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#3769 Add manpages for programs installed alongside ghc new feature request normal
#3870 Avoid Haddock-links to the Prelude new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#4861 Documentation for base does not include special items new bug low 7.6.2
#7544 GHC downloads are unsigned new feature request normal 7.10.1
#7624 Handling ImplicitParams in Instance Declaration new bug normal 7.10.1
#8213 Bad error message when using lazy IO to read from closed handle new bug normal
#8253 example "Core syntax" is ancient new bug normal
#8290 lookupSymbol API is unsafe new task normal
#8650 Unexpected behaviour of import ccall "header.h function" new bug normal
#8712 Data.Ix missing info on row/column major indexing patch bug normal
#8879 System.IO.Error documentation refers to invalid module Control.Exception.Exception new bug normal
#9015 A documented way to differentiate between statements, declarations, imports, etc. new feature request normal
#9287 changed dependency generation new task normal
#5861 bytestring: incorrect documentation for hGetContents new duncan bug normal 7.6.2
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