and #ifdef declarations in the same file. new bug normal 7.8.3
#6138 GHCI Startup Crash with HP 2012.2.0.0 on 64bit OS X 10.6 new bug normal
#6149 ghc-7.4.2 tests for profasm seg-fault under solaris new bug normal 7.8.3
#6166 Performance regression in mwc-random since 7.0.x new bug high 7.6.2
#7011 32bit GHC 7.4.2 cannot compile integer-gmp on OS X 10.8 infoneeded bug high 7.8.3
#7026 Impredicative implicit parameters new bug normal
#7028 incorrect link paths for in mac os x after install infoneeded leroux bug high 7.8.3
#7033 stale .tix files can cause programs built with -fhpc to segfault new bug normal 7.8.3
#7044 reject reading rationals with exponent notation new bug normal 7.8.3
#7045 The `Read` instance of `Rational` does not support decimal notation new bug normal 7.6.2
#7056 GHCi loadArchive "libiconv.a":failed Unknown PEi386 section name `.drectve' new thoughtpolice bug high 7.8.3
#7057 Simplifier infinite loop regression new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7063 Register allocators can't handle non-uniform register sets new benl bug normal 7.8.3
#7066 isInstance does not work for compound types new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7068 Extensive Memory usage (regression) new simonpj bug high 7.8.3
#7072 GHC interpreter does not find stat64 symbol on Linux new bug normal 7.8.3
#7078 Panic using mixing list with parallel arrays incorrectly new chak bug normal 7.8.3
#7080 Make RULES and SPECIALISE more consistent new bug normal
#7097 linker fails to load package with binding to foreign library new bug high 7.8.3
#7098 GHC 7.4.1 reports an internal error and core dumps while using DPH new benl bug normal 7.8.3
#7103 Compiler panic, when loading wxc in GHCi new bug high 7.6.2
#7109 Inlining depends on datatype size, even with INLINE pragmas new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7114 Cannot recover (good) inlining behaviour from 7.0.2 in 7.4.1 new bug normal 7.8.3
#7133 GHCi: strange behaviour after CTRL-C, followed by 'hPutChar: resource vanished (Broken Pipe)' when quitting new tibbe bug normal 7.8.3
#7141 Inlining the single method of a class can shadow rules new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7143 ghc- -> ghc can't figure out LLVM version new dterei bug high 7.8.3
#7152 Add flag to configure that skips overwriting of symlinks on install new thoughtpolice bug high 7.8.3
#7161 hSetNewlineMode and hSetEncoding can be performed on closed and semi-closed handles new bug normal 7.8.3
#7189 RTS Assertion Crash infoneeded simonmar bug normal 7.8.3
#7190 GHC's -fprof-auto does not work with LINE pragmas new bug normal 7.8.3
#7198 New codegen more than doubles compile time of T3294 new simonmar bug high 7.8.3
#7200 template-haskell- fails to build with GHC 7.0.4 due to missing pragma new duncan bug high 7.8.3
#7206 Implement cheap build new simonpj bug normal
#7240 Stack trace truncated too much with indirect recursion new bug normal 7.8.3
#7241 GHC-7.6.1 panics on template haskell code new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7243 regression: acceptable foreign result types new bug normal 7.6.2
#7245 INLINEing top-level patterns causes ghc to emit 'arity missing' traces new bug normal 7.8.3
#7246 Callstack depends on way (prof, profasm, profthreaded new bug normal 7.8.3
#7258 Compiling DynFlags is jolly slow new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7259 Eta expansion of products in System FC new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7269 GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving and PolyKinds new dreixel bug normal 7.8.3
#7273 Binary size increase in nofib/grep between 7.6.1 and HEAD new bug high 7.8.3
#7277 Recompilation check fails for TH unless functions are inlined new bug high 7.6.2
#7289 Mingw FPU init not Windows compatible. new bug high 7.8.3
#7296 ghc-7 assumes incoherent instances without requiring language `IncoherentInstances` new simonpj bug normal 7.8.3
#7297 LLVM incorrectly hoisting loads new dterei bug normal 7.8.3
#7298 Test 2228 fails with dynamic-by-default new bug high 7.8.3
#7305 T5975a is broken on Windows new bug normal 7.8.3
#7307 Share top-level code for strings new parcs bug normal 7.8.3
#7309 The Ix instance for (,) leaks space in range new bug normal
#7316 GHC segfaults on ARM new bgamari bug normal 7.6.2
#7320 GHC crashes when building on 32-bit Linux in a Linode new simonmar bug high 7.6.2
#7325 threadDelay mistreats minBound and maxBound in some configurations new bug high 7.6.2
#7329 ghc-7.6.1 win64: internal error: R_X86_6 4_PC32: High bits are set in WSAGetLastError new bug normal 7.8.3
#7353 Make system IO interruptible on Windows new bug normal 7.8.3
#7367 Optimiser / Linker Problem on amd64 new bug normal 7.8.3
#7373 When building GHC: Failed to load interface for `GHC.Fingerprint' new bug normal 7.8.3
#7374 rule not firing new bug normal 7.8.3
#7378 Identical alts/bad divInt# code new bug normal 7.8.3
#7379 rangeTest test fails on Windows new bug normal 7.8.3
#7380 Panic: mkNoTick: Breakpoint loading modules with -O2 via API new bug normal 7.8.3
#7388 CAPI doesn't work with ghci new bug normal 7.6.2
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