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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2648 Report out of date interface files robustly new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#781 GHCi on x86_64, cannot link to static data in shared libs new bug high 7.10.1
#4245 ghci panic: thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation new tibbe bug high 7.6.2
#5289 Can't use ghci with a library linked against libstdc++ new bug normal 7.6.2
#5907 Crashed loading package Safe new bug normal 7.6.2
#6138 GHCI Startup Crash with HP 2012.2.0.0 on 64bit OS X 10.6 new bug normal
#7072 GHC interpreter does not find stat64 symbol on Linux new bug normal 7.10.1
#7103 Compiler panic, when loading wxc in GHCi new bug high 7.6.2
#7475 Mysterious Data.Word Segmentation Fault in GHCi infoneeded bug normal 7.8.4
#7655 7.6.2 Segmentation Fault/Bus Error in large exponentation infoneeded bug normal 7.8.4
#7789 GHCI core dumps when used with VTY new bug normal 7.10.1
#7955 CApiFFI doesn't produce wrappers for #defined values in GHCi new bug normal
#7956 ghci segfaults with -vN command-line options new bug normal
#8316 GHCi debugger segfaults when trying force a certain variable new bug normal
#8324 ghci failed on startup new bug normal
#8511 GHCi Startup Crash with GHC 7.6.3 / HP 2013.2.0.0 64bit on OS X 10.6 new bug normal
#8586 internal error: evacuate(static): strange closure type 5189 new bug normal
#8614 Duplicate symbol error when loading text twice new bug normal
#8687 Strange closure type 9983 new bug normal
#8713 Avoid libraries if unneeded (librt, libdl, libpthread) patch bug normal
#8830 internal error: Misaligned section: 18206e5b on Windows new bug normal
#8896 ghci fails on Arm - "Illegal instruction" new bug normal
#8935 Obscure linker bug leads to crash in GHCi new simonmar bug high 7.8.4
#8957 ghci's :l -> internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 8306 new bug normal
#9011 panic - interactiveUI:setBuffering2 new bug normal
#9034 GHCi panics when given C++ object file on GNU/Linux new bug normal 7.8.4
#9046 Panic in GHCi when using :print patch bug normal 7.8.4
#9140 Unboxed tuples fails in GHCi (7.8.2) patch archblob bug normal 7.10.1
#9277 GHCi panic: Loading temp shared object failed: Symbol not found new bug normal
#9278 GHCi crash: selector _ for message _ does not match selector known to Objective C runtime new bug normal
#9280 GHCi crash: illegal text-relocation to _ in _ from _ in _ for architecture x86_64; relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol _ can not be used when making a shared object new bug normal
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