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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#8070 Use a captcha for trac registrations new task high Trac & Git
#7644 Hackage docs for base library contain broken links new bug normal 7.10.1 Documentation
#7673 Windows: run "git config --global core.autocrlf false" before cloning the repo new bug normal Trac & Git
#8251 Validate submodule references during pre-receive hook new task normal Trac & Git
#8545 Reorganize Git repositories new task normal 7.10.1 Trac & Git
#8597 Git Hook script to prevent large binary blobs being checked in new task normal Trac & Git
#8881 No way to unsubscribe a bug new feature request normal Trac & Git
#8886 sync-all: END actions result in confusing error message patch bug normal Trac & Git
#9281 Rewrite `integer-gmp` to use only non-allocating GMP functions new task normal 7.10.1 libraries (other)
#8983 sync-all get should respect branches new bug low Trac & Git
#8369 Small improvements to ./sync-all new bug lowest Trac & Git
#8897 Can't change "Full Name" in preferences new bug lowest Trac & Git
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