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#367 Infinite loops can hang Concurrent Haskell scheduler allocation new ezyang bug lowest
#1147 Quadratic behaviour in the compacting GC ghci compacting new bug normal
#2224 -fhpc inteferes/prevents rewrite rules from firing rules, hpc new andy@… bug lowest
#2289 Needless reboxing of values when returning from a tight loop boxing, loops, performance new bug lowest
#2374 MutableByteArray# is slower than Addr# performance array new bug lowest
#2710 -main-is flag in {-# OPTIONS #-} pragma not fully supported -main-is ghc new bug lowest
#2725 Remove Hack in compiler/nativeGen/MachCodeGen.hs codegen new thoughtpolice bug normal
#2991 .tix file generation broken with -fhpc and --make flags with lhs modules hpc make lhs new andy@… bug lowest
#3061 GHC's GC default heap growth strategy is not as good as other runtimes performance, GC new bug lowest
#3676 realToFrac doesn't sanely convert between floating types report-impact new ekmett bug normal
#3960 ghc panic when attempting to compile DPH code panic, DPH new rl bug lowest
#3995 Comment delimiters ignored inside compiler pragma pragma comment new bug normal
#4139 Spurious non-exhaustive pattern match warnings are given using GADTs GADTs, warnings, pattern matching new bug normal
#4899 Non-standard compile plus Template Haskell produces spurious "unknown symbol" linker error template link prof dynamic new simonmar bug low
#5262 Compiling with -O makes some expressions too lazy and causes space leaks laziness, strictness, space leak new bug low
#5278 System.Random.randomIvalInteger makes invalid assumptions about RandomGen incorrect assumption new ekmett bug normal
#5326 Polymorphic instances aren't automatically specialised specialisation new simonpj bug low
#5666 Can't use writeFile to write unicode characters. unicode writeFile infoneeded ekmett bug normal
#6065 Suggested type signature causes a type error (even though it appears correct) type signature typeclass instance forall new bug normal
#7411 Exceptions are optimized away in certain situations seq, deepseq, evaluate, exceptions new bug high
#7602 Threaded RTS performing badly on recent OS X (10.8?) thread-local state, TLS clang new thoughtpolice bug high
#7621 Cross-build for QNX ARM smashes stack when using FunPtr wrappers qnx unregisterised cross-compile infoneeded bug normal
#7624 Handling ImplicitParams in Instance Declaration ImplicitParams new bug normal
#7669 Empty case causes warning EmptyCase new bug normal
#7672 boot file entities are sometimes invisible and are not (semantically) unified with corresponding entities in implementing module backpack new bug normal
#7789 GHCI core dumps when used with VTY core dump new bug normal
#7854 Constrained method type accepted in Haskell 98 mode newcomer patch thomie bug normal
#8029 batch-mode recompilation checking sometimes fails recompilation, batch-mode new bug normal
#8048 Register spilling produces ineffecient/highly contending code register allocator spill new bug normal
#8144 Interface hashes include time stamp of dependent files (UsageFile mtime) testcase infoneeded bug normal
#8147 Exponential behavior in instance resolution on fixpoint-of-sum performance, new bug normal
#8168 ghc "Simplifier ticks exhausted" "When trying UnfoldingDone" Simplifier, UnfoldingDone, simpl-tick-factor new bug high
#8586 internal error: evacuate(static): strange closure type 5189 crash new bug normal
#8591 Concurrent executions of ghc-pkg can cause inconstant package.cache files ghc-pkg race new pgj bug normal
#8645 Improper response from GHCI terminal after importing Gnuplot package ghci, gnuplot infoneeded bug normal
#8721 Testsuite not reporting errors for DYN way on OS X dynamic linking new bug normal
#8730 Invalid Unicode Codepoints in Char unicode new ekmett bug low
#8746 Crosscompiling Crosscompile cross compile failed ncurses setupterm not found new bug normal
#8811 Profiling output jumbled together newcomer new bug normal
#8947 Depending on hint/ghc API fixes the binary version I can use backpack new bug normal
#8981 ghc-pkg complains about missing haddock interface files ghc-pkg new bug normal
#9022 TH pretty printer and GHC parser semicolon placement mismatch newcomer new bug normal
#9034 GHCi panics when given C++ object file on GNU/Linux panic, dynamic linking new bug normal
#9095 make sdist picks up test files newcomer new bug low
#9122 Make Lint check for bad uses of `unsafeCoerce` newcomer new qnikst bug normal
#9176 GHC not generating dyn_hi files dynamic new bug normal
#9202 Strange Closure Type strange-closure-type new bug normal
#9257 CC_CLANG_BACKEND not reconfigured during bindist install clang new bug normal
#9261 -S prints incorrect number of bound tasks newcomer new simonmar bug low
#9277 GHCi panic: Loading temp shared object failed: Symbol not found panic, dynamic linking new bug normal
#9278 GHCi crash: selector _ for message _ does not match selector known to Objective C runtime crash, dynamic linking new bug normal
#9280 GHCi crash: illegal text-relocation to _ in _ from _ in _ for architecture x86_64; relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol _ can not be used when making a shared object crash, dynamic linking new bug normal
#9308 nofib fannkuch-redux runs perpetually with -fllvm fannkuch-redux new bug normal
#9364 GHCi (or haskeline?) confused by non-single-width characters linux, terminal, colour, color, prompt new bug normal
#9392 "\n" is displayed weirdly in error messages newcomer new bug low
#9399 CPP does not process test case enum01.hs correctly cpp new rwbarton bug normal
#9445 GHC Panic: Tick Exhausted with high factor panic new bug normal
#9503 Cross compiling with mingw uses wrong gcc Cross compiling new bug normal
#9524 GHC uses wrong linker when cross compiling Cross compiling patch rwbarton bug normal
#9525 +RTS -xc stack trace sometimes reported twice profiling, stack trace, error new osa1 bug low
#9573 Add warning for invalid digits in integer literals parsing, integer, octal, binary, hexadecimal, new vlopez bug normal
#9587 Type checking with type functions introduces many type variables, which remain ambiguous. The code no longer type checks. type family, ambiguity check new bug normal
#9717 More lazy orphan module loading backpack new ezyang bug normal
#9730 Polymorphism and type classes Typeclass, Polymorphism, ImpredicativeTypes new bug normal
#9903 GHCi produces a cryptic message when using HPC hpc new bug normal
#9932 GHC fails to build when cross compiling for mingw with the message "Threads not supported" Cross compiling new bug normal
#9940 GHCi crashes when I hold down control-c for a short time, and then hold down any key that would normally result in typing. crash, control-c new bug low
#9992 Constructor specialization requires eta expansion performance new bug normal
#10027 Importing constructor of associated data type fails constructor import associated data type new bug normal
#10046 Linker script patch in rts/Linker.c doesn't work for (non-C or non-en..) locales linker script new simonmar bug normal
#10070 Cross compiling from Linux to Windows fails with mising Win32 library cross-compiling new erikd bug normal
#10077 Providing type checker plugin on command line results in false cyclic import error typechecker plugin cycle imports new bug normal
#10092 lex doesn't handle binary literals BinaryLiterals report-impact new ekmett bug normal
#393 functions without implementations newcomer new simonpj feature request normal
#728 switch to compacting collection when swapping occurs compacting new feature request normal
#860 CPP fails when a macro is used on a line containing a single quote character cpp quote prime new feature request lowest
#1262 RecursiveDo in Template Haskell newcomer new feature request normal
#1409 Allow recursively dependent modules transparently (without .hs-boot or anything) backpack new feature request normal
#2200 big static random access arrays static array new ekmett feature request normal
#2215 :disable command to disable breakpoints debugger ghci new feature request lowest
#2258 ghc --cleanup newcomer new VictorDenisov feature request lowest
#2269 Word type to Double or Float conversions are slower than Int conversions rules, performance, double new dons@… feature request lowest
#2742 The -> in ViewPatterns binds more weakly than infix data constructors. newcomer new feature request normal
#2986 :info printing instances often isn't wanted :info instances new Remi feature request lowest
#3283 Selective disabling of unused bind warnings newcomer new feature request normal
#3541 Allow local foreign imports newcomer new feature request normal
#3601 When running two or more instances of GHCi, persistent history is only kept for the first one ghci history new feature request normal
#3632 lift restrictions on records with existential fields, especially in the presence of class constraints existential records accessor update new feature request low
#3699 Wildcards in type functions newcomer new feature request low
#3769 Add manpages for programs installed alongside ghc manpage documentation manpages new feature request normal
#3869 RTS GC Statistics from -S should be logged via the eventlog system gc, garbage collection, statistics new feature request low
#4052 Two sided sections section new feature request low
#4114 Add a flag to remove/delete intermediate files generated by GHC newcomer new VictorDenisov feature request low
#4329 GHC.Conc modifyTVar primitive TVar, STM, modifyTVar, Concurrency new ekmett feature request low
#4459 Polymorphic Data.Dynamic polymorphic, dynamic, class, linking new vivian feature request low
#4959 Warning about variables with leading underscore that are used anyway warning unused underscore variable new feature request low
#5016 Make Template Haskell: -ddump-splices generate executable code dump-splices new feature request low
#5108 Allow unicode sub/superscript symbols in both identifiers and operators lexer unicode infoneeded feature request normal
#5171 Misfeature of Cmm optimiser: no way to extract a branch of expression into a separate statement Cmm optimisation new feature request low
#5239 Em-dash for "--" with UnicodeSyntax. unicode syntax extension new feature request normal
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