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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8308 Resurrect ticky code for counting constructor arity new mlen task normal
#8332 hp2ps does not escape parentheses infoneeded bug normal
#8473 Generate table of cost-centre numbers with source locations new feature request normal
#8811 Profiling output jumbled together new bug normal
#8948 Profiling report resolution too low new bug normal
#8982 Cost center heap profile restricted by biography of GHC segfaults new bug normal
#9051 Report heap profile data in eventlog new feature request normal
#9419 Machine-readable output for profiling new ezyang feature request normal
#9517 hp2ps generates invalid postscript file new bug normal
#10111 hp2ps silently discards samples new bug normal
#881 Improve space profiling for references new feature request normal
#3021 A way to programmatically insert marks into heap profiling output new feature request normal
#3024 Rewrite hp2ps in Haskell new task normal
#7291 hp2ps should cope with incomplete data new feature request normal
#609 Useful optimisation for set-cost-centre new simonmar task normal 7.12.1
#1420 Automatic heap profile intervals new feature request lowest 7.12.1
#4837 Template Haskell does not work in a profiled compiler. new bug low 7.12.1
#5641 The -L flag should not exist new bug normal 7.12.1
#5654 Profiling semantics bug new simonmar bug low 7.12.1
#6113 Profiling with -p not written if killed with SIGTERM new bug normal 7.12.1
#7105 Better names for derived SCCs of instances new simonmar feature request normal 7.12.1
#7190 GHC's -fprof-auto does not work with LINE pragmas new bug normal 7.12.1
#7240 Stack trace truncated too much with indirect recursion new bug normal 7.12.1
#7246 Callstack depends on way (prof, profasm, profthreaded new bug normal 7.12.1
#7443 Generated C code under -prof -fprof-auto -fprof-cafs very slow to compile infoneeded bug normal 7.12.1
#7763 Resource limits for Haskell infoneeded simonmar feature request normal 7.12.1
#7836 "Invalid object in processHeapClosureForDead" when profiling with -hb infoneeded bug normal 7.12.1
#9405 Ticky results should be displayed even during interrupts (Ctrl-c) new bug normal 7.12.1
#10037 Several profiling tests give different results optimised vs. unoptimised new bug normal 7.12.1
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