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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#3977 Support double-byte encodings (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) on Windows batterseapower feature request closed low
#3983 -O2 makes exception disappear simonpj bug closed low 7.0.1
#4001 Implement an atomic readMVar ezyang task closed low 7.6.2
#4034 GHC > 6.10 fails to build on PowerPC / MacOS X Leopard bug closed low 7.0.1
#4037 ghc/ghc-6.12.1 interacts strangely with quoted command line parameters bug closed low 7.0.1
#4124 GHC rejects instance quotations with splices in the instance head bug closed low 7.6.2
#4128 Can't capture classes inside a template haskell type quotation feature request closed low 7.6.2
#4135 Can't Quote Instance Associated Types in Template Haskell bug closed low 7.6.2
#4148 improve new recursive do syntax feature request closed low 7.6.1
#4170 Invalid "duplicate instance" error bug closed low 7.6.2
#4175 GHCi support for type/data families should match that of related features bug closed low 7.6.2
#4185 Deriving higher-arity instances for newtype family instances fails simonpj bug closed low 7.6.2
#4196 add more stolen syntax to the user guide task closed low 7.6.2
#4197 clarify which names can not be quoted task closed low 7.6.1
#4210 LLVM: Dynamic Library Support dterei feature request closed low 7.6.2
#4218 System.Random is way too lazy bug closed low 7.10.1
#4230 Template Haskell: less type checking in quotations? feature request closed low 7.6.2
#4254 Fundeps and equalities bug closed low 7.0.1
#4267 Strictness analyser is to conservative about passing a boxed parameter nomeata bug closed low 7.6.2
#4366 in-tree GMP build problem with shared libraries bug closed low 7.10.1
#4428 Local functions lose their unfoldings bug closed low
#4429 Ability to specify the namespace in mkName reinerp feature request closed low
#4846 Newtype derving used wrongly bug closed low 7.6.2
#4896 Deriving Data does not work for attached code bug closed low 7.10.1
#4921 report ambiguous type variables more consistently feature request closed low 7.10.1
#5070 dph and new code generator don't play nicely with each other benl bug closed low 7.8.1
#5158 Update .git-ignore in all the repos pcapriotti task closed low
#5190 TinyCoreLinux extension bug closed low 7.10.1
#5209 ^C doesn't correctly reset the prompt from within multiline commands in ghci bennofs bug closed low 7.6.2
#5261 -pgmF messes up hpc .mix output andy@… bug closed low 7.6.1
#5308 Generalize -msse2 command line flag to -msse<version number> feature request closed low 7.6.2
#5321 Very slow constraint solving for type families bug closed low 7.6.1
#5390 Hard-coded /Developer path in Mac ghc pumpkin bug closed low 7.6.1
#5550 GHC infinite loop when compiling vector bug closed low 7.6.2
#5582 Panic from -C flag igloo bug closed low 7.6.1
#5609 Type checking arrow notation in the presence of deferred constraints ross bug closed low 7.6.2
#5612 Better support for kinds in Template Haskell lunaris feature request closed low 7.6.1
#5978 Type error in one function causes wrong type error report in another function in the presence of functionally dependent types bug closed low 7.6.1
#7010 Type error in one function causes wrong type error report in another function when using type families bug closed low 7.6.1
#7863 Verbosity level for quieter Template Haskell hvr feature request closed low 7.10.1
#8063 Bad Bug URL bug closed low
#8077 Make write_barrier and friends show up with KEEP_INLINES rrnewton bug closed low
#8106 Confusing parse error for missing do keyword bug closed low
#8201 Haddockifying the documentation in HsSyn jstolarek bug closed low
#8262 Ill-kinded value is not rejected immediately simonpj bug closed low
#8283 utils/fingerprint/ doesn't work on Windows leroux bug closed low
#8289 unused variable in rts/posix/OSMem.c getPageSize bug closed low
#8384 -fwarn-empty-enumerations doesn't work with -fhpc bug closed low
#8509 Doc Formatting - Patch Included bug closed low
#8534 DeriveFunctor and PolyKinds bug closed low
#8539 Data.Complex shouldn't use default implementation of (**) bug closed low 7.12.1
#8576 Improve deriving error messages nomeata feature request closed low
#8593 vector is being built even with `--no-dph` feature request closed low
#8609 Clean up block allocator ezyang bug closed low
#8612 Error message "not in scope" on missing 'deriving' bug closed low
#8672 :browse and roles on typefamilies goldfire bug closed low
#8738 msys2 fails cabal01 test refold bug closed low
#8777 Ghc crashes when compiling happstack-server on ubuntu-docker bug closed low
#8841 PatternSynonyms error gives wrong source locations bug closed low 7.8.1
#8873 /cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Haskell Platform/2013.2.0.0/bin/ No such file or directory bug closed low 7.10.1
#8954 Reifying the nullary unboxed tuple is broken bug closed low 7.8.3
#9021 [CID43168] rts/linker.c has a memory leak in the dlopen/dlerror code simonmar bug closed low 7.8.3
#9057 Remove /usr/bin/… references task closed low 7.10.1
#9067 Optimize clearNursery by short-circuiting when we get to currentNursery ezyang task closed low 7.10.1
#9075 Per-thread weak pointer list (remove global lock on mkWeak#) ezyang bug closed low
#9153 TcCoercible test is failing with context reduction stack overflow bug closed low
#9156 Duplicate record field gintas bug closed low
#9167 Associated type is accepted even without mentioning class parameters bug closed low
#9317 Add PolyKinds extension to Data.Monoid bug closed low 7.10.1
#9449 GHC.Prim documentation says "Safe Inferred" thoughtpolice bug closed low 7.10.1
#9455 Data.Data documentation has a broken link bug closed low
#9580 Possible excessive leniency in interaction between coerce and data families? simonpj bug closed low
#9634 "data X = 1": "Illegal literal in type (use DataKinds to enable): 1" bug closed low
#9658 Prettyprint constraints in type signatures can omit necessary parentheses bug closed low 7.8.4
#9779 Darin Morrison's brewtap for ghc is deprecated, and should not be recommended bug closed low
#9807 Only test for bug #9439 when llvm is installed feature request closed low 7.10.1
#9812 Split `SynTyCon` into `SynonymTyCon` and `FamilyTyCon` task closed low
#9852 Add missing export lists dfeuer task closed low 7.12.1
#9884 Compling on arm and getting "No native code generator, so using LLVM" erikd bug closed low
#9984 Show, Read, Eq, Ord instances for Control.Applicative.Const feature request closed low 7.10.1
#10041 Instance signatures (InstanceSigs) don't accept '[] :: [ĸ] bug closed low
#10057 Ghc panic with syntax error in data declaration. bug closed low
#16 Extensionsflags igloo feature request closed normal 6.8.1
#95 GHCi :edit command should jump to the the last error lortabac feature request closed normal
#179 Instance match failure on openTypeKind simonpj bug closed normal 6.8.1
#197 allow "\ " escapes in GHCi commands rjmccall feature request closed normal
#223 ghci identifier autocomplete like bash nobody feature request closed normal
#265 ancilData breaks link on AIX simonmar bug closed normal 6.4.2
#276 ghci compile option simonmar task closed normal 6.8.1
#288 amd64-FreeBSD-5.3 port? feature request closed normal
#289 class context restrictions in GADT types not assumed simonpj bug closed normal 6.8.1
#301 GADT constructor constraints ignored simonpj bug closed normal 6.8.1
#317 Simplifier doesn't preserve bottoms sometimes bug closed normal
#318 GHCi support on x86_64 nobody feature request closed normal
#349 Strange GADT behaviour simonpj bug closed normal 6.8.1
#366 incomplete patterns and GADT feature request closed normal
#397 Reading source files in encodings other than Latin-1 nobody feature request closed normal
#398 Xlib Types Not Instances of Anything ross bug closed normal
#439 panic when interpreting compiled stuff nobody bug closed normal
#441 GHCi doesn't run computations in a new thread simonmar bug closed normal 6.4.2
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