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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#449 Very big integer arithmetic crashes GHCi on Windows and Mac simonmar bug closed normal 6.4.2
#451 GHC poor type-checker error message bug closed normal
#482 'Bug' when installing GHC 6.4.1 wolfgang bug closed normal
#485 AdjustorAsm.S doesn't build on AIX bug closed low
#551 "No threads to run" ignores finalizers bug closed normal
#668 Compiler loops indefinitely on Morris-style fixed-point operator bug closed normal
#670 External Core is broken tim bug closed normal
#671 GHC can suggest "Probable fixes" that are impossible bug closed low
#731 GHCi doesn't work on powerpc64 bug closed normal
#740 Copyright information is wrong in some GHC source files bug closed lowest
#851 Incomplete-pattern checking for n+k patterns is not implemented bug closed low
#927 Type checker infers () instead of a bug closed normal
#944 OPTIONS_GHC in included file ignored sometimes bug closed normal
#951 stage2 on sparc dies with "schedule: re-entered unsafely" benl bug closed normal 6.10.2
#1032 Test.QuickCheck.Batch overflow in length of tests bug closed normal Not GHC
#1066 MacOSX powerpc gcc 3.3/4.0 and unknown symbol `_printf$LDBLStub' thorkilnaur bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1078 Using X11 through ffi on windows does not work bug closed high
#1082 Documentation missing from MacOS PPC binary thorkilnaur bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1083 ghci says a module wasn't loaded under debugging mode when in fact it was mnislaih bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1084 Improve coalescing of dynamic breakpoints in the ghci debugger mnislaih bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1089 Somewhat bad type error message bug closed lowest
#1090 Bad monomorphism-restriction-related type error message bug closed lowest
#1099 Visual Haskell crashes when ".." is used in hs-source-dirs bug closed normal Not GHC
#1100 Parse error on (#) in .lhs files bug closed low 6.8.1
#1107 Incorrect error message when there is a dot in the package name. bug closed normal Not GHC
#1112 The testsuite setup is broken bug closed normal
#1120 randomR is non-uniform for most ranges bug closed normal Not GHC
#1121 Error message "Expecting a function type, but found `w_a1Kh'" bug closed normal
#1167 mangler makes global symbol disappear on linux-ppc bug closed normal
#1184 Hasktags misses symbol bug closed low
#1207 Unnecessary prohibition of unquantified higher-order typeclass constraints bug closed low
#1221 Types don't match expressions in type error simonpj bug closed low
#1257 Bytecode generator can't handle unboxed tuples bug closed high 7.4.1
#1293 building via gcc 4.2.x on SPARC/Solaris is very slow benl bug closed normal 6.10.2
#1323 crash when zipping two lists of the same length... bug closed normal
#1324 threadDelay can't handle long times bug closed normal 6.12.1
#1334 apparent memory leak in --make mode (compiling base library during building ghc) bug closed normal 6.8.2
#1361 When trying to run yi, it fails to compile main, and exits with an error bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1369 Type error when compiling ST-monad-like code bug closed normal
#1393 Tag source tree with successful bootstraps bug closed normal
#1455 Wildcard pattern _ generates defaulting warning bug closed low
#1458 FPS package dependency in GHC 6.4 and GHC 6.6 bug closed normal
#1499 Visual Haskell installer issue(s) bug closed normal Not GHC
#1508 hasktags program needs replacement bug closed normal
#1517 Ratio Int is not well ordered bug closed normal
#1521 Problems building the time library with Cabal / Setup.hs bug closed normal Not GHC
#1539 Ord should not default to () bug closed low
#1542 Data/Time/Format/Parse cannot be compiled with -DDEBUG bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1547 Arity can decrease with -prof bug closed normal
#1563 -Onot is not described in the GHC User's Guide, Version 6.6.1 bug closed normal
#1570 ghc panic when compiling with -fPIC bug closed highest
#1591 runghc, ghc rts or base implements unintuitive shell escaping in Windows bug closed high 6.8.1
#1609 spurious gcc warnings with non-english language setting bug closed low
#1644 Problem with interface file (.hi) for a particular function bug closed normal
#1747 debugger: :trace is wasting time bug closed lowest 7.6.2
#1752 CSE can create space leaks by increasing sharing bug closed low
#1868 Exception fails all exception predicates bug closed normal 6.12 branch
#1870 ghc-6.8.1 panics compiling regex-tdfa-0.93 simonpj bug closed low
#1889 Regression in concurrency performance from ghc 6.6 to 6.8 simonmar bug closed high 6.8.3
#1939 GHC 6.8.1: Non-exhaustive patterns in function vectAlgCase, fixed in HEAD bug closed normal
#1950 Should not register packages when installing with DESTDIR option bug closed normal
#1985 IntSet.deleteMin doesn't agree with Set.deleteMin bug closed high Not GHC
#2001 panic when recompiling after ctrl-C leaves .o without .hi bug closed normal
#2002 problems with very large (list) literals simonmar bug closed high 6.10.2
#2012 compiling via-C does not work on ppc bug closed lowest 6.12.3
#2020 configure script shipped with ghc is built by broken version of autoconf bug closed normal
#2026 Simple data types in System.Posix.IO should have Eq, Ord, etc. instances bug closed normal
#2032 SCC annotations cause compile errors bug closed normal
#2076 rational infinities don't compare correctly to each other jeffrey bug closed normal
#2085 cabal uses haddock from hard-coded location bug closed normal
#2106 parts of Language.Haskell.TH.Ppr in wrong package? bug closed normal
#2142 :b doesn't invoke :browse, or even generate an ambiguous command error bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2153 GHCi does not have a :source command to load further .ghci files bug closed normal
#2156 compilation math/truncate bug with optimization enabled bug closed normal
#2166 minBound `rem` (-1) fails bug closed normal
#2187 Top-level bindings are broken for polymorphic values bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2249 Undeclared variable in cmm reports as panic bug closed low 6.12.3
#2281 properFraction implemented with modf primitive? bug closed normal 7.2.1
#2315 Control.Applicative.ZipList doesn't derive Show bug closed normal
#2329 Control.Parallel.Strategies: definitions of rnf for most collections are poor bug closed normal
#2379 ghc-6.9.20080614: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) bug closed low 6.10.1
#2380 Adjustor.o crash compiling ghc 6.8.3 on iBook G4 10.4.11 bug closed low 6.12.3
#2425 Crash constructing a ClockTime too far into the future bug closed normal
#2426 ghc-pkg should treat package.conf as UTF8 simonmar bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2428 bad error message for multiple modules in the same file bug closed low 7.0.1
#2444 gtk2hs 0.9.13 fails to build on ppc due to bad code generated with -fvia-C bug closed lowest 6.12.3
#2446 Network.Socket.PortNum should not be exported bug closed normal
#2474 II belive that in ISO8601 the date and time should be separated by a 'T', not a space bug closed normal
#2480 error function is not lazy bug closed normal
#2489 Registry keys are created in per-user HKCU instead of system-wide HKLM bug closed normal
#2519 Time.toClockTime: picoseconds out of range, after diffClockTimes bug closed normal
#2558 re-throwing an asynchronous exception throws it synchronously simonmar bug closed normal 7.0.1
#2583 printf %s is not lazy enough bug closed low 7.0.1
#2628 hIsTerminalDevice returns True for /dev/null (aka NUL) on Windows ekmett bug closed normal
#2651 BlockedIndefinitely not thrown when it should be bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2697 bad testsuite results with ghc- bug closed normal
#2705 ghc discards version of wired-in packages bug closed normal
#2794 Bootstrapping ghc-6.4.3 hangs in call to "ghc-pkg-inplace" bug closed normal
#2800 deprecated OPTIONS flag warnings generated during dep chasing? bug closed normal 6.12 branch
#2807 the 'impossible' happened bug closed normal
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