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#1831 reify never provides the declaration of variables new normal Template Haskell
#1978 Error message: Undefined reference to `XXX_closure' new normal Compiler
#2031 relocation overflow new normal Compiler
#2057 inconsistent .hi file error gets ignored new normal Compiler
#2132 Optimise nested comparisons new normal Compiler
#2189 hSetBuffering stdin NoBuffering doesn't work on Windows new normal 7.6.2 libraries/base
#2255 Improve SpecConstr for free variables new normal Compiler
#2280 randomR too slow new rrnewton normal libraries/random
#2408 threadWaitRead on mingw32 threaded causes internal error new normal 6.10.1 libraries/base
#2489 Registry keys are created in per-user HKCU instead of system-wide HKLM new normal None
#2496 Invalid Eq/Ord instances in Data.Version new duncan normal libraries/base
#2528 documentation for nub and nubBy should be corrected, extended or removed. new normal 7.8.3 libraries/base
#2607 Inlining defeats selector thunk optimisation new normal Compiler
#2628 hIsTerminalDevice returns True for /dev/null (aka NUL) on Windows new normal libraries/base
#2697 bad testsuite results with ghc- new normal Compiler
#2786 Blackhole loops are not detected and reported in GHCi new normal GHCi
#2917 alloca and allocaArray do not respect alignment new normal Compiler (FFI)
#3048 Heap size suggestion gets ignored when -G1 flag is passed new normal Runtime System
#3081 Double output after Ctrl+C on Windows new normal Runtime System
#3134 encodeFloat . decodeFloat new normal Prelude
#3178 Fix linking -lpthread for semaphores new normal libraries/unix
#3231 Permission denied error with runProcess/openFile new simonmar normal 7.6.2 libraries/base
#3242 ghci: can't load .so/.DLL for: m (addDLL: could not load DLL) new normal 7.6.2 GHCi
#3266 Segment fault with WxHaskell and GHC 6.10.2 new normal Compiler
#3353 Add CLDouble support new normal Compiler
#3354 binaries built with GHC on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) do not work on 10.4 (Tiger) new normal Build System
#3549 unlit does not follow H98 spec new normal Compiler
#3569 ghci can't handle utf-8 chinese char correctly when modify. new judah normal GHCi
#3575 mkStdGen and split conspire to make some programs predictable new rrnewton normal libraries/random
#3620 The seeds generated by split are not independent new rrnewton normal libraries/random
#3628 exceptions reported to stderr when they propagate past forkIO new normal libraries/base
#3654 Mach-O GHCi linker lacks support for a range of relocation entries new normal 7.6.2 Runtime System
#3676 realToFrac doesn't sanely convert between floating types new normal libraries (other)
#3765 Rules should "look through" case binders too new normal Compiler
#3827 Compiling fails on linux-powerpc new normal Compiler
#3872 New way to make the simplifier diverge new normal Compiler
#3971 FFI callback segfaults on PPC new normal Compiler (FFI)
#3995 Comment delimiters ignored inside compiler pragma new normal Compiler (Parser)
#3998 strace breaks System.Process(?) new normal libraries/process
#4005 Bad behaviour in the generational GC with paraffins -O2 new normal Runtime System
#4029 ghci leaks memory when loading a file new normal GHCi
#4043 Parsing of guards, and type signatures new normal Compiler (Parser)
#4139 Spurious non-exhaustive pattern match warnings are given using GADTs new normal 7.0.1 Compiler
#4295 Review higher-rank and impredicative types new simonpj normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#4347 Bug in unification of polymorphic and not-yet-polymorphic type new normal 7.6.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#4372 Extending quasiquotation support new normal 7.6.2 Template Haskell
#4451 Re-linking avoidance is too aggressive new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#4934 threadWaitRead works incorrectly on nonthreaded RTS new normal Runtime System
#5071 GHCi crashes on large alloca/allocaBytes requests new normal Compiler
#5278 System.Random.randomIvalInteger makes invalid assumptions about RandomGen new rrnewton normal libraries/random
#5280 System.Random commits (rand `mod` base) error. new rrnewton normal libraries/random
#5289 Can't use ghci with a library linked against libstdc++ new normal 7.6.2 GHCi
#5320 check_overlap panic (7.1 regression) new simonpj normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5355 Link plugins against existing libHSghc new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5369 Reinstate VECTORISE pragmas with expressions as right-hand sides new chak normal 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell
#5395 Context reduction stack overflow without undecidable instances new normal Compiler
#5400 GHC loops on compiling with optimizations new normal Compiler
#5401 LANGUAGE pragma parser nit new normal 7.6.2 Compiler (Parser)
#5443 Errors when shutting down the event manager loop new tibbe normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5444 Slow 64-bit primops on 32 bit system new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5448 GHC stuck in infinite loop compiling with optimizations new normal Compiler
#5463 SPECIALISE pragmas generated from Template Haskell are ignored new normal 7.6.2 Template Haskell
#5466 Documentation for Chan could be better new normal libraries/base
#5470 The DPH library needs to support PData and PRepr instances for more than 15-tuples new chak normal 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell
#5522 mc03 -O -fliberate-case -fspec-constr runs out of memory new simonpj normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5599 msys has bad Unicode support new normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#5615 ghc produces poor code for `div` with constant powers of 2. new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5630 External Core needs love new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5641 The -L flag should not exist new normal 7.6.2 Profiling
#5645 Sharing across functions causing space leak new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5646 Initialise tuples using pragmas new chak normal 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell
#5666 Can't use writeFile to write unicode characters. new normal 7.6.2 libraries (other)
#5692 Source code with large floating constants in exponential notation cannot be compiled new pcapriotti normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5702 Can't vectorise pattern matching on numeric literals new chak normal 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell
#5722 GHC inlines class method forever new simonpj normal Compiler
#5728 Warnings from -fwarn-incomplete-record-updates even with all constructors matched new normal Compiler
#5761 Getting stdout and stderr as a single handle from createProcess does not work on Windows new normal 7.6.2 libraries/process
#5762 GHC gives incorrect warnings with simple applications of the view patterns extension new normal Compiler
#5775 Inconsistency in demand analysis new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5777 core lint error with arrow notation and GADTs new ross normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5786 Dynanmic way fails when GHC built with LLVM backend new dterei normal 7.6.2 Compiler (LLVM)
#5797 readRawBufferPtr cannot be interrupted by exception on Windows with -threaded new normal libraries/base
#5807 DPH library functions don't work without -fvectorise. new benl normal 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell
#5821 SPECIALISE fails with a cryptic warning new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5827 /usr/local hard-coded in cabal new duncan normal 7.6.2 libraries (other)
#5840 Extend the supported environment sizes of vectorised closures new chak normal 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell
#5841 seg fault in ghci but not ghc when using chart-gtk code new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5844 Panic on generating Core code new normal 7.6.2 External Core
#5861 bytestring: incorrect documentation for hGetContents new duncan normal 7.6.2 libraries (other)
#5898 ghc: internal error: Invalid Mach-O file new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5907 Crashed loading package Safe new normal 7.6.2 Package system
#5916 runST isn't free new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5924 Bad Cmm generated for updating one element in Array# new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5928 INLINABLE fails to specialize in presence of simple wrapper new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5945 Lambda lifting new simonpj normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#5966 getAppUserDataDirectory does not respect XDG specification new normal 7.6.2 libraries/directory
#5974 Casts, rules, and parametricity new normal Compiler
#5982 Incorrect dynamic library name in OSX new normal 7.6.2 libraries/base
#5983 Libraries installed in wrong place new normal 7.6.2 libraries/base
#5985 Type operators are not accepted as variables in contexts new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
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