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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#7930 Nested STM Invariants are lost new fryguybob bug normal
#8290 lookupSymbol API is unsafe new task normal
#8504 Provide minor GC residency estimates new simonmar feature request lowest
#8573 "evacuate: strange closure type 0" when creating large array new rwbarton bug normal
#8578 Improvements to SpinLock implementation new task normal
#8648 Initialization of C statics broken in threaded runtime new simonmar bug normal
#8665 RELEASE_LOCK: I do not own this lock infoneeded bug normal
#8862 forkProcess does not play well with heap or time profiling new simonmar bug normal
#8928 64-bit statically linked binary consumes all memory while spinning on 'SIGVTALRM's new simonmar bug normal
#9052 Support a "stable heap" which doesn't get garbage collected new simonmar feature request normal
#9088 Per-thread Haskell thread list/numbering (remove global lock from thread allocation) new simonmar bug low
#9105 Profiling binary consumes CPU even when idle on Linux. new simonmar bug normal
#9143 feature request: way to set actual program argv new feature request normal
#9232 Stats file has wrong numbers new simonmar bug low
#9253 "internal error: evacuate(static): strange closure type 0" when running in QEMU new simonmar bug normal
#9261 -S prints incorrect number of bound tasks new simonmar bug low
#9285 IO manager startup procedure somewhat odd new simonmar bug low
#9297 Packages linked against certain Windows .dll files give warnings at runtime new simonmar bug normal
#9315 Weird change in allocation numbers of T9203 new simonmar bug normal
#9321 Support for waiting on multiple MVars new simonmar feature request normal
#9347 forkProcess does not acquire global handle locks new simonmar bug normal
#9348 "Symbol not found" when using a shared library new simonmar bug normal
#9468 Internal error: resurrectThreads: thread blocked in a strange way: 10 new simonmar bug normal
#9470 forkProcess breaks in multiple ways with GHC 7.6 new simonmar bug normal
#9516 unsafeUnmask unmasks even inside uninterruptibleMask new simonmar bug normal
#9525 +RTS -xc stack trace sometimes reported twice new osa1 bug low
#9564 Floating point subnormals overrounded on output new bug normal
#9579 Runtime suggests using +RTS when that's not possible new simonmar bug low
#9666 runtime crashing with +RTS -w -h new simonmar bug low
#9706 New block-structured heap organization for 64-bit new gcampax task normal
#9809 Overwhelming the TimerManager new simonmar bug normal
#9839 RTS options parser silently accepts invalid flags new simonmar bug normal
#9923 Offer copy-on-GC sliced arrays new simonmar feature request normal
#7934 usleep hangs, no threads new bug normal
#418 throwTo to a thread inside 'block' new bug lowest
#599 The Front Panel new task normal
#603 GC-spy connection new task normal
#634 Implement a more efficient TArray new task normal
#728 switch to compacting collection when swapping occurs new feature request normal
#750 Set -M, -H, -c and other memory-related values based on available virtual/physical memory new feature request normal
#926 infinite loop in ShutdownIOManager() new bug lowest
#1147 Quadratic behaviour in the compacting GC new bug normal
#1791 heap overflow should generate an exception new feature request normal
#2180 Any installed signal handler stops deadlock detection, but XCPU never happens in a deadlock new Baughn feature request normal
#3048 Heap size suggestion gets ignored when -G1 flag is passed new bug normal
#3081 Double output after Ctrl+C on Windows new bug normal
#3215 Valgrind support new feature request normal
#4005 Bad behaviour in the generational GC with paraffins -O2 new bug normal
#5476 Cap memory usage for one thread without disrupting other threads new feature request normal
#7662 Improve GC of mutable objects new feature request normal
#7831 Bad fragmentation when allocating many large objects new ezyang bug low
#8406 Invalid object in isRetainer() or Segfault infoneeded bug normal 7.10.2
#1820 Windows segfault-catching only works for the main thread new bug lowest 7.12.1
#2401 aborting an STM transaction should throw an exception new bug low 7.12.1
#3061 GHC's GC default heap growth strategy is not as good as other runtimes new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3107 Over-eager GC when blocked on a signal in the non-threaded runtime new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3251 split rts headers into public and private new task lowest 7.12.1
#3462 New codegen: allocate large objects using allocateLocal() new simonmar task low 7.12.1
#3693 Show stack traces new Tarrasch feature request normal 7.12.1
#3711 Bad error reporting when calling a function in a module which depends on a DLL on Windows new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3869 RTS GC Statistics from -S should be logged via the eventlog system new feature request low 7.12.1
#3937 Cannot killThread in listen/accept on Windows threaded runtime new bug low 7.12.1
#3946 Better diagnostic when entering a GC'd CAF new task low 7.12.1
#4243 Make a proper options parser for the RTS new task normal 7.12.1
#4520 startup code on Windows should use SetDllDirectory("") new feature request low 7.12.1
#4824 Windows: Dynamic linking doesn't work out-of-the-box new bug low 7.12.1
#4913 Make event tracing conditional on an RTS flag only new feature request low 7.12.1
#5143 Soft heap limit flag new simonmar task normal 7.12.1
#5188 Runtime error when allocating lots of memory infoneeded bug low 7.12.1
#5197 Support static linker semantics for archives and weak symbols new feature request low 7.12.1
#5219 need a version of hs_init that returns an error code for command-line errors new feature request low 7.12.1
#5620 Dynamic linking and threading does not work on Windows new bug normal 7.12.1
#6079 SEH exception handler not implemented on Win64 patch Phyx- bug normal 7.12.1
#7289 Mingw FPU init not Windows compatible. new bug normal 7.12.1
#7320 GHC crashes when building on 32-bit Linux in a Linode new simonmar bug normal 7.12.1
#7325 threadDelay mistreats minBound and maxBound in some configurations new bug high 7.12.1
#7602 Threaded RTS performing badly on recent OS X (10.8?) new thoughtpolice bug high 7.12.1
#7606 Stride scheduling for Haskell threads with priorities new ezyang feature request normal 7.12.1
#7670 StablePtrs should be organized by generation for efficient minor collections new bug normal 7.12.1
#7723 iOS patch no 12: Itimer.c doesn't work on iOS infoneeded bug normal 7.12.1
#7746 Support loading/unloading profiled objects from a profiled executable new ezyang feature request normal 7.12.1
#7919 Heap corruption (segfault) from large 'let' expression infoneeded bug high 7.12.1
#8014 Assertion failure when using multithreading in debug mode. infoneeded bug normal 7.12.1
#8224 Excessive system time -- new IO manager problem? new bug high 7.12.1
#8238 Implement unloading of shared libraries new task normal 7.12.1
#8303 defer StackOverflow exceptions (rather than dropping them) when exceptions are masked new thoughtpolice bug low 7.12.1
#8594 sysctl name "hw.ncpu" (HW_NCPU) is deprecated in Mac OS X infoneeded simonmar task normal 7.12.1
#8623 Strange slowness when using async library with FFI callbacks new simonmar bug normal 7.12.1
#8732 Global big object heap allocator lock causes contention new simonmar bug normal 7.12.1
#8733 I/O manager causes unnecessary syscalls in send/recv loops new bug normal 7.12.1
#8785 Replace hooks API in the RTS with something better new simonmar task high 7.12.1
#10046 Linker script patch in rts/Linker.c doesn't work for (non-C or non-en..) locales new simonmar bug normal 7.12.1
#10058 Panic: Loading temp shared object failed patch bug highest 7.10.1
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