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#2926 Foreign exported function returns wrong type new low Compiler (FFI)
#9079 Foreign.C.Types in haskell2010 new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#7170 Foreign.Concurrent finalizer called twice in some cases new high 7.6.1 Core Libraries
#9877 ForeignImport coercion evaluated before typechecking new normal Compiler
#9798 Frustrating behaviour of the INLINE pragma new normal Compiler
#9389 Full Test Suite Failures new normal Test Suite
#6070 Fun with the demand analyser new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8905 Function arguments are always spilled/reloaded if scrutinee is already in WHNF new normal Compiler (CodeGen)
#9636 Function with type error accepted new normal Compiler
#345 GADT - fundep interaction new simonpj low Compiler (Type checker)
#9701 GADTs not specialized properly new normal Compiler
#10097 GHC 7.11 errors on dictionary casting tricks new normal Compiler
#7098 GHC 7.4.1 reports an internal error and core dumps while using DPH new benl normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9014 GHC 7.8.2 Win64 tarball includes gfortran/gcj/python new normal 7.12.1 Build System
#9215 GHC 7.8.2 mingw-w64: symbol not found in link new normal Compiler
#9074 GHC 7.8.2's ghci does not track missing symbols when loading non-Haskell object files new normal Compiler
#9414 GHC 7.8.3 compilation fails on Raspberry PI new normal Compiler
#3373 GHC API is not thread safe new low 7.12.1 GHC API
#4162 GHC API messes up signal handlers new low 7.12.1 GHC API
#7430 GHC API reports CPP errors in confusing ways new normal 7.12.1 GHC API
#4022 GHC Bindist is Broken on FreeBSD/amd64 new pgj lowest 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#9445 GHC Panic: Tick Exhausted with high factor new normal Compiler
#8258 GHC accepts `data Foo where` in H2010 mode new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#2356 GHC accepts multiple instances for the same type in different modules new low Compiler
#8550 GHC builds recursive coerctions when using recursive type families new high 7.10.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#8228 GHC built under Windows does not generate dyn_hi files new thoughtpolice high 7.12.1 Compiler
#1883 GHC can't find library using "short" name new lowest 7.12.1 Compiler
#9918 GHC chooses an instance between two overlapping, but cannot resolve a clause within the similar closed type family new normal Compiler
#7428 GHC compile times are seriously non-linear in program size new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#10001 GHC crash trying to build a project within Nix-shell new normal Compiler
#9964 GHC crash with NOINLINE and weird IO stuff merge normal 7.10.2 Compiler
#7320 GHC crashes when building on 32-bit Linux in a Linode new simonmar normal 7.12.1 Runtime System
#8318 GHC does not infer type of `tagToEnum#` expression new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8662 GHC does not inline cheap inner loop when used in two places new normal Compiler
#7542 GHC doesn't optimize (strict) composition with id new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#1171 GHC doesn't respect the imprecise exceptions semantics new low Compiler
#10106 GHC doesn't warn on typos in language pragmas new normal Compiler
#9932 GHC fails to build when cross compiling for mingw with the message "Threads not supported" new normal Build System
#9704 GHC fails with "Loading temp shared object failed" new normal Compiler
#9246 GHC generates poor code for repeated uses of min/max new normal Compiler
#5762 GHC gives incorrect warnings with simple applications of the view patterns extension new normal Compiler
#7944 GHC goes into an apparently infinite loop at -O2 new normal Compiler
#5722 GHC inlines class method forever new simonpj normal Compiler
#9450 GHC instantiates Data instances before checking hs-boot files new normal Compiler
#8524 GHC is inconsistent with the Haskell Report on which Unicode characters are allowed in string and character literals new normal Compiler
#5400 GHC loops on compiling with optimizations new normal Compiler
#8926 GHC makes unsound references in object code new normal Compiler
#9176 GHC not generating dyn_hi files new normal Compiler
#9237 GHC not recognizing INPUT(-llibrary) in linker scripts new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8635 GHC optimisation flag ignored when importing a local module with derived type classes new normal Compiler
#5539 GHC panic - Simplifier ticks exhausted new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9274 GHC panic with UnliftedFFITypes+CApiFFI new igloo normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9985 GHC panic with ViewPatterns and GADTs in a proc pattern new normal Compiler
#9615 GHC panic: Loading temp shared object failed infoneeded normal Compiler
#9849 GHC seems out of date new normal Compiler
#6047 GHC retains unnecessary binding new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7316 GHC segfaults on ARM new bgamari normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#5448 GHC stuck in infinite loop compiling with optimizations new normal Compiler
#9553 GHC under Windows with TH can't tell that gtk-win32-2.0 is in gtk-win32-2.0-0 (note the -0 suffix) new normal Compiler
#8922 GHC unnecessarily sign/zero-extends C call arguments new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (NCG)
#8173 GHC uses nub new leroux low Compiler
#9524 GHC uses wrong linker when cross compiling merge rwbarton normal Build System
#7190 GHC's -fprof-auto does not work with LINE pragmas new normal 7.12.1 Profiling
#3061 GHC's GC default heap growth strategy is not as good as other runtimes new lowest 7.12.1 Runtime System
#9691 GHC-HEAD runtime is broken on arm new normal Compiler
#4942 GHC.ConsoleHandler does not call back application when Close button is pressed new low 7.12.1 GHC API
#7482 GHC.Event overwrites main IO managers hooks to RTS new normal 7.8.1 libraries/base
#9076 GHC.Exts docs don't contain all primops new normal Documentation
#9434 GHC.List.reverse does not fuse infoneeded normal Core Libraries
#7789 GHCI core dumps when used with VTY new normal 7.12.1 GHCi
#9989 GHCI is slow for precompiled code new normal GHC API
#1612 GHC_PACKAGE_PATH and $topdir bug new lowest 7.12.1 Package system
#552 GHCi :m doesn't restore default decl new lowest GHCi
#9364 GHCi (or haskeline?) confused by non-single-width characters new normal GHCi
#9729 GHCi accepts invalid programs when recompiling new normal GHCi
#9386 GHCi cannot load .so in ./ new normal Compiler
#9280 GHCi crash: illegal text-relocation to _ in _ from _ in _ for architecture x86_64; relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol _ can not be used when making a shared object new normal GHCi
#9278 GHCi crash: selector _ for message _ does not match selector known to Objective C runtime new normal GHCi
#5071 GHCi crashes on large alloca/allocaBytes requests new normal Compiler
#9940 GHCi crashes when I hold down control-c for a short time, and then hold down any key that would normally result in typing. new low Compiler
#8316 GHCi debugger segfaults when trying force a certain variable new normal GHCi
#8736 GHCi doesn't load .dyn_o files appropriately new thoughtpolice high 7.10.1 Compiler
#9609 GHCi gives overly specific error message for unknown constructor new normal GHCi
#781 GHCi on x86_64, cannot link to static data in shared libs new high 7.12.1 Compiler
#9963 GHCi panic with --print-libdir flag new high 7.10.1 Driver
#9277 GHCi panic: Loading temp shared object failed: Symbol not found new normal GHCi
#9034 GHCi panics when given C++ object file on GNU/Linux new normal 7.12.1 GHCi
#9903 GHCi produces a cryptic message when using HPC new normal GHCi
#6107 GHCi runtime linker cannot link with duplicate common symbols new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8959 GHCi should honour UnicodeSyntax new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#8248 GHCi should not fail to honour ghci.conf or .ghci if group writable new normal GHCi
#8123 GHCi warns about -eventlog even though it's sometimes necessary new normal GHCi
#7133 GHCi: strange behaviour after CTRL-C, followed by 'hPutChar: resource vanished (Broken Pipe)' when quitting infoneeded tibbe normal 7.12.1 GHCi
#7443 Generated C code under -prof -fprof-auto -fprof-cafs very slow to compile infoneeded normal 7.12.1 Profiling
#3351 Generated ghc man page missing xrefs new lowest 7.12.1 Documentation
#5761 Getting stdout and stderr as a single handle from createProcess does not work on Windows new snoyberg normal 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#5291 GhcDynamic build fails on Windows: can't find DLLs new low 7.12.1 Build System
#8732 Global big object heap allocator lock causes contention new simonmar normal 7.12.1 Runtime System
#9899 HEAD: make clean fails to delete libraries/bootstrapping.conf (directory) new normal 7.12.1 Build System
#8727 HLearn test on ubuntu Precise x64 within vagrant Box new normal Compiler
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