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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#722 Adrian Hey's StringMap library in the collections package. Adrian Hey (if he accepts) task closed normal Not GHC
#1629 Upgrade regex-base,compat,posix with GHC 6.8 Chris Kuklewicz <haskell@…> proposal closed normal 6.8.2
#3912 Gut Build System JohnD feature request closed normal
#7654 Cannot specify argv[0] with createProcess MtnViewMark feature request closed normal
#1516 Add Data.Stream, a library for manipulating infinite lists, to base WouterSwierstra proposal closed normal Not GHC
#3175 hpc should not mark otherwise as "always true" andy@… bug closed normal
#951 stage2 on sparc dies with "schedule: re-entered unsafely" benl bug closed normal 6.10.2
#1293 building via gcc 4.2.x on SPARC/Solaris is very slow benl bug closed normal 6.10.2
#7933 JavaScript Cmm backend bosu feature request closed normal
#7736 Parallel array enumeration causes compiler panic (enumFromToP) chak bug closed normal 7.10.1
#2684 Stack overflow in stream-fusion library with GHC 6.10 RC dons task closed high 7.2.1
#3562 syb package on Hackage does not work with 6.12 dreixel bug closed high 6.12.1
#5506 LLVM AST : needs an LlvmType ctor to represent vectors so that LLVM can generate SIMD instructions dterei task closed normal
#5808 nofib/spectral/hartel/transform is crashing with -fllvm (LLVM 2.7) dterei bug closed high 7.4.2
#7694 LLVM: bootstrapping with LLVM 3.2 does not work dterei bug closed normal
#5818 gcd and fizzled reversed in event SparkCounters duncan bug closed normal 7.6.1
#7200 template-haskell- fails to build with GHC 7.0.4 due to missing pragma duncan bug closed normal 7.10.1
#2628 hIsTerminalDevice returns True for /dev/null (aka NUL) on Windows ekmett bug closed normal
#5942 implement POSIX confstr() in System/Posix/Unistd.hsc ekmett feature request closed normal 7.10.1
#9322 Modify readProcess[WithExitCode] to allow setting current directory ekmett feature request closed normal
#9330 Introduce shortcut for "on (==)" much like there's a shortcut for "on compare". ekmett feature request closed normal
#7751 Incremental heap census ezyang feature request closed normal 7.8.1
#9508 Rename package key ezyang task closed normal 7.10.1
#9764 Home package modules silently override available modules from package database ezyang feature request closed normal
#1816 Add Data.Set.mapMaybe fox@… proposal closed normal 7.6.1
#5242 IntMap.differenceKeysSet for removing an IntSet of keys fox@… feature request closed normal 7.6.1
#8482 Permission denied when copying file to current directory with copyFile gintas bug closed normal
#9768 Declarations processed in unexpected order in the presence of TH declaration splices goldfire bug closed normal
#7673 Windows: run "git config --global core.autocrlf false" before cloning the repo hvr bug closed normal 7.10.1
#8897 Can't change "Full Name" in preferences hvr bug closed lowest
#8983 sync-all get should respect branches hvr bug closed low
#10024 This bug tracker: Can not create filter `x contains y && x contains z` hvr bug closed normal
#1779 unknown symbol `hs_hpc_module' igloo merge closed low 6.10 branch
#3153 Panic on syntactically wrong LANGUAGE pragma igloo merge closed normal 6.10 branch
#4040 Eq instance for Data.Data.DataType igloo feature request closed normal
#4303 Segfault in RTS (apparently only MacOS) FFI related? igloo bug closed highest 7.2.1
#4849 object code size fairly large for ghc-7.0.1 with optimization igloo bug closed normal 7.4.1
#5135 compilation failure on OS X 10.4 due to _POSIX_C_SOURCE igloo bug closed high 7.4.1
#5535 Performance regression vs. 7.2.1 igloo bug closed highest 7.4.1
#2076 rational infinities don't compare correctly to each other jeffrey bug closed normal
#667 Efficient Map <-> Set conversions jpbernardy feature request closed normal Not GHC
#721 Write Data.Trie jpbernardy task closed normal 6.8.1
#2324 Data.Tree.Zipper in containers package kr.angelov proposal closed normal Not GHC
#9808 Add data-dir to InstalledPackageInfo luite task closed normal 7.10.1
#1083 ghci says a module wasn't loaded under debugging mode when in fact it was mnislaih bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1084 Improve coalescing of dynamic breakpoints in the ghci debugger mnislaih bug closed normal 6.8.1
#315 Arbitrary function sections nobody feature request closed normal
#566 mips-sgi-irix6.5 port? nobody feature request closed normal
#837 Infer fully qualified names to overcome namespace clashes nobody feature request closed normal
#8894 Clean up `Coercible` plumbing nomeata task closed normal
#5744 List layouts nsch feature request closed normal
#7472 Build on FreeBSD fails with ncurses pgj bug closed normal
#7652 Testing freezes on FreeBSD 9.1. pgj bug closed high 7.8.1
#8564 Unhandled ELF relocation types on dynamically loading object files with GHCi pgj task closed normal
#3991 One function missing in Data.Map plmday bug closed normal
#5162 Add Int index functions to Data.Set sacundim feature request closed normal
#8367 putStrLn and related printing functions don't output to MinTTY properly under Windows schyler bug closed high
#449 Very big integer arithmetic crashes GHCi on Windows and Mac simonmar bug closed normal 6.4.2
#1889 Regression in concurrency performance from ghc 6.6 to 6.8 simonmar bug closed high 6.8.3
#2002 problems with very large (list) literals simonmar bug closed high 6.10.2
#2426 ghc-pkg should treat package.conf as UTF8 simonmar bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2558 re-throwing an asynchronous exception throws it synchronously simonmar bug closed normal 7.0.1
#3160 No exception safety in Control.Concurrent.QSem QSemN and SampleVar simonmar bug closed normal 7.6.1
#3294 Large compilation time/memory consumption simonmar bug closed low 7.4.1
#3375 Add a command-line option to the darcs-all script to specify the darcs repository to use simonmar feature request closed normal 6.12.1
#3499 darcs-all cannot use SSH repos with MSYS simonmar bug closed low 7.2.1
#4979 IO performance regression in 7.0.2 simonmar bug closed normal
#5085 internal error: evacuate: strange closure type simonmar bug closed highest 7.4.1
#5367 Program in (-N1) runs 10 times slower than it with two threads (-N2) simonmar bug closed high 7.4.1
#5693 Build of local-gc branch of ghc broken simonmar bug closed normal
#5704 Bug in the handling of wired-in packages (like template-haskell) simonmar bug closed high 7.4.2
#7069 precision/rounding bug with floating point numbers on 32-bit-platforms simonmar bug closed normal 7.6.1
#8400 Migrate the RTS to use libuv (or libev, or libevent) simonmar feature request closed normal
#8512 Add flag like '-xc' that only reports uncaught exceptions simonmar feature request closed normal
#8606 Fix whitespaces in rts/sm/Scav.c simonmar task closed lowest
#8703 Use guard pages rather than heap checks simonmar feature request closed normal
#8938 Should fallback instead of EXIT_FAILURE on clock_gettime failure simonmar bug closed normal
#9519 Add a way to mask thread preemption via fired timer for a computation simonmar feature request closed normal
#1221 Types don't match expressions in type error simonpj bug closed low
#1870 ghc-6.8.1 panics compiling regex-tdfa-0.93 simonpj bug closed low
#7137 Unnecessary -XRank2Types requirement involving type alias containing "forall" from another module simonpj bug closed highest 7.6.1
#1066 MacOSX powerpc gcc 3.3/4.0 and unknown symbol `_printf$LDBLStub' thorkilnaur bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1082 Documentation missing from MacOS PPC binary thorkilnaur bug closed normal 6.6.1
#670 External Core is broken tim bug closed normal
#2455 Building ticky-ticky profiling libraries doesn't work tim task closed low 7.0.1
#482 'Bug' when installing GHC 6.4.1 wolfgang bug closed normal
#1120 randomR is non-uniform for most ranges bug closed normal Not GHC
#2177 Can Data.Unique safely derive Typeable? feature request closed normal 6.10 branch
#2216 Better error message for unboxed types with no -fglasgow-exts flag feature request closed normal
#2380 Adjustor.o crash compiling ghc 6.8.3 on iBook G4 10.4.11 bug closed low 6.12.3
#2425 Crash constructing a ClockTime too far into the future bug closed normal
#2474 II belive that in ISO8601 the date and time should be separated by a 'T', not a space bug closed normal
#3090 ghc-pkg update should fail if dependent packages might break bug closed high 7.6.1
#8466 Aggregate “ambiguous import” errors for the same name feature request closed normal
#8480 ghc 7.6.3 + clang-compatibility patches task closed high
#8495 Infinite loop when using Data.HashTable.newHint and Data.HashTable.update bug closed normal
#8630 Kind inference fails to account for associated types bug closed normal
#8699 Multiple test faliures on 32-bit Linux systems. bug closed normal
#8716 improve AMP join warning bug closed normal
#8829 GHC HEAD/7.8 fails to build on Solaris 10 bug closed normal
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