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#7214 Missing Typeable instances bug closed normal
#7234 Linker spews useless error message and failes. bug closed normal
#7251 ghc: unrecognised flags: -fdph-par bug closed normal
#7288 type inference fails with where clause (RankNTypes, TypeFamilies) bug closed normal
#7323 decoding GADTs gives internal error: stg_ap_v_ret bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7344 64-bit and 32-bit binaries compiled with '-static' gets 'SIGKILL'ed (after many 'SIGVTALRM's and lots of memory consumption) bug closed normal
#7352 this type signature in a case alternative does not typecheck and requires ScopedTypeVariables atnnn bug closed normal
#7362 GHC generated DLL does not work on Windows XP/Server 2003 bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7365 rem function in ghci changes result when using the Int type bug closed normal
#7391 "The 'impossible' happened" trying to derive Binary for a data instance bug closed normal
#7393 GHC cannot solve functional dependency bug closed normal
#7397 -fwarn-irrefutable-patterns feature request closed normal
#7400 Strange closure type 17 internal error simonmar bug closed highest 7.6.2
#7416 ghci "attempting to use module ... which is not loaded" after cabal install, in source dir bug closed normal
#7439 Include dynamic-by-default support in Cabal with GHC 7.6.2 igloo bug closed highest 7.6.2
#7458 ghc panic bug closed normal
#7468 incorect waiting for packets on UDP connections. bug closed normal
#7469 GHC does not report name clashes in export lists bug closed normal
#7485 Tuple constraints not properly kinded bug closed normal
#7504 hackage vector package yields ghc bug on raspberry pi bug closed normal
#7517 wxcore setup has problem with spaces in path bug closed normal
#7537 [PATCH] Incorrect Haskell type for ino_t on MacOS X 10.5 bug closed normal
#7557 Default implementation for a type class function missing when profiling is enabled bug closed normal
#7565 GHC fails without an error when building text- bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7578 Instance selection regression from 7.4 to 7.6 bug closed normal
#7582 Created thunk gets immediately evaluated bug closed normal
#7583 IO reordering bug closed normal
#7584 OperationalError: database is locked bug closed normal
#7603 Bad magic in static (FFI) object (7.6.1 for x86_64-apple-darwin) bug closed normal
#7659 Add some latency nofib benchmarks task closed normal
#7680 -prof build: trying to 'show' a 'Double' leads to 'Char.intToDigit: not a digit' crash bug closed normal
#7706 iOS patch no 5: pass host OS and arch to cabal bug closed normal
#7716 ZonedTime read instance failing to parse what show returns bug closed normal
#7717 Libffi errors while cross-compiling GHC 7.6.2 (Stage 1) bug closed normal
#7731 Add "source" button for instances in Hackage feature request closed normal
#7742 StandaloneDeriving on Read fails for GADTs bug closed normal
#7744 Can't install conduit via cabal-install bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7745 sleep interrupted in foreign call with GHC later than 7.2 bug closed normal
#7749 hsc2hs generated executable does not reflect additional library directories bug closed normal
#7754 Can't find curses.h when building cross-compiler bug closed normal
#7766 equality constraints exposed by patterns mess up constraint inference bug closed normal
#7791 Bad error message when strictness annotations are used without BangPatterns pragma bug closed normal
#7812 Ambiguity check too eager with unconstrained type variable bug closed normal
#7820 Installing profiling library BREAKS non-profiling executable igloo bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7856 Wrong error message for unknown Instance feature request closed normal
#7866 floor (0/0) :: Int is different with -O0 and -O1 bug closed normal
#7884 Cannot build hedgewars with new haskell 7.6 bug closed normal
#7904 GHC calls the cc1 of a gcc thats not the first in PATH bug closed normal
#7929 -pgma and -pgmc flags dont work as expected on mac bug closed normal
#7932 haskell-src-exts should depend on happy bug closed normal
#7935 Syntactic sugar for comonads feature request closed normal
#7964 GADTs in Haskell98 style wvv feature request closed normal
#7981 Lack of packages from category theory at Platform feature request closed normal
#7996 building GHC HEAD with llvm-3.4(HEAD) fails bug closed normal
#8003 Add missing Applicative/Alternative instances (AMP phase 1) task closed normal
#8008 Pretty numbers (like 1`000`000) feature request closed normal
#8021 Multiple constraint classes - the alternative to superclass feature request closed normal
#8030 FlexibleContexts PolyKinds Type Families bug bug closed normal
#8033 add AVX register support to llvm calling convention carter task closed normal
#8038 Old-time is not built when building GHC 7.7.20130704 (perf) for Windows x86_64 bug closed high 7.8.1
#8053 unification error with ghc head bug closed normal
#8058 If .ghci is a symlink, permissions aren't read correctly bug closed low
#8073 TransformListComp weird type error bug closed normal 7.8.1
#8081 let form in do block requires in? bug closed normal
#8088 Disposable types language extension feature request closed normal
#8090 MetaKinds - PolyKinds generalization feature request closed normal
#8104 By default GHC API looks for .dyn_o but only creates .o bug closed normal
#8105 unhelpful error message PolyKinds + GADTs bug closed normal
#8111 Kinds as "I don't care" type variables feature request closed normal
#8112 Kinds as "I don't care" type variables feature request closed normal
#8137 Permited mega-polymorphic type bug closed normal
#8154 Possible bug in open type familes: Conflicting (a->a) and (a->a->a) instances bug closed normal 7.8.1
#8183 Parse error with let inside of do with { } bug closed normal
#8214 'Untouchable' error in list comprehension bug closed normal
#8231 Haskell's Run Time System doesn't save electricity bug closed normal
#8255 GC Less Operation feature request closed lowest
#8268 Local annotations ignored in ambiguity check bug closed highest
#8297 Allow implicit parameters to take a default value feature request closed low
#8334 unexpected type inference failure in main bug closed normal
#8337 make it possible for the user to force orphanness via a module-level annotation bug closed normal 7.8.1
#8348 Add Super-classes to libraries feature request closed normal
#8370 Ranked Instances feature request closed normal
#8371 ghci byte compiler + FFI crashes when used with embedded R bug closed normal
#8379 sync-all broken when using the GitHub mirror bug closed normal
#8390 regression in handling of type variables in constraints on instances which do not appear in the instance head bug closed normal
#8411 TypeSynonymInstances with partial type bug closed normal
#8417 Pattern matching on OverloadedLists is erratic bug closed normal
#8421 ghc build failure with template haskell on ghc head bug closed normal
#8443 cannot find normal object file when compiling TH code bug closed normal
#8463 Inferred types problem bug closed normal
#8587 Add operator <%>, or similar, as <%> = flip fmap feature request closed normal
#8588 ForeignImport coercion evaluated before typechecking bug closed normal
#8608 internal error: ARR_WORDS object entered! bug closed normal
#8622 Importing modules in .ghci file doesn't work bug closed normal
#8636 Infix declaration on operators ending on backslash bug closed normal
#8660 unexpected parsing error, "in" is treated as reserved word in type class constraints bug closed normal
#8669 Closed TypeFamilies regression bug closed high
#8691 Investigate recent 32bit compiler performance regressions bug closed high 7.8.1
#8701 Update libffi-tarballs to latest libffi bug closed high 7.8.1
#8717 Segfault in 64-bit Windows GHCi bug closed high 7.8.1
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