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#1147 Quadratic behaviour in the compacting GC new normal Runtime System
#1158 Problem with GADTs and explicit type signatures new simonpj lowest Compiler
#1168 Optimisation sometimes decreases sharing in IO code new normal Compiler
#1171 GHC doesn't respect the imprecise exceptions semantics new low Compiler
#1176 Infinite loop when printing error message new thorkilnaur low Compiler
#1290 ghc runs preprocessor too much new normal Driver
#1307 Warning refers to code not in the source new lowest Compiler
#1308 Type signature in warning is wrong new normal Compiler
#1400 :set +r doesn't work for interpreted modules new simonmar normal GHCi
#1526 -fobject-code doesn't apply to expressions typed at the prompt new normal Compiler
#1530 debugging :steps inside TH spliced code need to be bypassed new normal GHCi
#1614 Type checker does not use functional dependency to avoid ambiguity new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#1687 A faster (^)-function. new normal Prelude
#1831 reify never provides the declaration of variables new normal Template Haskell
#1928 Confusing type error message new low Compiler (Type checker)
#2031 relocation overflow new normal Compiler
#2057 inconsistent .hi file error gets ignored new normal Compiler
#2132 Optimise nested comparisons new normal Compiler
#2255 Improve SpecConstr for free variables new normal Compiler
#2280 randomR too slow new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#2356 GHC accepts multiple instances for the same type in different modules new low Compiler
#2607 Inlining defeats selector thunk optimisation new normal Compiler
#2625 Unexpected -ddump-simpl output for derived Ord instance and UNPACKed fields new low Compiler
#2786 Blackhole loops are not detected and reported in GHCi new normal GHCi
#2926 Foreign exported function returns wrong type new low Compiler (FFI)
#3048 Heap size suggestion gets ignored when -G1 flag is passed new normal Runtime System
#3081 Double output after Ctrl+C on Windows new normal Runtime System
#3134 encodeFloat . decodeFloat new normal Prelude
#3266 Segment fault with WxHaskell and GHC 6.10.2 new normal Compiler
#3353 Add CLDouble support new normal Compiler
#3354 binaries built with GHC on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) do not work on 10.4 (Tiger) new normal Build System
#3549 unlit does not follow H98 spec new normal Compiler
#3575 mkStdGen and split conspire to make some programs predictable new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#3620 The seeds generated by split are not independent new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#3628 exceptions reported to stderr when they propagate past forkIO new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#3676 realToFrac doesn't sanely convert between floating types new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#3765 Rules should "look through" case binders too new normal Compiler
#3872 New way to make the simplifier diverge new normal Compiler
#3971 FFI callback segfaults on PPC new normal Compiler (FFI)
#3995 Comment delimiters ignored inside compiler pragma new normal Compiler (Parser)
#3998 strace breaks System.Process(?) new snoyberg normal Core Libraries
#4005 Bad behaviour in the generational GC with paraffins -O2 new normal Runtime System
#4029 ghci leaks memory when loading a file new normal GHCi
#4043 Parsing of guards, and type signatures new normal Compiler (Parser)
#4861 Documentation for base does not include special items upstream ekmett low Core Libraries
#4863 TH crashes if you reify the Name of a dfun new simonpj low Template Haskell
#5041 Incorrect Read deriving for MagicHash constructors new low Compiler
#5051 Typechecker behaviour change new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#5071 GHCi crashes on large alloca/allocaBytes requests new normal Compiler
#5278 System.Random.randomIvalInteger makes invalid assumptions about RandomGen new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#5316 Orphan instances strike again: ghc rejects a program at first but will accept it if you repeat the same compilation command new low Compiler
#5340 wrong warning on incomplete case analysis in conjunction with empty data declarations new lowest Compiler (Type checker)
#5400 GHC loops on compiling with optimizations new normal Compiler
#5448 GHC stuck in infinite loop compiling with optimizations new normal Compiler
#5466 Documentation for Chan could be better new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#5722 GHC inlines class method forever new simonpj normal Compiler
#5728 Warnings from -fwarn-incomplete-record-updates even with all constructors matched new normal Compiler
#5762 GHC gives incorrect warnings with simple applications of the view patterns extension new normal Compiler
#5797 readRawBufferPtr cannot be interrupted by exception on Windows with -threaded new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#5957 signatures are too permissive new low Compiler (Type checker)
#5974 Casts, rules, and parametricity new normal Compiler
#6034 Parse error when using ' with promoted kinds new low Compiler (Parser)
#6065 Suggested type signature causes a type error (even though it appears correct) new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7026 Impredicative implicit parameters new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7080 Make RULES and SPECIALISE more consistent new normal Compiler
#7206 Implement cheap build new simonpj normal Compiler
#7309 The Ix instance for (,) leaks space in range new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#7634 MD5 collision could lead to SafeHaskell violation new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#7831 Bad fragmentation when allocating many large objects new ezyang low Runtime System
#8048 Register spilling produces ineffecient/highly contending code new normal Compiler (CodeGen)
#8177 Roles for type families new goldfire normal Compiler
#8964 split_marker_entry assert breaks -split-objs and -ddump-opt-cmm new lowest Compiler
#7842 Incorrect checking of let-bindings in recursive do new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7934 usleep hangs, no threads new normal Runtime System
#7944 GHC goes into an apparently infinite loop at -O2 new normal Compiler
#7966 'make distclean' does not work in nofib new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#7985 Allow openFile on unknown file type infoneeded normal Core Libraries
#7997 waitForProcess and getProcessExitCode are unsafe against asynchronous exceptions new snoyberg normal Core Libraries
#8023 dph-examples binaries don't use all CPUs new normal Data Parallel Haskell
#8025 "During interactive linking, GHCi couldn't find the following symbol" typechecker error with TemplateHaskell involved infoneeded normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8032 Worker-wrapper transform and NOINLINE trigger bad reboxing behavior new normal Compiler
#8040 installed include/HsVersions.h wants to #include "../includes/ghcautoconf.h" new normal GHC API
#1487 unix package: test needed for getLoginName new ekmett lowest Core Libraries
#1978 Error message: Undefined reference to `XXX_closure' new normal Compiler
#4019 deriving Ord can produce incorrect and inefficient instances new low Compiler
#4139 Spurious non-exhaustive pattern match warnings are given using GADTs new normal Compiler
#7191 hsc2hs can't treat absolute path correctly on Windows. infoneeded normal hsc2hs
#7336 Defined but not used is not detected for data types with instances new normal Compiler
#7862 Could not deduce (A) from the context (A, ...) new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7897 MakeTypeRep fingerprints be proper, robust fingerprints new normal Compiler
#7930 Nested STM Invariants are lost new fryguybob normal Runtime System
#7960 Compiling profiling CCS registration .c file takes far too long new normal Compiler
#7988 Big integers crashing integer-simple on qnxnto-arm new normal Compiler
#8029 batch-mode recompilation checking sometimes fails new normal Compiler
#8042 `:load *` and `:add *` misbehave in presence of `-fobject-code` new normal GHCi
#8060 Undefined symbols when using Template Haskell linked from another object with unexposed modules new normal Compiler
#8078 Core lint failure for profiled code new normal Compiler
#8082 Ordering of assembly blocks affects performance new normal Compiler (NCG)
#8098 Faulty Word64 arithmetic if optimized new normal Compiler
#8114 STG lint panic new normal Compiler
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