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#3745 Non-deterministic behavior with FFI bug closed high 6.12.2
#3764 need --htmldir conifiguration igloo feature request closed normal 6.12.2
#3829 GHC leaks memory when compiling many files bug closed normal 7.2.1
#3846 .ghci file is ignored on Mac OS X bug closed normal
#3849 6.12.1: make framework-pkg on OS X creates package with broken installer bug closed normal 6.12.2
#3868 UDP in network module feature request closed normal
#3909 Priority queues in containers LouisWasserman proposal closed normal
#3917 Bus error with strictness annotations bug closed low
#3923 internal error: throwTo: unrecognised why_blocked value (6.12.1) bug closed normal 6.12.3
#3932 haddock.exe: internal error: awaitRequests: odd thread state simonmar bug closed highest 7.0.1
#3967 Adding heap profiling RTS options causes segfault bug closed normal
#3976 '+RTS -S' reports negative allocation. bug closed low 7.2.1
#4044 Compilation of my ghc tree with ghc-6.12.2 -dcore-lint fails. bug closed normal 7.0.1
#4045 Ghc panics 'ASSERT failed! file compiler/typecheck/TcTyFuns.lhs line 318' when compiling my ghc tree. bug closed normal 7.0.1
#4047 Incorrect unused-import warning in ghci bug closed normal
#4088 GHCi crash bug closed normal 7.0.1
#4141 Inconsistant .hi or .hi-boot compilation error bug closed normal
#4166 unsafeCoerce#'s kind is not as liberal enough to inspect tag bits. feature request closed normal
#4187 Seg fault with Text.Regex bug closed normal 7.0.1
#4199 createDirectoryIfMissing fails if directory exists on 32-bit windows bug closed high 7.0.1
#4339 Control.Concurrent.threadDelay is in microseconds contrary to documentation bug closed normal
#4350 Compiler crash building latest binary package in hackage with 7.0.1-rc1 bug closed normal
#4393 GHCi says: ghc: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 63587 bug closed normal 7.2.1
#4486 Unable to satisfy "Defined but not used: data constructor" warning bug closed normal 7.4.1
#4490 failure during install_doc bug closed normal 7.0.2
#4510 No links will be generated to these packages: base- igloo bug closed high 7.2.1
#4804 ghc-stage2: Monadic.o: bus error / segmentation fault / internal error bug closed high 7.4.1
#4839 RTS assertion failure when heap profiling threaded programs. bug closed high 7.2.1
#4843 "include" directory missing in the ghc 7.0.1 windows installer bug closed highest 7.0.2
#4871 Build failure on windows: rts/Linker.c bug closed normal
#4898 internal error: evacuate(static): strange closure type 23675 bug closed normal
#4915 Segmentation fault or access violation in GHCi (Windows) during tab-completion bug closed normal
#4922 Segfault / Assertion failed in RTS (Compact.c) simonmar bug closed high 7.2.1
#4948 Undefined symbols: "_processzm1zi0zi1zi4_SystemziProcess_showCommandForUser_closure" bug closed normal
#4956 threadDelay behavior 64-bit mac os x bug closed normal 7.2.1
#4967 internal error: stg_ap_v_ret on forkProcess + executeFile simonmar bug closed high 7.2.1
#4990 DPH (desugarer) causes GHC compilation to fail bug closed normal
#4991 base GHC/Conc/Sync causes build failure bug closed normal
#4998 performance regressions bug closed high 7.2.1
#5000 Eliminate absent arguments in non-strict positions feature request closed normal
#5033 GHC 7.0.2 does not build on OS X 10.5. bug closed normal
#5036 ghc bug: urk! lookup local fingerprint bug closed high 7.2.1
#5072 Segfault on OS X in interpreted code bug closed high 7.4.2
#5090 print026 sporadically fails igloo bug closed normal 7.2.1
#5102 ghc struggles to compile a large case statement igloo bug closed normal 7.4.1
#5105 Cant do annotations without GHCi bug closed normal
#5164 Dump intermediate representations (-ddump-*) to a file feature request closed normal
#5172 unix-compat does not build because of strangeness in GHC's header files. bug closed normal
#5221 unicode regression batterseapower bug closed high 7.2.1
#5234 The parListWHNF optimisation isn't simonmar bug closed high 7.4.1
#5259 Heap used by compacting collector larger than heap used without. simonmar bug closed high 7.2.1
#5270 Installing ghc ruins PATH on Windows igloo bug closed highest 7.2.1
#5271 Compilation speed regression bug closed normal 7.4.1
#5299 ghc.exe: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) bug closed normal 7.2.1
#5301 Trac failure: "KeyError: 'fields'" bug closed normal
#5346 ghc.git missing bug closed normal
#5347 Help Me Port Haskell to Haiku OS bug closed normal
#5394 GHC hangs on compile of anything bug closed high 7.4.1
#5403 LLVM's llc pass does not print all the error messages to the console. dterei bug closed normal 7.4.1
#5405 Strange closure type crash when using Template Haskell on OS X Lion bug closed normal 7.6.1
#5428 Creating executable in OS X Lion bug closed normal
#5482 isSymbolicLink doesn't work bug closed normal
#5502 ghc-stage2: internal error: invalid closure bug closed normal
#5553 sendWakeup error in simple test program with MVars and killThread tibbe bug closed high 7.4.2
#5639 Computing the sum of all the primes below two million leads to a runtime system crash bug closed normal
#5656 Biographical profiling broken in 7.2.1 bug closed normal
#5663 integer-gmp passes arguments to __gmpn_gcd_1() in contravention of the docs bug closed normal
#5727 Unclear documentation about .eventlog's spark information flag duncan bug closed high 7.4.2
#5765 ghc-cabal build failure with nonsense error message igloo bug closed low 7.6.2
#5799 internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 15 bug closed normal
#5816 static linking silently fails in ghc igloo bug closed normal 7.6.1
#5831 space_leak_001(ghci) segfaults on OS X x86_64 bug closed high 7.6.2
#5899 RTS crash w/ strange closure type 603975781 on OS X 10.8 bug closed high 7.4.2
#6000 Performance of Fibonnaci compare to Python bug closed normal
#6014 Crash; message says to report it, here it is. bug closed normal
#6071 Compiled program segfaults simonmar bug closed highest 7.4.2
#6095 GHC 7.0.3 panic when compiling mwc-random bug closed normal
#6125 GHCi crash bug closed normal
#6140 segfault in OS X GHCi when dealing with infinite integers bug closed normal
#6167 Compile stalls with pause returning ERESTARTNOHAND bug closed normal 7.6.1
#7089 -fwarn-unused-do-bind with type families bug closed normal
#7121 garbage collection invokation, query functions for realtime feature request closed normal
#7153 GHC crashes with "(Array.!): undefined array element" while building pcapriotti bug closed highest 7.6.1
#7154 making GHC from sources with a locally installed GHC 6.12.1 fails bug closed normal
#7166 Time running backwards in retainer profile bug closed normal
#7221 DataKinds with recursive data and type synonym causing GHC to crash bug closed normal
#7301 Got an internal error that caused GHCi to crash bug closed normal
#7302 perf-disruptor2-multicast: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 66562 bug closed normal
#7314 GHCi 64-bit OS X segfaults on interaction with C-libraries bug closed normal
#7327 Inconsistent behavior for relative paths in runProcess bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7340 Building fails with dph-base_dist-install_GHCI_LIB not defined bug closed normal
#7363 runghc leaks space in IO igloo bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7385 Promotion of datatypes without -XDataKinds bug closed normal
#7390 Setup.hs: internal error: stg_ap_v_ret (MacOS) bug closed normal
#7418 Writing to stderr is 7x slower than writing to stdout bug closed normal
#7432 haddock : panic! (the 'impossible' happened) bug closed normal
#7470 Patch to enable GHC runtime system with thr_debug_p options... bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7512 GHC crashes with multiple => in instance bug closed normal
#7531 after manualy installing array- igloo bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7552 "~/.haskeline" does nothing in "ghci" bug closed normal
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