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#5754 Cabal cannot register a package in a directory with Unicode chars simonmar bug closed highest 7.4.1
#5783 Data.Text.isPrefixOf fails to terminate bug closed highest 7.4.1
#6042 GHC is bloated pcapriotti bug closed highest 7.6.1
#7400 Strange closure type 17 internal error simonmar bug closed highest 7.6.2
#7439 Include dynamic-by-default support in Cabal with GHC 7.6.2 igloo bug closed highest 7.6.2
#8268 Local annotations ignored in ambiguity check bug closed highest
#626 xhnzuuxjkpgppp 16871jvuu feature request closed high
#627 xhnzuuxjkpgppp 16871jvuu feature request closed high
#765 x86_64 NCG goes via unsigned for FFI Int return types. bug closed high
#866 Building unregistarized version bug closed high
#898 GHC compiles against Apple's readline, giving error thorkilnaur bug closed high 6.6.1
#1264 darcs repo corrupted? bug closed high
#1359 readline confusion building ghc6.6.1 on OS X bug closed high 6.8.1
#1367 GHC[i] 6.6.1 can't find GNUreadline on PPC mac bug closed high 6.8.1
#1448 Segmentation fault with readline Module bug closed high
#1492 It's impossible to get the ghc source with darcs on windows bug closed high
#2318 building GHC 6.8.3 Release Candidate under PC solaris fails bug closed high 6.10 branch
#2462 Data.List.sum is slower than 6.8.3 simonpj bug closed high 6.10.1
#2716 ghci uses an enormous amount of memory (recent 6.10 snapshots) bug closed high 6.10.1
#2924 createDirectory: permission denied bug closed high 6.12.3
#3539 internal error: ASSERTION FAILED: file sm/Evac.c, line 368 simonmar bug closed high 6.12.1
#3614 Cabal file parser can't handle colon in description igloo bug closed high 6.12.1
#4068 GHC 6.12.2 on Mac OS X from GHC-6.12.2-i386.pkg fails with "Undefined symbols: "_iconv_close", referenced from: _hs_iconv_close in libHSbase- ..." bug closed high 6.12.3
#4112 Building GHC with local libgmp.a fails igloo bug closed high 7.0.1
#4251 GHC hangs during Network.HTTP.simpleHTTP on Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 bug closed high Not GHC
#4493 Child from forkProcess calls select/read on parent's Handle, stealing data from parent simonmar bug closed high 7.0.2
#4820 "Invalid object in isRetainer" when doing retainer profiling in GHC 7 branch bug closed high 7.0.2
#5007 "deriving" seems to ignore class context for a type family simonpj bug closed high 7.2.1
#5049 GHC Panic on Text.Highlighting.Kate.Syntax.Ocaml bug closed high 7.2.1
#5060 iteratee: epollControl: permission denied (Operation not permitted) bug closed high 7.2.1
#5432 hp2ps bug with relative path names bug closed high 7.4.1
#5438 Wrong result for element check benl bug closed high 7.4.1
#5531 Segfault on Windows igloo bug closed high 7.4.1
#5605 T5267 (uses Arrows) core lint failure ross bug closed high 7.4.1
#5723 GHCi ( sometimes segfaults when reading .ghci pumpkin bug closed high 7.4.3
#5969 Runtime crashes on parallel execution, GHC 7.0.4-7.4.1 simonmar bug closed high 7.4.2
#6041 Program hangs when run under Ubuntu Precise bug closed high 7.4.2
#8038 Old-time is not built when building GHC 7.7.20130704 (perf) for Windows x86_64 bug closed high 7.8.1
#8669 Closed TypeFamilies regression bug closed high
#8691 Investigate recent 32bit compiler performance regressions bug closed high 7.8.1
#8717 Segfault in 64-bit Windows GHCi bug closed high 7.8.1
#8734 7.8.1 rc1 ghci won't load compiled files bug closed high 7.8.1
#8802 createProcess implictlitly escapes and quotes command line parameters bug closed high 7.8.1
#309 ObjectIO-Lib: Problem scrolling compund control krasimir bug closed normal Not GHC
#470 build fails on Linux/sparc (genprimopcode: parse error at) nobody bug closed normal 6.4.2
#471 Windows HGL Thread problems bug closed normal Not GHC
#476 HUnit treats failures as errors RichardG bug closed normal Not GHC
#477 Compiling multiple executables with -make nobody feature request closed normal
#478 Problem with Threading under GHC nobody bug closed normal
#625 Incorrect handling of types anonymous bug closed normal
#640 hPutArray broken in doze bug closed normal
#643 div and mod return wrong result bug closed normal
#663 Confusion about types bug closed normal
#666 Collection hierarchy proposal jpbernardy feature request closed normal Not GHC
#669 negative indentation in Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ thorkilnaur bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#678 Non-terminating compilation of ghc on Debian Testing i386 bug closed normal
#689 x86_64 tarball of ghc 6.4.1 for Linux contains broken symbolic links bug closed normal
#696 segmentation fault in ./genprimopcode (x86_64) simonmar bug closed normal 6.4.2
#742 HGL broken on Windows bug closed normal Not GHC
#759 RULES ignored by recompilation checker simonpj bug closed normal 6.6
#771 GHC typing too constrained bug closed normal
#796 Literate pre-processor fails to see end of code in LaTeX bug closed normal
#820 problem compiling a file with top level Template Haskell splice bug closed normal 6.6
#833 hs-plugins requires an executable temporary directory bug closed normal
#834 bogus gcc option used when compiling ghc-6.4.2 bug closed normal
#846 <deleted> bug closed normal
#858 -fPIC on x86 and x86_64 bug closed normal
#886 Profiling doesn't work with SMP execution task closed normal
#895 pugs: internal error: task 0x1b00330: main thread 1 has been GC'd simonmar bug closed normal
#901 I/O sequencing problem on OS X/x86 bug closed normal
#915 Implement list fusion using streams instead of foldr/build task closed normal 7.6.1
#939 Possible bug building wxhaskell bug closed normal
#943 Unable to create static binaries on osx bug closed normal
#962 hptRules crash bug closed normal 6.6.1
#969 Inconsistent complexities in Data.Set bug closed normal
#988 X11: refine types for improved type safety feature request closed normal Not GHC
#1002 ghc-6.6 sometimes hangs under Solaris bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1004 ghci-6.6 crash thorkilnaur bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1017 gcc shipped with Windows GHC 6.6 is broken bug closed normal
#1029 ghc fails to find installed user package even though "ghc-pkg list" shows it bug closed normal
#1071 The Graphics.X11 library for windows using Cygwin/X feature request closed normal Not GHC
#1114 Socket code dies with SIGPIPE bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1116 Error building ghc on Solaris 9 bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1125 "module main:Foo is not loaded" when trying to load a module from a user package in ghci bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1132 Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8's readInt does no bounds checking bug closed normal
#1146 Fork bomb should throw an exception bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1152 Unexcepted behaviour of Control.Exception.catch bug closed normal
#1157 hxt cannot be compiled with optimization level 2 (-O2) bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1180 ghci 6.7 PPC memory corruption bug closed normal
#1220 Newtype deriving should only work if superclasses are newtype-derived bug closed normal 6.8.2
#1236 System.Mem.Weak breaks referential transparency bug closed normal
#1237 misleading error message from cabal when versions differ bug closed normal
#1243 Linking error of ALUT bug closed normal Not GHC
#1259 Accessing undefined value in DiffArray returns misleading error message bug closed normal 6.12 branch
#1268 GHCi reads from stdin do not handle ^D bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1269 Haddock: no documentation for entities re-exported from another package bug closed normal Not GHC
#1298 Data.Complex.phase does unnecessary pattern match bug closed normal
#1300 ghc does not build bug closed normal
#1314 System.FilePath is documented but missing bug closed normal
#1347 warning message could be more helpful bug closed normal
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