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#8342 System.Directory.getPermissions does not work well on Windows 7 new leroux bug normal
#8482 Permission denied when copying file to current directory with copyFile new bug normal
#9044 createDirectoryIfMissing does not fail on unwritable parent dir new bug normal
#9266 getDirectoryContents blow its stack in a huge directory new bug normal
#4215 canonicalizePath behaves strangely with paths that do not exist new bug low 7.6.2
#5014 canonicalizePath throws exception on paths that do not exist new bug low 7.6.2
#5251 copyFile does not copy metadata new bug low 7.6.2
#5966 getAppUserDataDirectory does not respect XDG specification new bug normal 7.6.2
#7473 getModificationTime gives only second-level resolution new bug normal 7.10.1
#7604 System.Directory.canonicalizePath "" behaviour differs between platforms new bug normal 7.10.1
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