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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1612 GHC_PACKAGE_PATH and $topdir bug new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2064 problems with duplicate modules new bug lowest 7.6.2
#2437 More accurate package dependencies new task lowest 7.6.2
#2630 installed packages should have a src-dirs field, for access to optionally installed sources new feature request normal
#3184 package.conf should be under /var, not /usr new bug low 7.6.2
#4048 ghc-pkg should check for existence of extra-libraries new bug low 7.6.2
#5907 Crashed loading package Safe new bug normal 7.6.2
#7990 ghc-pkg warning shows the wrong command new bug normal
#8407 Module re-exports at the package level new ezyang feature request high
#8442 Cabal-install internal error with any use new pgj bug normal
#8527 container's Typeable.h is being shadowed by base's Typeable.h during preprocessing new parcs bug normal
#8591 Concurrent executions of ghc-pkg can cause inconstant package.cache files new bug normal
#9009 Confusing error message when loading package with TH new bug normal
#9265 Extend PackageId to include version dependency information new ezyang feature request high
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