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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#626 xhnzuuxjkpgppp 16871jvuu feature request closed high
#627 xhnzuuxjkpgppp 16871jvuu feature request closed high
#722 Adrian Hey's StringMap library in the collections package. Adrian Hey (if he accepts) task closed normal Not GHC
#8741 `System.Directory.getPermissions` fails on read-only filesystem AlainODea bug closed high 7.8.1
#8921 ghc-stage2 fails with ld: fatal: library -lrt: not found on topHandler02(profthreaded) test AlainODea bug closed normal
#8206 Add support for Portable Native Client Alex Sayers feature request new normal
#5645 Sharing across functions causing space leak Alexander.Pakhomov bug new normal 7.12.1
#676 Write a performance checker for collections. Alson Kemp task closed normal
#1911 -w doesn't turn off nullModuleExport AndreaRossato bug closed normal 6.12.1
#7773 Waiting on non-kqueue supported files on OS X AndreasVoellmy bug closed normal 7.8.1
#7926 eventfd: unsupported operation when doing anything AndreasVoellmy bug closed low
#8158 Replace IO manager's IntMap with a mutable hash table AndreasVoellmy feature request closed high 7.8.1
#10017 signal handlers are invoked multiple times when the threaded rts is used AndreasVoellmy bug closed highest 7.10.1
#1169 Control.Monad.Cont documentation Andriy proposal closed normal Not GHC
#1000 Refactor HPC support AndyGill task closed normal 6.8.1
#1340 Hpc Documentation AndyGill merge closed high 6.8.1
#1438 Integrate Hpc core tools into GHC AndyGill task closed normal 6.8.1
#1853 hpc mix files for Main modules overwrite each other AndyGill bug new lowest 7.12.1
#1907 HPC and Template Haskell don't mix AndyGill bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2052 hpc ignores files containing LINES pragmas that refer to .hsc files AndyGill bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2311 hpc markup fails to create directory when marking up coverage of a package AndyGill bug closed normal 6.10.1
#9150 libraries/time: parseTime barfs on leading space in format string Ashley Yakeley bug closed normal
#7326 print035(ghci) fails when ghci is dynamic Austin Seipp <aseipp@…> bug closed high 7.8.1
#7382 Evaluating GHCi expressions is slow following the dynamic-by-default change Austin Seipp <aseipp@…> bug closed highest 7.8.1
#8125 iOS patch no 17: Add .a suffix onto libraries that take the place of executables Austin Seipp <aseipp@…> bug closed normal
#8126 iOS patch no 18: Fix Stage1Only so it doesn't build ghctags Austin Seipp <aseipp@…> bug closed normal
#2180 Any installed signal handler stops deadlock detection, but XCPU never happens in a deadlock Baughn feature request new normal
#1629 Upgrade regex-base,compat,posix with GHC 6.8 Chris Kuklewicz <haskell@…> proposal closed normal 6.8.2
#2540 [Text.Regex] incorrect word boundary ("\\b") substitutions. Bug in regex-compat's subRegex handling of BOL flags. ChrisKuklewicz bug closed normal Not GHC
#7143 ghc- -> ghc can't figure out LLVM version Fanael bug closed normal 7.8.4
#4012 Compilation results are not deterministic Fuuzetsu bug new normal 7.12.1
#6094 runInteractiveProcess not using new PATH GregWeber task closed normal 7.6.1
#9126 -ddump-to-file in TcRnMonad.lhs GregWeber bug closed normal 7.10.1
#4216 Haskell Platform for Mac doesn't seem to include "cabal" executable GregoryCollins bug closed normal
#1528 Windows HEAD snapshot does not include hpc program Igloo bug closed high 6.8.1
#1317 add warning for the Prelude being imported implicitly Isaac Dupree feature request closed normal 6.8.1
#7116 Missing optimisation: strength reduction of floating-point multiplication Jan Stolarek <jan.stolarek@…> bug closed normal 7.8.1
#3912 Gut Build System JohnD feature request closed normal
#9600 Bad error message: Applicative is not a derivable class JohnWiegley bug new normal 7.12.1
#3271 New methods for Data.Sequence LouisWasserman proposal closed normal Not GHC
#3909 Priority queues in containers LouisWasserman proposal closed normal
#9421 Problems and workarounds when installing and using a 32bit GHC on 64bit Linux machine MikolajKonarski bug new normal
#7654 Cannot specify argv[0] with createProcess MtnViewMark feature request closed normal
#6079 SEH exception handler not implemented on Win64 Phyx- bug patch normal 7.12.1
#9907 "Unknown PEi386 section name `.text$printf'" error in GHCi on Windows Phyx- bug closed normal 7.10.1
#2986 :info printing instances often isn't wanted Remi feature request new lowest 7.12.1
#476 HUnit treats failures as errors RichardG bug closed normal Not GHC
#9930 By default, a source code without extension would get overwritten by executable on *nix Rufflewind bug closed normal 7.10.1
#10126 Test framework should not assume that GHC tools are in the same directory as GHC itself Rufflewind feature request patch normal 7.12.1
#4236 arrow bug SamAnklesaria bug closed normal 7.0.1
#5973 Rewrite rule not firing for typeclass SamAnklesaria bug closed normal
#6102 Subclass Specialization in Rewrite Rules SamAnklesaria feature request closed normal
#3693 Show stack traces Tarrasch feature request new normal 7.12.1
#8742 Reuse scavenge_small_bitmap Tarrasch task closed lowest 7.10.1
#2258 ghc --cleanup VictorDenisov feature request new lowest 7.12.1
#4114 Add a flag to remove/delete intermediate files generated by GHC VictorDenisov feature request new low 7.12.1
#1516 Add Data.Stream, a library for manipulating infinite lists, to base WouterSwierstra proposal closed normal Not GHC
#7241 GHC-7.6.1 panics on template haskell code Yuras bug closed normal 7.8.3
#9605 Misleading error message with forgotten "do" Yuras bug closed normal 7.10.1
#10091 Add configurable verbosity level to hpc executable Yuras feature request closed normal 7.10.1
#5972 option to suppress (Monomorphic) record selector functions adamgundry feature request new normal 7.12.1
#4927 pattern match failure if compiled with -threaded adept bug closed normal
#8226 Remove the old style -- # Haddock comments. adinapoli task new normal 7.12.1
#9294 More exports and documentation for GHC API Parser Module agibiansky feature request closed normal 7.10.1
#9499 Add -prelude-is flag agibiansky feature request new normal
#7901 Bad error message when using UnicodeSyntax ∀ without ExplicitForall ajp bug closed normal
#9628 Add Annotations to the AST to simplify source to source conversions alanz feature request closed normal
#9988 Remove fun_id, is_infix from FunBind, as they are now in Match alanz task closed highest 7.10.1
#10061 Remove fun_infix from Funbind, as it is now in Match alanz task new normal 7.12.1
#1510 Fix warning issued when using the -fhpc flag andy@… bug closed normal 6.8.1
#2075 hpc should render information about the run in its html markup andy@… feature request new lowest 7.12.1
#2224 -fhpc inteferes/prevents rewrite rules from firing andy@… bug new lowest 7.12.1
#2991 .tix file generation broken with -fhpc and --make flags with lhs modules andy@… bug patch lowest 7.12.1
#3175 hpc should not mark otherwise as "always true" andy@… bug closed normal
#3191 hpc reports spurious results with .lhs files even after processing with ghc -E andy@… bug closed lowest 7.10.1
#3376 hpc and CPP don't mix on Windows andy@… bug closed lowest 7.10.1
#5261 -pgmF messes up hpc .mix output andy@… bug closed low 7.6.1
#625 Incorrect handling of types anonymous bug closed normal
#1407 Add the ability to :set -l{foo} in .ghci files archblob feature request closed normal 7.10.1
#7730 :info and polykinds archblob bug closed normal 7.10.1
#8657 -fregs-graph still has a limit on spill slots archblob bug new normal 7.12.1
#9140 Unboxed tuples fails in GHCi (7.8.2) archblob bug closed normal 7.10.1
#8358 Trivial comment fixup aseipp bug closed lowest 7.8.1
#9494 Probable data corruption with GHCi 7.8.* and Zlib aseipp bug infoneeded high
#1598 Could instances of Typeable, Data be added? ashley@… feature request closed normal Not GHC
#2671 Data.Time.Clock parseTime's %y parses "08" as 1908 ashley@… bug closed normal 7.2.1
#8496 Minor typos in STM.c aske bug closed lowest
#7352 this type signature in a case alternative does not typecheck and requires ScopedTypeVariables atnnn bug closed normal
#3309 getArgs should return Unicode on Unix batterseapower bug closed high 7.2.1
#3977 Support double-byte encodings (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) on Windows batterseapower feature request closed low
#4827 Data.Array.IO.hPutArray/hGetArray ignore count argument batterseapower bug closed high 7.2.1
#5221 unicode regression batterseapower bug closed high 7.2.1
#5581 ConstraintKinds lets you put the typechecker into a loop batterseapower bug closed normal
#7522 segfault when ignoring invalid byte sequence when decoding UTF8//IGNORE batterseapower bug closed high 7.6.2
#5253 Test 3307 and "readFileAs fileSystemEncoding" fails on Windows batterseapower@… bug closed normal
#186 Bad sparc Int64 code via NCG with -O benl bug closed low
#951 stage2 on sparc dies with "schedule: re-entered unsafely" benl bug closed normal 6.10.2
#1015 regex001(ghci,threaded1) seg-faults under Solaris benl bug closed normal
#1293 building via gcc 4.2.x on SPARC/Solaris is very slow benl bug closed normal 6.10.2
#1501 Panic in RegisterAlloc benl bug closed high 6.12 branch
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