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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#10113 Re-export (<$>) from Prelude AMP report-impact new feature request highest
#3511 port GHC to OpenBSD/sparc64 (unregisterised is fine) port sparc64 new task normal
#3676 realToFrac doesn't sanely convert between floating types report-impact new ekmett bug normal
#7140 Allow type signature in export list module export type signature new feature request normal
#8206 Add support for Portable Native Client NaCl PNaCl Portable Native Client pexe new Alex Sayers feature request normal
#9588 Add `MonadPlus {IO,Either e}` and `Alternative (Either e)` instances report-impact new hvr task normal
#10027 Importing constructor of associated data type fails constructor import associated data type new bug normal
#10039 Make Const (Control.Applicative) kind polymorphic in its second argument report-impact new ekmett feature request normal
#10077 Providing type checker plugin on command line results in false cyclic import error typechecker plugin cycle imports new bug normal
#10092 lex doesn't handle binary literals BinaryLiterals report-impact new ekmett bug normal
#9385 Additions to Control.Monad report-impact infoneeded ekmett feature request low
#9977 Nicer imports imports new feature request lowest
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