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#7158 GHCi commands case insensitive new feature request normal
#7161 hSetNewlineMode and hSetEncoding can be performed on closed and semi-closed handles new bug normal
#7169 Warning for incomplete record field label used as function Warnings new feature request normal
#7181 Add documentation on heap-profile file format. new feature request normal
#7189 RTS Assertion Crash infoneeded simonmar bug normal
#7190 GHC's -fprof-auto does not work with LINE pragmas new bug normal
#7204 Use a class to control FFI marshalling new feature request normal
#7206 Implement cheap build new simonpj bug normal
#7240 Stack trace truncated too much with indirect recursion new bug normal
#7241 GHC-7.6.1 panics on template haskell code new simonpj bug normal
#7243 regression: acceptable foreign result types new bug normal
#7245 INLINEing top-level patterns causes ghc to emit 'arity missing' traces new bug normal
#7246 Callstack depends on way (prof, profasm, profthreaded new bug normal
#7253 Top-level bindings in ghci new feature request normal
#7258 Compiling DynFlags is jolly slow new simonpj bug normal
#7259 Eta expansion of products in System FC new simonpj bug normal
#7261 ghci's :info and :browse break encapsulation new feature request normal
#7269 GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving and PolyKinds new dreixel bug normal
#7275 Give more detailed information about PINNED data in a heap profile new feature request normal
#7283 Specialise INLINE functions new feature request normal
#7285 mkWeakMVar is non-compositional new feature request normal
#7291 hp2ps should cope with incomplete data new feature request normal
#7296 ghc-7 assumes incoherent instances without requiring language `IncoherentInstances` new simonpj bug normal
#7297 LLVM incorrectly hoisting loads new dterei bug normal
#7305 T5975a is broken on Windows new bug normal
#7307 Share top-level code for strings new parcs bug normal
#7309 The Ix instance for (,) leaks space in range new bug normal
#7316 GHC segfaults on ARM new bgamari bug normal
#7329 ghc-7.6.1 win64: internal error: R_X86_6 4_PC32: High bits are set in WSAGetLastError new bug normal
#7330 Data Parallel Haskell (DPH) isn't usable yet. new benl feature request normal
#7331 Allow the evaluation of declaration splices in GHCi new feature request normal
#7335 Need for extra warning pragma for accidental pattern matching in do blocks new feature request normal
#7337 GHC does not generate great code for bit-level rotation new feature request normal
#7353 Make system IO interruptible on Windows new bug normal
#7367 Optimiser / Linker Problem on amd64 new bug normal
#7371 Supporting old GHC versions in our libraries new task normal
#7373 When building GHC: Failed to load interface for `GHC.Fingerprint' new bug normal
#7374 rule not firing new bug normal
#7378 Identical alts/bad divInt# code new bug normal
#7379 rangeTest test fails on Windows new bug normal
#7380 Panic: mkNoTick: Breakpoint loading modules with -O2 via API new bug normal
#7388 CAPI doesn't work with ghci new bug normal
#7389 can't link postgresql-libpq on windows new bug normal
#7395 DefaultSignatures conflict with default implementations DefaultSignatures new feature request normal
#7398 RULES don't apply to a newtype constructor new bug normal
#7401 Can't derive instance for Eq when datatype has no constructor, while it is trivial do do so. deriving new monoidal feature request normal
#7413 runghc (runhaskell) should be able to reload code on editing new feature request normal
#7414 plugins always trigger recompilation plugin, recompilation new feature request normal
#7430 GHC API reports CPP errors in confusing ways new bug normal
#7437 peculiar behaviour with default instances and type variables new simonpj bug normal
#7443 Generated C code under -prof -fprof-auto -fprof-cafs very slow to compile new bug normal
#7450 Regression in optimisation time of functions with many patterns (6.12 to 7.4)? new bug normal
#7459 deriving Generic does not work with TypeLits new dreixel feature request normal
#7460 Double literals generated bad core new tibbe bug normal
#7461 Error messages about "do" statements contain false information new bug normal
#7463 [PATCH] When -keep-hc-files is enabled, foreign stubs *_stub.c should also be kept. new bug normal
#7473 getModificationTime gives only second-level resolution new bug normal
#7475 Mysterious Data.Word Segmentation Fault in GHCi ghci, data.word, segfault new bug normal
#7484 Template Haskell allows building invalid record fields/names new bug normal
#7492 Generic1 deriving: Can we replace Rec1 f with f :.: Par1? new dreixel feature request normal
#7494 Allow compatible type synonyms to be the return type of a GADT data constructor. GADT new feature request normal
#7495 Rebindable list syntax? new feature request normal
#7503 Bug with PolyKinds, type synonyms & GADTs new simonpj bug normal
#7505 Commentary shipped with GHC sources is outdated new bug normal
#7511 Room for GHC runtime improvement >~5%, inlining related new bug normal
#7535 Using -with-rtsopts=-N should fail unless -threaded is also specified new bug normal
#7539 Hard ghc api crash when calling runStmt on code which has not been compiled new bug normal
#7542 GHC doesn't optimize (strict) composition with id new simonpj bug normal
#7543 Constraint synonym instances new bug normal
#7544 GHC downloads are unsigned new feature request normal
#7593 Unable to print exceptions of unicode identifiers new bug normal
#7596 Opportunity to improve CSE new simonpj bug normal
#7604 System.Directory.canonicalizePath "" behaviour differs between platforms new bug normal
#7606 Stride scheduling for Haskell threads with priorities new ezyang feature request normal
#7608 LLVM only handles a hard-coded list of triples. cross-compiling llvm new dterei task normal
#7610 Cross compilation support for LLVM backend new dterei bug normal
#7611 Rewrite rules application prevented by type variable application (map id vs. map (\x -> x)) new bug normal
#7621 Cross-build for QNX ARM smashes stack when using FunPtr wrappers qnx unregisterised cross-compile new bug normal
#7623 GHC Arm support new task normal
#7624 Handling ImplicitParams in Instance Declaration ImplicitParams new bug normal
#7625 Semicolon is not handled between imports at the ghci command prompt new bug normal
#7634 MD5 collision could lead to SafeHaskell violation new bug normal
#7635 SafeHaskell implying other options new feature request normal
#7637 split-objs not supported for ARM new feature request normal
#7643 Kind application error new simonpj bug normal
#7644 Hackage docs for base library contain broken links new hvr bug normal
#7647 UNPACK polymorphic fields new simonpj feature request normal
#7650 can't use combining characters in identifiers new bug normal
#7655 7.6.2 Segmentation Fault/Bus Error in large exponentation exponentiation new bug normal
#7660 warning: conflicting types when compiling via-C warning new bug normal
#7662 Improve GC of mutable objects new feature request normal
#7665 dynamicToo001 fails on Windows new bug normal
#7666 excessive space and time usage for rendering (somewhat) deeply nested Docs new dterei bug normal
#7668 Location in -fdefer-type-errors new bug normal
#7669 Empty case causes warning EmptyCase new bug normal
#7670 StablePtrs should be organized by generation for efficient minor collections new bug normal
#7672 boot file entities are sometimes invisible and are not (semantically) unified with corresponding entities in implementing module recursive modules, boot files, double vision, double vision problem new bug normal
#7687 ghc panic on TH and deriveJSON TH new bug normal
#7694 LLVM: bootstrapping with LLVM 3.2 does not work new dterei bug normal
#7695 Hang when locale-archive and gconv-modules are not there new trommler bug normal
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