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#8025 "During interactive linking, GHCi couldn't find the following symbol" typechecker error with TemplateHaskell involved new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8044 "Inaccessible code" error reported in wrong place new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8916 "error: thread-local storage not supported for this target" when building cross-compiling GHC on OSX new normal Compiler
#8573 "evacuate: strange closure type 0" when creating large array new normal Compiler
#8877 "if this code is reached, the program will abort" in unregisterised build new normal Compiler
#314 #line pragmas not respected inside nested comments new high 7.8.3 Compiler (Parser)
#7966 'make distclean' does not work in nofib new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#4413 (^^) is not correct for Double and Float new tcsavage low 7.6.2 libraries/base
#8901 (very) bad inline heuristics new normal Compiler
#917 -O introduces space leak new lowest Compiler
#8796 -ddump-splices prints to error stream new normal Compiler
#5780 -faggressive-primops change caused a failure in perf/compiler/parsing001 new high 7.8.3 Compiler
#3543 -fext-core doesn't force recompilation when .hcr file doesn't exist new lowest 7.6.2 Driver
#7735 -fext-core doesn't generate .hcr when .o and .hi files are present new normal 7.8.3 External Core
#8457 -ffull-laziness does more harm than good new normal 7.10.1 Compiler
#3321 -fhpc assumes original sources relative to the current directory new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#2224 -fhpc inteferes/prevents rewrite rules from firing new andy@… lowest 7.6.2 Code Coverage
#1526 -fobject-code doesn't apply to expressions typed at the prompt new normal Compiler
#8657 -fregs-graph still has a limit on spill slots new normal 7.10.1 Compiler (NCG)
#2710 -main-is flag in {-# OPTIONS #-} pragma not fully supported new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#8685 -split-objs doesn't work for executables new normal Driver
#8465 ./configure fails on ghc-7.6.3: does not find installed and current directory new normal Build System
#2991 .mix files generation broken with -fhpc and --make flags with lhs modules new andy@… lowest 7.6.2 Code Coverage
#8873 /cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Haskell Platform/2013.2.0.0/bin/ No such file or directory new low GHCi
#5827 /usr/local hard-coded in cabal new duncan normal 7.6.2 libraries (other)
#7011 32bit GHC 7.4.2 cannot compile integer-gmp on OS X 10.8 infoneeded high 7.8.3 libraries (other)
#8974 64 bit windows executable built with ghc-7.9.20140405+LLVM segfaults patch high 7.8.3 Compiler (LLVM)
#8928 64-bit statically linked binary consumes all memory while spinning on 'SIGVTALRM's new simonmar normal Runtime System
#8819 64bit Testsuite failures in unregisterised 7.8 RCs new high Compiler
#7655 7.6.2 Segmentation Fault/Bus Error in large exponentation new normal 7.8.3 GHCi
#8814 7.8 optimizes attoparsec improperly new normal Compiler
#8852 7.8.1 uses a lot of memory when compiling attoparsec programs using <|> new normal Compiler
#8672 :browse and roles on typefamilies new goldfire low Compiler (Type checker)
#7730 :info and polykinds new archblob normal 7.8.3 Compiler (Type checker)
#8925 :print and :sprint sometimes fully evaluates strings new normal GHCi
#1400 :set +r doesn't work for interpreted modules new simonmar normal GHCi
#8118 <stdout>: commitAndReleaseBuffer: invalid argument (invalid character) new normal Compiler
#8447 A combination of type-level comparison and subtraction does not work for 0 new low Compiler (Type checker)
#1687 A faster (^)-function. new normal Prelude
#8345 A more efficient atomicModifyIORef' new normal 7.10.1 libraries/base
#3353 Add CLDouble support new normal Compiler
#5073 Add blockST for nested ST scopes new low 7.6.2 Compiler
#7152 Add flag to configure that skips overwriting of symlinks on install new thoughtpolice high 7.8.3 Build System
#6040 Adding a type signature changes heap allocation into stack allocation without changing the actual type new simonpj normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#3458 Allocation where none should happen new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#7985 Allow openFile on unknown file type new normal libraries/base
#8488 Annotations should not distinguish type and value new errge normal Compiler
#7913 Argument order not preserved by nubBy new normal Prelude
#5333 Arrow command combinators and infixr cause the desugarer to fail new ross low 7.6.2 Compiler (Parser)
#8014 Assertion failure when using multithreading in debug mode. new normal Compiler
#8713 Avoid libraries if unneeded (librt, libdl, libpthread) new normal GHCi
#3073 Avoid reconstructing dictionaries in recursive instance methods new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#2731 Avoid unnecessary evaluation when unpacking constructors new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#5924 Bad Cmm generated for updating one element in Array# new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#4005 Bad behaviour in the generational GC with paraffins -O2 new normal Runtime System
#8589 Bad choice of loop breaker with INLINABLE/INLINE new normal Compiler
#8213 Bad error message when using lazy IO to read from closed handle new normal Runtime System
#3711 Bad error reporting when calling a function in a module which depends on a DLL on Windows new lowest 7.6.2 Runtime System
#7831 Bad fragmentation when allocating many large objects new ezyang normal 7.8.3 Runtime System
#8626 Bad magic. Expected: feedfacf, got: feedface new high GHCi
#1062 Bad output from Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ new normal libraries/pretty
#8240 Better error messages for type family constraints new normal Compiler
#4960 Better inlining test in CoreUnfold new low 7.6.2 Compiler
#7988 Big integers crashing integer-simple on qnxnto-arm new normal Compiler
#7273 Binary size increase in nofib/grep between 7.6.1 and HEAD new high 7.8.3 Compiler
#3571 Bizzarely bloated binaries new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#2786 Blackhole loops are not detected and reported in GHCi new normal GHCi
#8085 Both GHC and its installer don't run on current Debian Stable new normal Compiler
#7983 Bug in hsc2hs --cross-safe new normal hsc2hs
#4347 Bug in unification of polymorphic and not-yet-polymorphic type new normal 7.6.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#7503 Bug with PolyKinds, type synonyms & GADTs new simonpj normal 7.8.3 Compiler (Type checker)
#7651 Buiding GHC with parallel IO manager freezes on Mac (not on FreeBSD) new high 7.8.3 Build System
#8572 Building an empty module with profiling requires profiling libraries for integer-gmp new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7388 CAPI doesn't work with ghci new normal 7.6.2 GHCi
#7955 CApiFFI doesn't produce wrappers for #defined values in GHCi new normal GHCi
#3238 CInt FFI exports do not use C int in _stub.h header file new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler (FFI)
#4463 CORE notes break optimisation new low Compiler
#4150 CPP+QuasiQuotes confuses compilation errors' line numbers new low 7.6.2 Compiler (Parser)
#8222 CTYPE pragma on newtype is ignored new normal Compiler
#8442 Cabal-install internal error with any use new pgj normal Package system
#7246 Callstack depends on way (prof, profasm, profthreaded new normal 7.8.3 Profiling
#8897 Can't change "Full Name" in preferences new hvr normal Trac & Git
#6132 Can't use both shebang line and #ifdef declarations in the same file. new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#5289 Can't use ghci with a library linked against libstdc++ new normal 7.6.2 GHCi
#5666 Can't use writeFile to write unicode characters. new normal 7.6.2 libraries (other)
#5702 Can't vectorise pattern matching on numeric literals new chak normal 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell
#3937 Cannot killThread in listen/accept on Windows threaded runtime new low 7.6.2 Runtime System
#7114 Cannot recover (good) inlining behaviour from 7.0.2 in 7.4.1 new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#5902 Cannot tell from an exception handler whether the exception was asynchronous new simonmar high 7.8.3 Compiler
#5974 Casts, rules, and parametricity new normal Compiler
#8510 Clear up what extensions are needed at a Template Haskell splice site new normal Compiler
#8327 Cmm sinking does not eliminate dead code in loops new normal Compiler
#3995 Comment delimiters ignored inside compiler pragma new normal Compiler (Parser)
#7505 Commentary shipped with GHC sources is outdated new normal 7.8.3 Documentation
#3744 Comparisons against minBound/maxBound not optimised new low 7.6.2 Compiler
#2346 Compilation of large source files requires a lot of RAM new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#4012 Compilation results are not deterministic new high 7.6.2 Compiler
#6037 Compile-time crash with sources with non-representable unicode characters new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#8484 Compile-time panic new normal Compiler
#7103 Compiler panic, when loading wxc in GHCi new high 7.6.2 GHCi
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